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One year later

"Edward?" Bella hollered up the stairs as she cradled her daughter against her chest. They were late…as usual. It seemed like it took them a ridiculous amount of time to get ready to go anywhere anymore. They used to be ready to go within 20 minutes of a disaster call, but now they were woefully out of practice.

There was no way that Bella could continue working after the tsunami, so she had gone full tilt into building up her training program. She became so well known that trainers and their dogs came from hundreds of miles away just to work with her. And best of all she still had time for Edward and to travel with him when he was needed. He only took the assignments that really spoke to him; the fires in Texas, the tornadoes that swept across the mid-west and the mudslides that buried parts of Asia, those were the places he went. But he always made sure that his girl was with him.

"I'm coming! He won't freaking hold still!" Edward called down and she could hear the frustration in his voice. She looked down at her daughter's sweet little face. Her hair was a mixture of Edward's wild bronze and her deep brown but her bright green eyes were all Edward.

"Shall we go help those useless boys?" She whispered and Elle smiled up at her. She shifted her to her shoulder and walked up the steps quietly, listening to Edward's conversation with the boys.

"Jake, if you just wait a second then you can play with him. But getting in the way is only making everything take longer." He sighed and she heard the dog chuff his annoyance at the delay. Peeking around the doorway, her heart fluttered as it always did when she saw her boys together. Jake was sitting on the floor as close to the changing table as he could get with his wheelchair. His recovery had been long and grueling. His spine had been crushed when the tunnel collapsed around him and his back end was useless. The Vet had suggested euthanizing him, but that was just not an option. As long as he wasn't in pain, she demanded that they do everything possible to try and save him. Four long months later, they got him settled in his first wheelchair and he never looked back. He would never work again but that was alright with everyone.

Bella shifted her eyes to the squirming mess of arms and legs on the table and stifled a giggle. Edward was trying to get Ethan into a simple t-shirt and jeans, but the baby was making it difficult.

When they had returned from the Philippines with Jake's condition still so touch and go, she had put aside getting to the doctor to monitor her pregnancy. It wasn't until Rose went into labor three weeks early that she realized how important it was to get checked out. Edward held her hand tightly as the doctor had weighed and measured her and then kissed away her tears when she had sent them for an ultrasound without any further explanation. Bella feared the worst as the technician moved the wand over her belly and she had held her breath when she turned to them.

"Well, it looks like your doctor was right to be suspicious of your weight and measurements. You're having twins."

Looking back now, their fear and trepidation was unfounded. Although neither of them had much experience with babies, they got lots of practice with Rose and Emmett's little one before the twins arrived.

Two months after they returned, Emmett and Rose welcomed their little girl Annie into their lives. They both had been seeing a therapist to try and deal with the linger holes in Emmett's memory and Rose's self-deprecating behavior. While they would never have what they had before the tsunami, they were able to do what few couples could, fall in love all over again.

They were late for a barbeque at Rose and Emmett's right now and it looked like Bella was going to have to step in and help get Ethan dressed if they were ever going to make it out of the house.

"All right my boys…how about if Daddy holds the girl child while Momma finishes getting you dressed?" Bella suggested and Edward looked up at her with a shy smile.

"I really thought I could do it this time. He is just so damn wiggly." He sighed as he took Elle from her arms and watched as she got Ethan ready in just a few seconds. Jake glanced at Edward with a look that said 'see…now was that so hard.' Edward just ignored the dog and took his girl down to get her coat on.

Their relationship had changed the instant Jake had pushed him out of that tunnel. When Edward was able to help free him from his prison of rocks and watched him adjust to his new life they both stopped competing for Bella's affection and instead worked together to protect both her and the babies. Although Jake still occasionally acted all 'she was mine first' when it came to bed time and Edward tried to move the dog out of his spot and to the end of the bed, he just brushed him off. He loved the dog…with his whole heart.

It took some maneuvering to get everyone loaded in the car, but Jake refused to sit in the back with his wheelchair, which meant that Edward had to take him out and load him in the backseat between the babies and then put the bulky wheelchair in the cargo space. Bella sat with a bowl of roasted pumpkin pasta salad on her lap and turned around to watch Jake as he settled down on the seat. Sometimes just looking at him hurt. He had sacrificed himself for Edward and it was only pure luck that the tunnel held just long enough for them to get him out. She loved watching him with the babies. He was so gentle and loving. And protective…forget about it. He didn't let anyone come near them when they were out. A selfish part of her hoped that he went to doggie heaven before they were old enough to understand, because she would never want her children to feel the aching pain of losing a beloved pet.

As if he was reading her mind, the big dog raised his head and met her eyes. He cocked his head to the side and gave her his patented doggie smile before leaning forward and licking her across the face. She pushed him away with a giggle and Edward got in and looked between the two, trying to figure out what just happened.

"You are so weird." He chuckled as he pulled out of the driveway and started the two mile drive to Rose and Emmett's house. His parents were there as well and they were looking forward to spending some time together.

"You know you love us." She sighed as she leaned over and wrapped her arms around his chest. He bent over and kissed the top of her head before he glanced in the rearview mirror at the rest of his family.

How he had ever gotten past the skeletons in his closet was a miracle. But he knew it had everything to do with the woman sitting next to him.


"Rosie! Did you want these sodas in the fridge or the cooler outside?" Emmett asked as he balanced their daughter Annie in one hand and the case of Coke in the other. His little wiggle worm was not helping things as she reached for the brightly colored box.

"In the cooler outside so it is easier for everyone to get to." She called, her voice muffled and distorted as she sat hunched over the toilet. Damn…she had forgotten how much morning sickness sucked.

"Oh baby…do you want some toast?" Emmett cooed as he leaned against the open doorway. He had put Annie in her highchair with some blocks so they had a few minutes before she got bored.

"No…no food. I just need to wait it out." She sighed as she sat back on the floor. He handed her a bottle of water and a Listerine strip, which she kept by the sink for just this reason. If she tried to brush her teeth right now, she would just end up puking again. She felt like shit.

"I hate this." Emmett huffed as he reached down and picked her up, walking with her into the bedroom. He sat her down gently on the bed and then knelt down in front of her. He picked up the hem of her shirt and put his lips against her still flat belly.

"You settle down in there. Momma needs to be able to eat so you can be my big strong quarterback." Emmett whispered and Rose ran her hands through his hair. It still didn't seem real. Even after having him back with her for the last year there were still nights she would wake up screaming for him, her hands searching the other side of the bed for his warmth. But he was always there…always ready to pull her into his arms and soothe her.

"You are such an amazing father." She breathed and he looked up at her with that dimpled grin she loved so much. She cradled his face between her palms and bent down for a kiss. His tongue tasted like perfection as he tilted his head to get better access to her mouth. His fingers found her nipples with unnerving accuracy and they would have been naked in seconds if not for the loud cry from the other room.

They broke away, both panting and smiling widely, the promise of a continuation later unnecessary. He pulled her to her feet and wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked out to get their little cockblocker. Company was coming anyway…and the wait only made things better.


"I can't believe Rose is pregnant again. They thought it would be so hard for her but…bam! I'm just so happy for them." Bella said as she slipped her shoes off and sat down at her vanity to pull the pins from her hair. They had gotten Jake and the babies all settled in after the exciting afternoon and Bella had no doubt they would sleep straight through the night.

Edward stepped up behind her and helped fish out the pins that were holding her hair up. His fingers rubbed at her scalp and she leaned back against him with a groan.

"I love when you do that." She sighed and he ran his hands down her throat and cupped her breasts.

"I think I know something else you love." He whispered in her ear as he pinched and pulled at her nipples. She rose from the chair and pushed him backwards, taking some satisfaction at the stunned look on his face. She giggled as she pushed her dress off her shoulders and it fluttered to the floor, leaving her in just a pale pink bra and panty set. She put her knee on the edge of the bed and started tugging at his jeans. He took the opportunity to pull his shirt off and then he watched as she straddled him. It didn't matter how many times they were together, every time felt like the first.

Her hands trailed up over his thighs, stopping to give his balls a gentle squeeze that had him panting before she took him in her hand. He arched up off the bed as she slid her hand up and down, leaning forward to lap at the bead of moisture at the tip of his shaft. He sat up before he came in her hand and pushed the straps of her bra down, feasting on the hard little points of her breasts. She let go of his cock to grab at his hair, needing some way to ground herself before she just floated away. He tugged her up so his cock was rubbing against the silk of her panties and she rocked her hips against him. He rolled her over, loving her carefree giggle as he settled her on her back. He yanked at her panties and then settled back between her spread thighs. She glistened so delectably for him and he had to have a taste.

Bella rode his face as he used first one and then two fingers inside of her. Her hands pulled at his hair but it only spurred him on. Her eyes fluttered closed as he suckled her, drawing out her orgasm to the point of insanity and only then did he move up her body and settle inside of her.

Her name carried on a puff of air drifting out of his mouth as he pushed inside of her. It was good…it was always so fucking good, he thought as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and rocked in time with his thrusts. He wasn't going to last long.

Bella looked up into Edward's intense stare and felt her eyes sting with tears. She never imagined that she would ever have all of this…this overwhelming happiness. She was loved and needed and treated with so much kindness…and she deserved everything she got. And as she held her husband while he found his release inside her, she thanked God that she had finally been rescued.

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