Title: Keep It Together

Author: DeviousGypsy

Summary: Unbeknown to anyone else, Starscream is a young Seeker. So when he hits his first heat cycle, he has no idea how to handle it. His trine tries to help but the plan falls apart and brings Megatron and Starscream together in a strange way...only to have Starscream ripped from Megatron's servos.

Warnings: Slash, mech-preg, the like :P

Pairings: Megatron/Starscream, Thundercracker/Skywarp

Chapter: I

Notes: Orn = Roughly 4.7 Earth days, Vorn = 83 Earth years

Despite his attitude and ego, Starscream was a young Seeker, vorns younger than his trine mates. So it didn't shock either of the two when they found their trine leader curled on the bed unwilling to move. Sent by Megatron after Starscream had neglected to show up for monitoring duty, Thundercracker had a slight hunch as to where he was and what was going on.

When they walked into Starscream's quarters it was silent except for the sounds of Starscream's cooling vents on high, trying to cool the overheated mech. Skywarp immediately brightened, running into the sleeping area of the rather roomy quarters. Starscream lay on the berth, long legs curled to his chassis with his arms keeping them there, his whole frame quivering. The black and purple Seeker hurried to the side of the berth, making sure not to jostle the rather confused mech too much.

"Aw, 'Screamer!" Skywarp called, seemingly too happy for the rather uncomfortable pain Starscream was going through. Had Starscream not been so afraid to move he probably would have clawed the stupid smile off his trine mate's face.

"You have no idea what's going on, do you?" Thundercracker asked, sympathy showing clearly on his face. And Starscream didn't know which irritated him more, the excitement on Skywarp's face or the pity on Thundercracker's. Either way it seemed his irritation towards them was at an all time high, biting back a hiss at them, he simply shook his head at Thundercracker's question.

Skywarp was practically bouncing up and down, "It's you're first heat! All Seekers have 'em when they it a certain age!"

"Heat?" Starscream asked, optics dimming in confusion.

"Yeah, it's when you're ready to produce sparklings! Every Seeker goes through it, it's no big deal," Skywarp waved his hand as he made a motion of brushing it off. Though to Starscream it certainly sounded like a big deal. He wasn't aware of this! Of course there was a war, and Vos was destroyed before any true Seeker could really tell him what to expect as he grew older. What a terrible thing this 'heat' was, uncomfortable too. Every small movement brought an ache to an area he wasn't even aware could ache.

"How-how long does it last?"

Skywarp gave him a little shrug, "Only about an orn, unless you get sparked, then it stops."

Starscream had to bite back a whine at that, an orn? Megatron was going to kill him if he didn't show up for monitor duty again, but Starscream couldn't risk being in front of everyone like this. Now he could recognize the tingling in his protoform as the phantom feeling of someone else's servos running over his frame.

He was a pristine mech, had never let anyone touch him in an intimate matter. And yet now that seemed to be all he wanted, it disgusted him. His mind wanted his body to be touched by no one until he found the mech or femme that was good enough for him, yet his body wanted anyone, anyone that could release the ache. "Why doesn't it happen to you two? You're Seekers!" He cried, trying to get his mind off of what his body wanted...needed.

Thundercracker prevented himself from expelling air out of his vents in a sigh. He vaguely remembered what it felt like his first heat, though it was a long time ago. "Skywarp and I are bonded, it doesn't effect us as much. Granted we both go into something similar to heat when we're ready to be sparked, but we get through it together, satisfying each other but not spark merging so that we don't end up carrying." The blue jet placed a comforting hand on Starscream's wing, "'Warp and I'll go get you your morning energon since you haven't had it yet. We'll make up excuses for you to stay in your berth until this is over, make sure Megatron doesn't catch on."

Starscream nodded his thanks as his trine mates left, a slight whine escaping his vocalizer at the thought of being stuck in his own quarters for an orn. Though he knew it was for his own good, it still felt like a punishment. He couldn't help it though, it'd kill him if one of the half wit constructions or even if any of the other imbecile Decepticons sparked him while he'd be unable to stop them. Or Megatron, if Megatron ever found out about this weakness, who knows what damage could occur. No. It was simply his best option to stay within the confinements of his quarters.

Half an orn later, Megatron knew something was wrong. If there was one thing that Megatron prided himself in it was his seemingly inability to be deceived himself. You can't deceive a Decepticon, they were masters of deception, and yet his Seekers seemed to be rather forgetful of that. The simple fact that Starscream hadn't attempted to put him offline lately was peculiar in itself, and ever stranger still, when the Air Commander was on monitor duty he kept to himself, and Megatron hadn't laid a fist on him in half an orn. Peculiar indeed.

It wasn't until that morning that Megatron discovered why things were off.

He was seated in his throne, looking over his warriors on monitor duty and occasionally bringing his optics towards Starscream in particular. Quietly, if not slightly nervously, working away at the monitor. The Nemesis was quite, mechs working while Megatron twisted ideas against the Autobots around in his processor, knowing they'd need to raid another energy source soon as their current supply was slowly dwindling.

He brought his optics back to his SIC, frowning at the back of the Seeker. There was something off about him, had been for the past two Earth days. He couldn't quite put a servo on the difference, though it was obviously there. Wing span? Seemed off. Slender frame? Slightly different. Attitude and ego? Completely unlike. There were several differences that he thought he could see, but couldn't quite believe them. Looking at Starscream, he couldn't figure it out, until he brought his optics to the Seeker's wings.

There, right wing, lower left. A patch of black that he knew Starscream didn't have. He knew for a fact that Starscream's wings were white, a red streak the only other color on the sensitive appendages. Feeling his anger rising steadily at being deceived-and so poorly too-Megatron stood from his seat on the throne, walking towards who he was completely sure was not Starscream and was in fact the annoying one of his Air Commander's trine, Skywarp.

Sensing Megatron's approach, Skywarp-creativly painted Starscream's colors by Thundercracker-turned to face the silver tyrant, certain that Megatron would never guess that he was not actually the SIC. "Anything wrong, Megatron?" Skywarp asked, altering his vocalizer to try and mimic Starscream's.

Megatron's expression turned deadly, and Skywarp suddenly became very nervous. Letting one hand slide across Skywarp's lower right wing, ignoring the slight shiver it caused the Seeker, he pulled it back to reveal the white paint that smudged across his servo. "You missed a spot." Megatron snarled, using the same servo to grip Skywarp by the neck, yanking him up to optic level as he growled out; "Where is Starscream?"

Shaking slightly Skywarp wrapped his servos around Megatron's grip, knowing it wasn't any use to try and pull away as Megatron's grip simply got tighter. Vocalizer slightly stuttering as the grip over it tightened, Skywarp answered in his regular tone, knowing the gig was up. "His-his quarters." He managed out, dropping to his knees as Megatron dropped him without another word. Skywarp rubbed at his throat, vocalizer stuttering back to normal. "Megatron, wait!" He called out, looking towards the door of the Command Centre to stop the Decepticon leader from walking in on Starscream mid heat, only it was too late.

"Slag," Skywarp hissed out, opening his bond to Thundercracker. We may have a slight problem...

Megatron was furious. Maybe furious didn't exactly cover what he was feeling, he was completely maddened by the fact that Starscream not only was skipping out on his duties but was also trying to do so behind Megatron's back, and getting his trine mates to cover for him. What kind of SIC did he have? To abuse what little power he had in such a way, it made Megatron's tanks churn in cold fury.

Marching towards the Seeker's locked quarters, he angrily punched in the override codes, processor engulf with different ways to destroy his Air Commander without actually deactivating him. However, as soon as he walked into the quarters, the door hissing shut behind him, all thoughts vanished. His processor completely shut down by the strange and new scent that hung heavy in tight quarters. The air held the distinct scent of Starscream, but also a processor numbing musky scent.

Since Starscream hadn't left his quarters in the past two Earth days, the closed off area was completely saturated in the smell of his heat. Megatron, completely void of anger, was now curious as he made his way into the sleeping portion of the Air Commander's quarters. He was surprised to see that the sweet smell came from Starscream himself, quietly in recharging on the berth, and not one of the Seeker's ridiculous concoctions he tended to make in his make-shift lab when he was bored.

Unable to control himself, the scent of Starscream wiping out his processor and forcing him to run on simple instinct, Megatron crept onto the bed, leaning over the recharging Seeker as he dipped his olfactory sensors into the cables of Starscream's neck, the location the musk seemed to seep from. Bringing more of the intoxicating scent into his sensors, he was jolted by slim claws gripping lightly at his armor. Starscream bit back a groan at the feeling of another form this close to his already heated frame, tilting his helm to allow, what he was sure was a mech, more access to his neck.

Taking the open invitation, Megatron brought his teeth to Starscream's sensitive neck cables, now bared to him. The Seeker shivered as Megatron nipped at his neck, one of Megatron's servos splaying across the surface of an over sensified wing. Megatron ceased his nipping to drag his glossa across Starscream's bared neck, over his cheek and across his mouthplates. Instinctually understanding the message behind the action, Starscream parted his lips and allowed the larger mech access to his mouth.

All rational thought was gone from both mechs, neither really knowing what they were doing, simply driven by instinct. Starscream was simply under the influence of the heat, while Megatron had fallen victim to the heat's musk, losing himself in Starscream's seductive abilities. Consequences be damned, the only thing they knew was that they needed to mate.

Starscream shivered as Megatron's tapped a finger against his interface panel, knowing exactly what the mech meant by that, he let the panel click open and slide out of Megatron's way. Dragging experienced fingers over the still housed spike, Megatron instead dipped his fingers into Starscream's already dripping valve. Starscream groaned in relief as his aching valve was finally given some attention, wiggling his hips in order to encourage the mech above him.

Smirking at the Seeker's eagerness, Megatron growled possessively, instinct telling him that the slim frame below him was his. Bringing his mouthplates back to Starscream's, Megatron removed his fingers from the Seeker's valve, instead bringing his fingers to undo his own interface panel, unsheathing his spike from it's housing. Starscream shivered beneath him, hearing the click of Megatron's panel and knowing what was coming next.

Distracting the winged being before him by completely claiming his mouth with his glossa, Megatron plunged his spike completely into the warm heat of the Seeker. Starscream responsively wrapped his legs around Megatron's waist, thrusters digging into his armor. Snarling at the quick rush of pain at being entered so violently, Starscream dug his fangs into Megatron's lips, causing energon to drip into his mouth. When Megatron started moving inside his Seeker though, Starscream's hisses of pain quickly transformed to moans of pleasure, moving his own hips in time with the silver gun-former.

"Megatron," Starscream whined, opening his chest plates so that Megatron could see the flier's blue spark. Almost captivated by the pulsing spark, Megatron released his own chest plates, wisps of energy leaving their sparks to meet, almost dragging the two together.

When their sparks did meet, Starscream screamed out in ecstasy, wings hiked up as his whole frame seemed to alight with energy, bringing the two mech's together. He could feel himself pass into Megatron, and Megatron pass into himself. The intimacy of what they were sharing went completely over their processors as they simply went by what their body told them to do instead of their processors. Starscream gripped Megatron's shoulders tightly above him, overload completely over taking him. As Starscream's inner walls tightened around his spike and Starscream's energy went up tenfold, Megatron couldn't help but reach his own overload, shooting his transfluids into his Seeker.

After their overloads settled, Starscream's chest plates were the first to closer as the Seeker once against dropped into recharge, his body relaxing for the first time in half an orn, satisfied an no longer bothering him. Megatron retracted his spike, closing both his and Starscream's interface panels as his chest plates closed as well. The haze of just having overload prevented him from having a completely clear processor, yet he was still able to comprehend the reason why Starscream had been late for monitor duty.

Sighing at the realization that he just interfaced with his egotistical Air Commander, Megatron stood from the berth, rubbing a servo across his faceplates. Starscream was going to be so furious.