A/N: Hear ye of squeamish minds, this story contains very adult and explicit scenes, including same sex rape. I think it's safe to say that Marsarfet helped this story jump from my head, which is usually not the type of stuff I write but alas, here we go.

Alice stood in the Red Queen's boudoir, swallowing nervously as she stared at the bulbous headed tyrant. It had only been moments before that she was attempting to free the Hatter after securing the Vorpal sword when a great commotion ensued in the hallway. Hearing the ruckus, she'd hastily given the sword to Tarrant to hide and not a moment too soon, as Ilosovic Stayne and a pack of Red Knights had burst through the doors of the hat room.

Alice felt her mouth go dry with fear, instantly thinking that they'd somehow knew that she secured the Vorpal sword. Instead, Stayne had ordered the knights to seize her, accusing her of unlawful seduction, thus grabbing her by the arms and hauling her off to the Red Queen as Tarrant watched in open mouthed horror.

After Iracebeth ordered the knights away, only she, Alice and Stayne remained in her private chambers. "So, Um, is this your idea of hospitality? Cunning your way into my court only to try and claim what is not yours?"

"N-no your Majesty," she replied nervously, feeling the palms of her hands growing damp.

"Lies! I'm sure this is some sick little game of yours, batting those pretty little eyes at everyone while trying to seduce every man in sight!"

Alice opened her mouth to protest that she'd do no such thing, that she'd never even been with a man, but found herself unable to squeak out more than a couple of words. "He's lying," she told the Queen in a small voice.

"Is that so?" the Red Queen replied, raising one non-existent eyebrow. "Stayne, the pishalver."

Appearing irritated, Stayne stalked behind Alice as he dug in his pocket. Suddenly grabbing both of her arms by the wrists, he held them behind her back as he unearthed a small bottle from his pocket. Using his teeth to pull the cork out, he shoved the bottle between Alice's lips and made her swallow the acrid tasting contents, causing her to cough incessantly. To her horror, Alice shrank back to her normal size rather rapidly, and had to clutch onto her dress when it fell slack around her shoulders.

"Out," Iracebeth then ordered Stayne, pointing at the door.

"But your Majesty," he began to protest, only to get instantly silenced.

"Out I said!" the Red Queen shrieked, her face turning red.

Sulking and swearing under his breath as he knew he was being excluded from the activities that were about to take place, Ilosovic skulked out of the room.

"Much better," the Red Queen said, walking towards Alice and circling around her. "You're a bit of a puny thing but no matter, I'll just have to make do."

Wondering what the Queen meant by her comment, Alice stood barely breathing as she held tightly onto her dress.

"Let go of that," the Queen commanded, only to see the horrified look on Alice's face. "Um, you will do as I say or I'll have your friends' heads chopped off and then yours. Now let go!"

Knowing that the Queen meant what she said, Alice let go of the dress, feeling it slip down from her upper body exposing her bare breasts and waist to the lecherous woman's gaze. "Hmm, better than I expected," she continued, reaching out to pinch at a pert nipple.

To say that Alice felt horrified was an understatement; she'd barely fathomed being naked in front of a man. But in front of another woman that was openly groping at her was a different matter altogether. She then jumped when she felt red curls brushing at the underside of her chin, the Queen's hot mouth closing around on her right nipple while tweaking the left one with her other hand. Biting down hard on her lip, Alice would have been lying to herself if she said that the sensation was unpleasurable.

"So you like that Um?" the Red Queen paused, looking up deviously at Alice. "You really are the wanton one. Good thing we're just beginning."

Roughly grabbing Alice by the back of her neck, the Red Queen led her across the room to a large, heart shaped bed with darker red curtains that had been drawn back hanging around it. Pushing Alice to kneel down at one side of the bed, the Queen stood next to her without saying a word. Alice kept her head bowed feeling terribly degraded as the too large dress hung off of her slender frame. Watching in quiet horror as the Red Queen's gown fell to a heap on the floor next to her, the woman then stepped around Alice and sat on the bed before her, legs parted.

Alice looked up, her heart pounding in fear as she saw the Queen only clad in a corselette, the lower half of her body completely bare as she exposed a red triangle of hair between her legs.

"What you will learn is that here I take what I want, no one else," she taunted, leaning over to grab a fistful of Alice's blonde curls. "And you, my dear Um, will do whatever it is I wish. I think I'll have you pleasure me with that darling little rosebud mouth of yours first."

Her eyes widening at the scandalous idea, Alice began protesting. "But I-I don't know how to,"
she stammered nervously, wishing that this was a bad dream that she'd soon wake up from.

"That's alright, you will soon enough, just as the rest of my Court did. I must admit, the ladies have a softer touch than the men; I daresay those lips of yours will prove just as promising." Leaning further back, the Red Queen slid two red painted fingers down to her nether regions, spreading the lips and exposing her pink, moist flesh. Alice barely had time to register what was about to happen when suddenly the Queen grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into her musky scented sex.

"Your tongue, Um, stick it out," the woman groaned breathlessly. Shuddering, Alice found herself unable to comply until the Queen then threatened to chop off the mad hat man's head first while making her watch. Knowing that she had to get herself out of this situation as it was most prudent to rescuing herself and her friends, Alice tentatively pushed her tongue out between her lips. Iracebeth's legs trembled slightly as she guided Alice's head to make her tongue stroke against that sensitive nub at the top of her sex.

"Oh yes Um, my little minx," she purred as her hips writhed against the young woman. Alice had heard hushed secrets about women that slept together, but she'd never thought about what it was exactly they did with one another, and she certainly hadn't foreseen herself in this situation!

Alice fervently worked her mouth and tongue, becoming accustomed to the musky scent and taste of the Queen. It wasn't as distasteful as she'd envisioned, however Alice reassured herself that she needed to do whatever she must to survive. The Red Queen soon realized that Um was going to continue her bidding without further prodding, and she released her grip on her head and fell back onto the bed, her body thrashing about slightly as she enjoyed the young woman's ministrations.

Feeling the beginnings of a throbbing between her legs that wasn't entirely unpleasant, Alice brought her hands up to the Queen's thighs, pulling her closer towards the edge of the bed. Gasping slightly as she felt Um taking unasked liberties, the Queen made no motions to protest.

Curiosity getting the best of her, Alice moved back a couple of inches to peer down into the Queen's now deep red and engorged sex. She'd never seen her own in great detail, never mind another woman's and yet she found herself unable to turn away. Almost desperately, Iracebeth tugged on Alice's curls beckoning for her to continue. Planting her mouth back on the Queen's womanhood, Alice wondered to herself why it was that she mind stopping.

The Queen's legs were now trembling slightly, her hips thrashing about more wildly as Alice continued licking and sucking at the stiffened nub. Slick, salty juices coated Alice's lips and chin, wet slurping sounds pervading the air.

"Oh yes Um, my naughty little Um, don't stop," the Queen moaned, bucking her crotch onto Alice's face. Her body then began shaking, the trembling growing more violent by the second. Alice's tongue was beginning to ache, her jaw beginning to protest against its lengthy usage when suddenly a low cry of pleasure erupted from the Red Queen as she ground her sex against the young woman's mouth. Startled by the sudden outcry, Alice was relieved when the woman finally pushed her head away, her body falling slack to the bed.

Kneeling in silence with the Queen's juices still glistening on her face, Alice suddenly felt quite ashamed and was unsure as to why. The throbbing between her legs had only increased and when she moved there was a strange dampness in the seat of her knickers.

After a minute had passed, the Queen sat up and stared down coldly at Alice. "Do you think we're done girl? Give me your hand," she ordered, tugging at Alice's arm.

Alice had to shift her weight from her knees, sitting sideways when the Queen brought her hand to her sex, urging her to push two of her fingers inside of her. Recoiling slightly when she felt the slick heat envelope her hand, the Queen seemed not to notice and then ordered Alice to use two more fingers as well.

Her hand nearly four knuckles deep inside of the Queen's now dripping wet passage, she moved them about and curled her fingers much to the lewd woman's immense satisfaction. Alice cringed as the Queen moaned loudly; sure that anyone passing by the room in the corridor would hear them and become privy as to what was going on.

Thrusting her hips in tandem with Alice's hand, the Queen's moans grew louder as her walls tightened around the probing fingers. Alice peered down, seeing copious amounts of cream smeared between her knuckles and dripping down her hand. A second later the Queen's entire body tensed as a clear fluid gushed and spurted forth, splashing over her thighs, and coating Alice's hand, shoulders and breasts.

Alice froze in shock when she felt the hot liquid come in contact with her skin, totally unaware as to what just occurred. Gently withdrawing her hand from the Queen's still pulsing sex, Alice sat back on her haunches, hoping that after the woman recovered from her release that she'd be free to go.

"That was most delightful Um," the Queen exhaled, sitting up and moving away from the large wet spot on the bed. "I haven't had a release like that in quite some time. Now, stand up."

Feeling as if she was one step closer to freedom, Alice nervously did as she was bade and stood up. The Queen moved to the edge of the bed and put her hands to Alice's waist, tugging the too large dress down and off her hips. Alice wanted to protest but fought the urge, fighting tears when the Queen then roughly yanked her knickers down, forcing her to step out of them. Now completely exposed to the Queen's lecherous glare, Alice desperately wished that she could hide herself.

"Since you've done such a good job Um, I think I'll return the favor," she said lustily, pushing herself to sit further back on the heart shaped bed. "Come here," she commanded, gesturing to the space next to her.

With her arms crossed over her bosom, Alice got on the bed and sat next to the Red Queen, wondering what she was going to do to her. The Queen then pulled Alice to kneel before her on the bed, sliding her two lacquered fingers over the sparse, downy curls between Alice's legs before letting them glide over the puffy lips.

"See? I knew you were a wanton one," the Red Queen proclaimed after feeling the slickness of the young girl's arousal on her fingertips. Alice choked back a sob, wanting to protest but knowing that it would be suicidal to do so. Her small, nimble fingers suddenly gently caressed against that same nub that sent the Queen over the edge, and Alice was caught between her mind wanting to tell the woman no, but her body telling her to continue.

"I don't usually reciprocate Um; you should feel very appreciative today," the Queen said, interrupting Alice's thoughts. She then lay down on the bed and urged Alice to kneel over her face.

'No! This is wrong!' Alice cried on the inside feeling the Queen's red curls brushing against her inner thighs, her mind and body still at war with one another. The Red Queen stuck her tongue out and flicked it against Alice's throbbing sex, which proved to be incredibly sensitive. Feeling her body nearly come apart at the seams, she had to throw her arms down to clutch at the bed as she nearly toppled over with surprise.

Alice found herself unable to hold in her moans as she felt the pair of lips close over her already hardened bud, the Queen's warm, wet tongue torturously laving over it. Powerless against the most satisfying sensations that ensued from the Red Queen's ministrations, Alice found herself most ashamed when she realized that she didn't want her to stop. Mewling and moaning about as she straddled the Queen's face, Alice felt heat pool between her legs, her insides pulsing and throbbing of its own accord. Alice valiantly tried to keep her body from trembling so, not wanting the Queen to realize that she was enjoying what was being forced upon her. However her efforts were in vain, as the throbbing grew so intense that it nearly rivaled pain. Alice's hips jerked violently, her senses spinning out of control as a guttural cry tore from her lips; her first climax so intense it left her weak and incoherent.

After the Queen finally released her hold, Alice collapsed facedown to the bed in a heap, her body tingling furiously. After a few minutes, clarity beheld her and Alice found her mind in a jumble. Her body still rang with the delicious sensation of release, yet it was positively scandalous as to how she'd achieved it. Forcing herself to take a deep breath, Alice willed herself to not cry and lose control further in front of the red headed tyrant.

"Turn over Um," the Queen commanded, her hand pushing against her hip. Alice turned to lie on her back, waiting to see what the Queen's next move would be. Jumping nervously as Alice felt her fingers running over her bare breasts and waist, she bit her lip when the Queen's hand moved further down and roughly shoved her thighs apart. "Remember what I said, you should be thankful."

The Queen's fingertips then probed between her wet lips, obviously seeking entrance. Alice gasped in surprise when she suddenly felt a lone finger penetrate her. Mistaking her gasp for one of enjoyment, the Queen hastily slipped a second finger inside. "You're so tight Um," she cooed, her large head bending over to capture a nipple.

Alice was frozen, her body unused to the foreign intrusion. Moaning loudly as she felt her arousal peaking again, the Queen hastily shoved in a third finger, causing the young woman eyes to well up as she screamed out in pain, attempting to escape the offending hand. "And where do you think you're going?" Iracebeth hissed, keeping her hand tightly in place.

A lone tear dripped down Alice's face, working its way up into her hairline. The sensitive area between her legs burned and stung as the three fingers stretched her out, her untried body unused to such activity. "P-please your Majesty," Alice cried softly, her body trying to will away the pain.

The Queen looked down at her hand, a dumbfounded expression on her face as she withdrew from Alice's body. "And what is this?" she demanded, seeing traces of blood on her hand. "Do you mean to tell me you've never lain with a man before?!"

"I-I tried to tell you," Alice sobbed, the stinging sensation still refusing to leave her loins.

The Queen sat almost a still as a statue, intently studying the girl with an unreadable expression. "Get out," she replied coolly after a minute, pushing the girl away. "Get dressed and go. And take that mad hat man and your other stupid friends with you."

Suddenly feeling woozy and sick to her stomach, Alice shuffled to the edge of the bed and stood up on trembling legs. After locating her discarded too large dress and still damp knickers, she clumsily dressed with the Queen still scrutinously watching her. Unable to look at the suddenly stoic woman directly in the face, Alice gathered her shoes and walked to the chamber doors, Iracebeth closely following behind her. With a look of what Alice guessed was pure disgust, the Queen opened the door and after Alice walked out, word promptly closed it on her face without another word.

Alice held her loose dress to her body, cringing when she felt the stickiness of the Queen's juices that had dried on her chest, and ran past Stayne, whom was lurking near the door trying to appear inconspicuous. He had an angry yet knowing look on his face when he saw the distraught young woman tumble from the room, fumbling to keep her dress from falling down.

"Alice!" the Hatter cried happily when he saw her come back to the workroom. "I'm so glad you're okay! You're smaller than when you left but no matter, I was so worried. What happened to your dress? Oh right! Of course it wouldn't fit, you're a proper sized Alice now."

Alice smiled weakly at his endless babble, trying to feign enthusiasm. "We can leave now, where are Mallymkun and the others?" she asked.

"Right 'ere!" a small voice came from the ground.

Alice looked down to peer at Mally, who was standing near a discarded bolt of cloth. "Can you find the others and meet us back here?" Alice asked.

"I don't take orders from!-" Mally cried in outrage, yet found herself becoming agreeable when she saw the stony look that Alice threw her. After the dormouse skulked off much like a chastised child, Alice found herself alone with Tarrant.

"Are we really free to leave?" Tarrant cried happily, seemingly oblivious to Alice's lackluster behavior.

"Yes," she replied briskly. "Do you have anything that would fit me?" Alice asked, gesturing to her too big dress.

"Well," the Hatter began thoughtfully as he looked around the work room. Finding a bolt of blue silk, he quickly fashioned a dress for Alice to wear. After thanking Tarrant and dashing behind the changing screen in the corner of the room, Alice practically ripped the offending garment from her body and changed into the new dress.

Thankfully it was a moment after Alice stepped from behind the changing screen that Mally came back to the room, with McTwisp and the Tweedles in tow. "Bayard went to get his wife and pups and is going to meet us outside," Mally told Alice.

After thanking the dormouse and silencing an argument that promptly ensued between the Tweedles about her new stature, Alice unearthed the Vorpal sword that Tarrant had hidden. With a well layered cloak (that had been promptly sewn by the Hatter) Alice strapped the concealed sword to her back and the group made their way out of the workroom.

"Are you sure we won't get caught?" McTwisp asked nervously, wringing his small white paws.

"I'm sure," Alice replied knowingly. "The Red Queen told me to take my friends with me when I was dismissed." She'd purposely left out the stupid part.

After making their way to the front of Salazen Grum, Bayard and his family caught up with group and as Alice reassured, they were able to leave without any further trouble.