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After the lengthy walk to Marmoreal, the White Queen greeted everyone. She was thoroughly pleased when she was presented with the Vorpal sword, and shortly after directed everyone to find rooms in the castle.

After a hot meal, a bath that washed away the scent of stale sex, and a fresh dress graciously given by Mirana, Alice found herself on the balcony, overlooking the glowing scenery of Marmoreal. She found herself reflecting back to the previous events at the Red Queen's castle, and although she knew she'd done the right thing there was still a niggling feeling of dread that refused to escape her. So deep into her thoughts, Alice didn't notice the footsteps that were approaching behind her.

"Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?" a soft lisped voice asked.

Unable to pull herself out of her misery, Alice barely acknowledged the Hatter's question.

"Whatever is the matter Alice?" Tarrant asked. "You were unusually quiet on the walk here, and you've seen to have lost some of your Muchness. Are you mad at me?"

Alice shook her head, inhaling deeply. "No Tarrant, I'm not upset with you," she replied.

"Then what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong," she reassured, yet sounding unconvinced. "I got the sword, I got us all away from the Red Queen, I should be happy…right?"

"Contrariwise," Tarrant replied. "Sometimes we do things that we don't want to do, but we do them anyway, it doesn't mean you have to be happy about it." His last statement made Alice's head swivel around, looking Tarrant directly in the eye. "I am curious though…how did you manage to make such a hasty escape for us all? Which reminds me, I should thank you again."

A look of distress crossing her features, Alice turned her head away. "You're most welcome…but I can't tell you," she whispered, feeling ashamed all over again. Gentle, callous tipped fingers (one which still bore a thimble) cupping her face made Alice turn around.

"Whit is it lass?" Tarrant asked, concern gripping him. Feeling alarmed as he saw Alice's face suddenly crumple up into tears, she tore from his embrace and fled into the bedroom. Stunned at her hasty departure, Tarrant slowly walked to the room and found Alice sitting on the edge of her bed, her arms wrapped about her tightly as she struggled to gain control of her flighty emotions.

After resting his hat down on the nightstand, he gently sat down next to Alice. Slowly moving to take her hand in his, Tarrant waited until her hysterics had slightly subsided. "Whit did that slurvish git do to ye?" he gently prodded, trying to keep the rising anger from coloring voice.

Alice shook her head, tears now dripping down her face. "I can't…it's too shameful. You'd think terribly of me," she confessed, wishing that she could force herself to forget the memory that was forever emblazoned into her brain.

"I could never think terribly of My Alice," Tarrant responded kindly, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

Hiccupping, Alice took a deep breath and tried to summon her nerve. "Do you promise to never tell anyone?" she begged tearfully.

"Aye lass, anything for you," he solemnly promised.

"Alright," she began. "She made me do…things to her," Alice continued, still too shocked to accept what had transpired. "I mean, I'd heard of women being with…one another in that way, and I wasn't sure what it was that they did, but of course whom would I ask? And besides, I'm sure such a thing is scandalous where I come from!"

Tarrant felt his entire body go numb at Alice's confession. He wanted to choke the Bludy Behg Hid for forcing herself on His Alice, yet continued to listen without interrupting.

"And then she forced me to…I mean…she also made me let her do things to me, and I didn't want to but then it felt good and I couldn't help myself and it was frightening yet pleasurable at the same time!" Crying more earnestly now, Alice held tightly onto Tarrant's hand. "Heavens, please tell me that you'll never repeat this to anyone, I'd die of shame! No one can find out, well that disgusting…Knave was outside when I left! I'm sure he was listening in the entire time. Did you know that it's a regular thing to force members of the court to her bed!"

Feeling his eyes going red with rage, Tarrant wanted to seek revenge. However, more pressing matters were at hand; a Sad Alice was crying her eyes out as she rehashed the ordeal that had been forced upon her. "Come darling, yer not to blame!" he said reassuringly.

"But what's wrong with me? Can't you understand, I didn't want her to stop! Well part of me did anyway but most of me didn't!"

Tarrant shifted closer to Alice and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, letting her cry into his jacket. "Yer body was just responding the way that it was intended to," he replied wisely. "Yer not a fallen woman, or soiled or anything preposterous that I'm sure you're thinking abou'".

"But she hurt me Tarrant, I saw my blood on her hand. What if I'm no longer…?"

Inhaling sharply as his blood boiled, Tarrant inwardly fought to keep a clear head. "Nae possible luv, especially since she forced you. Yer still my Sweet Alice that; ye just fell victim to that slurvish hoor."

After awhile Alice's tears subsided, her angst soothed by Tarrant's warm arms wrapped around her. Inhaling a shuddering breath, Alice sighed as she felt Tarrant drop a comforting kiss upon her forehead. Nuzzling against him, Alice found herself wishing that they could stay like this forever.

"Tarrant?" her low voice came in the dark, half muffled by the material of his jacket.

"Yes luv," he answered, dropping a hand to Alice's face to stroke a finger against her cheek.

"Will you kiss me please?" she asked trustingly, looking up at Tarrant.

"You don't mean that," he replied sadly, knowing that Alice was probably still distraught over the Red Queen forcing herself upon her. Although Tarrant wanted nothing more than to kiss Alice, he knew it would be terribly slurvish of him.

"Yes I do," Alice conceded, turning her face to kiss Tarrant's palm.

"No…ye don't!" he growled, trying to move away from Alice. It tore him apart to have to tell her no, but he knew if he agreed that it would be that much harder when she realized that she didn't care for him the way he cared for her, which would ensue in her leaving Underland. All of which would serve him to drive further into an even madder state.

"I do so, now sit!" Alice all but shouted, moving to sit up and kneel behind Tarrant on the bed, throwing her arms tightly around his neck. "Do you know what I went through, watching the Red Queen's knights take you away, knowing that I could do nothing to help?" she continued, nearly cheek to cheek with Tarrant as his soft, unruly orange curls tickled her face.

"Well…I don't want you to feel beholden to me, or doing something that you will regret later," he confessed, inwardly enjoying the feel of Alice leaning on his back.

"Silly Hatter," Alice murmured, her sweet, warm breath grazing Tarrant's ear. "I'd never regret helping to save you. You were the only that believed in me from when I first arrived here, the first one to step in to protect me and last but not least the man that I love and want to be with."

Alice heard Tarrant stop breathing after hearing her forthright confession, wondering if she should have kept her mouth shut. Had he ever given an inkling that he reciprocated her feelings? Not ever that Alice could remember, but after all that happened she figured that she'd had nothing to lose. "I trust you with my life," she murmured, waiting for some semblance of a response from the not so usually stunned man.

"Do ye really mean that lass?" he quietly asked after a long pause.

"Yes," Alice replied, hoping that she sounded convincing enough even though her mouth had gone dry with fear at the prospect that Tarrant might refuse her.

Alice was relieved to hear Tarrant chuckling slightly, as he brought up her hand to his mouth and kissed it. "What am I going to do with ye?" he asked good naturedly.

"Kiss me, like I asked," she replied without missing a beat.

"Alright my luv. If ye only knew how long I waited to call ye that."

Slowly, Tarrant gently disentangled Alice's arms from around his neck. He turned around on the bed to see her still kneeling up behind him, gazing at him curiously. Shifting closer towards her, Tarrant tugged on Alice's dressing gown until her body was pressed against his. Their lips came in contact, and Tarrant groaned slightly at the taste of her innocent sweetness on his tongue.

Their kissing grew more fevered, Alice's arms clutched round his neck as her fingers slid through his hair, breathless little sighs escaping from her lips. Alice suddenly found herself lying down on the bed, Tarrant halfway looming over her, his lips seeking out her lips and neck while his hands simultaneously mapped over her body. Trembling slightly as she felt his heat through the thin silk of the gown, Alice found herself wanting to touch Tarrant the same way.

Tarrant groaned into Alice's mouth when he felt her fingers fumbling around at his waist, franticly trying to yank his dress shirt free from him trousers. "Ah, darling, I don't think ye want to do that," Tarrant said, sounding a bit desperate.

"Why not?" Alice asked nonplussed, her fingers still clutching at his waist.

"Because I won't be able control myself, 'specially if you keep that up."

Alice licked her lips nervously. "I don't mind," she shyly confessed.

Tarrant pushed himself upright; kneeling between Alice's splayed legs on the bed. "Do ye even know what it is yer asking me lass?"

Her chest heaving slightly, Alice looked up at Tarrant and nodded.

"Nae," he replied crossing his arms stiffly, the sensible part of his mind still believing that he would be taking her under duress.

"Tarrant, please," the young woman cried beseechingly, only serving to further induce his agony.

"When ye ask me like that, it's only so much harder to say no," Tarrant yielded, his hands moving to peel off his outer jacket. Alice watched as he then removed his cravat, waist coat and dress shirt, dropping each item to the side of the bed. Watching as Tarrant disrobed, his figure illuminated by the moon that shone brightly into the room, Alice was surprised to feel a pang of desire that she never even realized she had.

"What's wrong?" Tarrant asked, seeing the look on Alice's face.

"I feel…strange," she admitted quietly.

"Good strange, or bad strange?"

"Good, definitely good," Alice replied thoughtfully. "It didn't feel like this, even when…" her voice trailed off.

"Well then, I'd say that is surely a good thing," Tarrant replied, now clad only in trousers. He hovered back over Alice, supporting himself on his forearms. "However, if you find yourself becoming frightened at any time, you must tell me at once."

Wordlessly nodding her head, Alice closed her eyes as she felt Tarrant's lips back upon hers. His warm hands gently mapped the length of her body through the thin silk, causing Alice to tremble uncontrollably. Pausing at her thigh, Tarrant waited for her approval and after nodding her head, Alice felt him gently tug at the gown until it rode high over her hips. She'd foregone the knickers; as they were still damp and drying from her previous attempts to wash out the droplets of blood that had stained them.

Moaning into Tarrant's open mouth when she felt his fingers caress her bare thighs, Alice clutched onto his naked back, trying to pull him closer against her. Shivering slightly, she felt Tarrant's cloth trapped erection pressing against the bare and now sensitive place between her legs.

"I'm going to ruin your trousers," Alice said breathlessly.

"I can always make another pair," Tarrant replied, unfazed.

Alice chuckled lightly, soon distracted when Tarrant's hand crept underneath her gown, his fingertips tracing small circles on the skin underneath her breasts. Murmuring incoherently, Alice found herself wanting to be divested of the gown. Shifting her body up ever so slightly, she tugged at the material and cried in exasperation when she found that it was still trapped beneath her. Amused by her impatience, Tarrant pulled Alice completely upright and in one swift movement shucked the gown up and over her head. Dropping it on top of his pile of clothes beside the bed, he resumed eagerly kissing Alice, groaning in delight when he felt her warm, nubile form pressed against his.

Tarrant's mouth eagerly nipped at her throat, savoring the sweet, vanilla and Alice scent that wafted from her bare flesh. The sensation of his hands and lips seemed to cover her entire body and Alice found herself crying out unabashedly. Sinking further into the mattress, Alice reveled in the most pleasurable feelings that his gentle ministrations brought forth.

Feeling Tarrant shift his body, he kissed a trail from Alice's breasts down her stomach until he stopped between her legs. Her body stiffening, Alice sat up and tried to move back, protesting to what she knew Tarrant was about to do.

"Nae luvie, relax. And if ye really want me to stop, I will," he said reassuringly, gently pushing Alice to lie back down.

Tarrant knew that Alice was confused with making love and lust. The Queen lusted after her and Alice's innocent body had responded; even though her heart was contrary. Tarrant, on the other hand, loved Alice and wanted to show her the difference and hopefully eradicate the bad memories from her mind.

Alice chided herself that this was Tarrant, knowing that he'd never hurt her intentionally. Forcing her body to relax, she lay back and tried to keep her thighs from trembling when she Tarrant pressing kisses along the insides.

She winced slightly when she felt Tarrant's tongue graze against her recently roughly abused entrance. Noticing how Alice jumped at the contact, Tarrant slowly yet insistently made his way to the top of her sex, his mouth finding that small, distended nub. Gasping sharply at the agreeable sensation, Alice melted into his touch, her hands clenching as her fingernails dug into her palms.

Her body innocently acquiesced to each stroke of Tarrant's incredibly soft tongue, and something clicked in the recesses of Alice's mind; causing her to realize that she wasn't as frightened as she was before.

Moments later, Tarrant's gentle exploration caused her to reach her peak, crying out his name as her body succumbed to release. Alice's body still trembled from the aftermath when Tarrant moved from between her legs. After nearly tearing his trousers from his legs, he felt quite silly when he realized that he still wore his shoes and stockings. After kicking off his shoes, he yanked the stockings and trousers off and punted them to the floor.

Alice found herself breathing heavily, heart thudding against her chest when Tarrant pressed his now completely nude body against hers. Wordlessly, Alice wound her arms around Tarrant's neck and angled her hips up towards his. "Let me know if I'm hurtin ye," he said, reaching down to align himself at her entrance.

Nodding, Alice lifted her head slightly up to kiss Tarrant. Complying, he returned the kiss, his tongue gently playing against Alice's. At that same moment his hips gently pushed forward, causing Alice to gasp at the sudden intrusion. His manhood was much larger than the Queen's three fingers, and Alice's already sore entrance struggled against the invasion. Her fingers clutched onto Tarrant's shoulders, feeling the burning sensation as her walls stretched to accommodate the girth.

Feeling her body become taut, Tarrant instantly halted his movements. "D'you need me to stop luv?" he whispered.

"No," Alice moaned, gasping to catch her breath, unable to ignore the pain ripping through her loins. "Just go slow please."

"Aye," Tarrant replied, groaning as he felt Alice's snug walls constrict around him.

Finally the pain lessened to a dull ache, and then diminished altogether. Tarrant rowed his hips gently into Alice's, taking extra care to not thrust too roughly. His efforts weren't in vain, as moments later he heard a hitch in her breath as her entire body relaxed beneath his. Alice's head was thrown back slightly, her lips parted as she gasped and moaned, her fingers sliding down to Tarrant's lower back as she urged him on.

Feeling the stirrings of something new growing deep inside of her, Alice's breathing grew labored as the intensity of Tarrant's thrusts increased. Clutching frantically at his back, Alice was unable to reign in the loud moans that emanated from her body. Suddenly unable to take anymore, her body tensed as she cried out Tarrant's name in pleasure, thrashing wildly beneath him.

Between hearing his name shouted so lustily by the woman he loved, and feeling her walls pulsate around him, Tarrant soon followed behind Alice, groaning out his pleasure as he released deep inside of her warm body.

After a moment, Tarrant withdrew from Alice and lay beside her, pulling her into his arms. "I love ye Alice," he whispered, his fingers running through her tousled curls.

"I love you too Tarrant," she answered yawning sleepily, nuzzling her head against Tarrant's shoulder. "I guarantee that evil Red Queen is going to be highly upset when she realizes who I am and that I have the Vorpal sword," she then replied cheekily, causing Tarrant's body to shake with laughter.

"Guid fer 'er, the auld whoor," Tarrant said, closing his eyes and burying his face into Alice's silky curls. Knowing that they would have to tackle Frabjous day, the two knew that their problems were far from over, but for now they both felt more at ease as they drifted off to sleep.