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He felt his breath catch and his heart rate speed up when he laid eyes on that gorgeous man. He screamed sex appeal from every pore and oozed with a sexual confidence that no man has yet to beat. And he was looking at him, Justin Taylor, of all people. He peered up at the man through his long eyelashes, trying his hardest not to appear as nervous as he actually was.

"Hows it going, had a busy night?" he asked causally, his body teasingly close.

"You know, just checking out the bars. BoyToy, Meathook…" Justin rattled off the names, sounding surprisingly calm as he struggled to remember the names of some of the Liberty Avenue clubs.

The beautiful man arched an eyebrow. "Meathook? Really? So you're into leather?"


"Where are you off to?"

"No place special."

He leaned closer, his lips hovering just above that of the younger man's. For a moment, they shared the same air. He smirked, a dangerous combination with those darkened eyes.

"I can change that."