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Chapter 27

"And this, is Liberty Avenue," Justin announced proudly.

"Whoa," Alec breathed out under his breath, as he peered through his front window into the wonderful abyss that was the gay capital of Pittsburgh.

Justin had been astounded when Alec admitted to never having visited the area and he sought to correct that straight away. Besides, he was due one last trip to the night life of Liberty Avenue before he was stuck on bed rest. At just over his 8 month mark, Justin was so close to his due date that he could almost taste it. He couldn't wait.

The gang had decided to have a proper celebration – well, as much as they could, so that meant meeting at Woody's for drinks, pool and some friendly banter. A good introduction for Alec, he thought.

Justin struggled to get out of the car, his swollen stomach preventing the art of bending at the hips, but Alec moved fast around the vehicle and pulled the grateful man onto his feet. Justin used him as a balance for a moment, releasing him and beamed widely. He grasped his hand and used it to gently lead the other man through the busy street, babbling the entire way about Woody's and Babylon. "We'll have to wait after the baby is born to go, but if you ask, I'm sure one of the other guys will take you." The also talked about the gang that they were about to meet up with - something that Alec didn't really want to admit he was nervous about.

"Everyone wants to meet you," Justin assured, "Ever since they heard about you, um, helping me. They're nice people. I wouldn't worry."

But he couldn't help but worry. Alec would be the first to admit he wasn't exactly the most sociable of people. He had but a hand of people he'd consider friends, and he trusted Justin - someone he hadn't spoken to since kindergarten - a lot more than he trusted any of the others. Personally, he thinks that's why he stepped in to help the blond in the first place.

Normally, Alec wouldn't have cared less about what that prick Hobbs was doing. He preferred not to get involved. But Justin had stood out to him. He was…he wasn't sure how to describe it. Different, maybe. Nicer than regular high school kids – definitely more attractive - and well, he supposed the fact he was gay had definitely struck some kind of chord with him.

And besides, no one deserved to hear that crap about their unborn child.

Woody's was packed, as usual, when the two high school students entered. Many eyes turned towards Justin. Some were judgemental and there was no denying the wave of whispers that seemed to echo. Alec glared threateningly at the other bar goers, protectiveness rising, but Justin paid it no mind. It was something he had gotten used to. He was a pregnant teenage boy. He was bound to draw attention, and on top of that, it was hardly a secret that he was having Brian Kinney's baby. The harsh words that no one would dare speak loudly were words of jealous or envy, and he couldn't exactly say that people feeling jealous of him wasn't a confident boost, especially when he was looking like a whale.

Justin led Alec around the bar, weaving through the crowd, and heading towards the place that seemed to be designated for them – because he had never seen the gang anywhere else but around the pool tables. It just wasn't questioned.

Brian and Michael were playing pool when they arrived. Emmett and Ted were backed against the bar, drinks in hand, and throwing off handed comments towards the players, who would respond with good-natured insults. David, whom Justin was surprised to see, was standing a little way off from the group, arms folded across his chest and nursing a beer.

As they approached, the two stopped playing. Brian pulled his blond closer and Justin bounced up to steal a kiss. The brunet hummed appreciatively and bit down teasingly on his bottom lip.

"It took you long enough Sunshine," he mocked when they pulled apart, "I thought perhaps you'd fallen asleep…again."

It had been something that Brian hadn't been able to let go of, ever since Justin fell asleep midway through sex. The blond hadn't been able to help it. It was his last few days at school and there was a lot of work to do, plus the effort of having to carry eight pounds of extra body weight around with you, he'd just…

Justin huffed out a breath and muttered, "You're never going to let that go are you?"

"Probably not," Brian agreed, with a smirk.

Their conversation was interrupted by Emmett throwing his arm around Justin's shoulders and tucking the blond under his arm. Brian's eyes narrowed but he didn't say anything. Not that anyone would have noticed.

"Now, baby, why don't you introduce us to your friend," Emmett advised, curious gaze on the unknown kid standing just a little off from them, hands in his jean's pockets.

"Oh, Em, this is Alec Jensen," Justin waved a hand between the two of them. "Alec, this is Emmett, Ted, Michael and his boyfriend David. Of course, you already know Brian."

"It's nice to meet you," Alec offered simply. His eyes hovered with interest over Emmett for a moment and he smirked a little, "Very nice."

Justin couldn't help but grin when Emmett practically preened.

"Wait, are you the kid that helped Justin with that asshole, uh…" Michael started, struggling to remember the name.

"Chris Hobbs," Brian supplied, with a deep scowl, "And yeah, he was."

"I guess we owe you thanks for looking after Justin," Ted nodded his head towards him, raising his beer.

"I wasn't going to let that bastard get away with it, but if you really must thank me, you can buy me a beer," Alec joked with a small smile.

Watching the group, the interactions, made him feel a little more comfortable. They were older, yeah, and that's always a little daunting, but they didn't try to make him feel unwelcome. He'd been challenged to play winner at pool, and Ted had handed him over a beer without so much of a question of paying for it or needing ID. Perhaps not the best of role models but it was nice to be there, to just be accepted with anyone wanting anything.

Plus, they weren't exactly hard on the eyes. Brian and Justin were the designated power couple - both gorgeous and clearly perfect for each other – god, Alec never wanted anyone to know he sounded so soppy in his head. Michael was the adorable in a geeky-kid-next-door kind of way. Ted was handsome, with seriously gorgeous eyes and self-esteem issues that he really didn't need to have. And Emmett…well, it was safe to say he was very taken with the flamboyant man.

And judging by the looks he was receiving out of the corner of his eyes, it was a mutual attraction.

Alec grinned.

"Looks like Auntie Em has himself an admirer," Justin teased under his breath.

Emmett flushed, and swatted the blond beside him. "Oh stop it," he chided, "Alec is…well, the kid is gorgeous, there's no doubt about that. And I can't say I'm not partial to that bad boy look…"

"Then go talk to him," Justin urged, "From what he's told me, he's not exactly, uuh, experienced. I'm sure he would appreciate the guidance."

Oh, and Emmett would love to be the one to give him that guidance. Nelly bottom he may be, but the idea of giving orders in bed, of showing someone how to please him, was definitely something that had appeared frequently in his fantasies. He glanced at Alec, who was resting back against the bar and listening to Ted talk to him about something – he wasn't really sure what, but he was glad that they had bonded so well. He nodded his head in agreement to something, and took a long drag from his beer.

He glanced back at Emmett and his lips quirked upwards. He arched an eyebrow, as if daring him to do something, anything, whatever he wanted.

Emmett folded his arms across his chest. "I may have to take your advice on that one baby."

He wasn't one to pass up a challenge.

Justin sipped his water and glanced curiously around the bar, before turning back to Brian. "Are the girls coming?" he inquired. He hadn't seen Lindsey and Mel for a while now – although, he wasn't exactly surprised because of the whole situation they were now in – but last time he had seen them, they had both seemed good to go.

Brian grimaced a little. "I doubt it," he admitted, "Someone's got to watch Gus and I think Lindsey's using it as an excuse not to have to face Melanie and Mel won't come out of fear of seeing Linds…it's fucked-up," he gave Justin a side look, "…but there are some upsides?"

The blond quirked an eyebrow questioningly.

Brian wrapped an arm around Justin's shoulder and pulled him closer. "I just found out that we get to have Gus this weekend," he announced.

Justin grinned. "Really?"

"Yup, the whole weekend," Brian pressed a kiss to his temple, "It feels as if it's been ages since I saw Sonny Boy."

"Wait…" Justin trailed off thoughtfully for a moment, "Isn't this weekend the Leather Ball?"

The brunet shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so…"

"So, aren't you going to go?"

Brian shrugged noncommittally. "I've been before and it's the same every year. Leather daddies perform with twinks that want to get told what to do. Besides, I have more important things this weekend…"

Justin reared up to steal a kiss.