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"Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose."
~Kevin Arnold


Ch. 1: Is That My Name?

It was supposed to be a routine case. They flew out to San Diego, developed a profile for the unsub and narrowed down the possible suspects. They donned their flak jackets and headed out to the suspect, Daniel Reiner's, home. Derek had been reluctant to let Reid out of his sight after what had happened with Roderick Columbus two months earlier, but Reid insisted that his lover stop babying him at work. And it was supposed to have been a routine case.

So how was it that Derek ended up in the back of a speeding ambulance, clutching Spencer's hand tightly, trying not to glance at the bloody wound on the young man's temple? The FBI agent swallowed hard and his dark eyes stayed locked tight on Spencer's long fingers. He was unconscious, but Derek was certain that his fingers were flexed around his and that at least brought him some comfort as he thought back to the reason he was here in the first place…


"Reid, you cover the back with Prentiss. Morgan, you and I'll cover the front. JJ and Rossi stay back until we're inside." Hotch ordered briskly, double checking his vest to make sure it was on.

"Hotch, I don't know… Maybe Reid should stay back and Rossi can go in…" Derek said slowly, glancing toward his young lover.

Reid frowned, "Derek, I'm an FBI agent too, you can't expect me to sit on the side-lines forever."

"But you're still hurt, Spencer I-"

"Derek, that was two months ago. I'm fine. My ribs are healed, the bruises have been gone and I haven't been sore, not once."

"I just don't want you to get hurt."

"That's a risk we take every day, Derek." Reid sighed heavily. They'd been having this argument a lot recently. Ever since Roderick Columbus had kidnapped them, Derek hadn't wanted Reid to do anything he deemed dangerous. Which, in their job, was everything. At first, it had been a bit endearing. Now it was just aggravating.

"I know, but –"

"You two can have this argument later," Hotch cut in, frowning at the two of them. "We've got more important things to worry about. Reid, go with Prentiss. Morgan come with me." He stared Morgan down as if daring him to question the decision and Derek sighed, nodding and following the older agent to the front door.

Prentiss glanced toward Reid, "He's just worried." She told him quietly as they made their way to the back.

"I know," the younger man sighed. "But I'm not a child, I don't need constant supervision, no matter what he thinks. I am capable of doing this job."

"He knows that too." Prentiss assured him. "Give him some credit, at least he's only like this at work. He could insist that you go on bed rest or something just as ridiculous."

Reid cracked a smile at that, nodding and positioning himself on the opposite side of the back door, waiting for Hotch's order to crackle through the earpiece he was wearing.

"On three…" Hotch murmured quietly. Morgan's eyes darted to the Unit Chief worriedly as he thought about Spencer around back. "One… Two…Three… Let's move!"

Prentiss kicked in the backdoor at the same time that Morgan shoved in the front and they entered the house, guns drawn, aimed and loaded, looking around for any sign of the unsub. So far, nothing.

They were standing in a small back entrance, and as they carefully moved forward, they found themselves in a small, cluttered kitchen. They could hear Hotch and Morgan in the living room, but other than that, nothing. Shouts of "CLEAR!" were heard every few seconds, but otherwise, silence.

Through the kitchen, they passed into the dining room, cautiously hugging the walls, looking around corners apprehensively. The van was out front; Daniel had to be home.

As they made their way down a hall, a door suddenly opened and a tall, thin man with scraggly brown hair jumped out of nowhere.

Before Prentiss and Reid could get the words "FBI! Freeze!" out of their mouths, Daniel lifted a gun and fired. Prentiss fired back an instant too late and Daniel went down, blood spattering the wall behind him as the bullet shot out of the back of his skull.

Prentiss wasn't paying attention to Daniel though. She could hear Hotch and Morgan, and JJ and Rossi, running towards them after hearing gunfire and she dropped to her knees instantly beside her fallen partner.

Blood was all over the place, down the side of his head, soaking into the dull carpets and onto her hands as she gently pressed a finger to his throat, praying to God that he was still alive.

"MAN DOWN!" she managed to choke the words out. "I NEED AN AMBULANCE! HE'S BEEN SHOT!"

She pressed as hard as she dared against the bloody wound and cradled Spencer's head in her lap, swallowing back a horrified sob. She looked up only when a terrible, retching gasp alerted her to Derek's presence.

He was staring down at them with wide, wild eyes as if he couldn't truly believe what he was seeing. Spencer. One the ground. Shot. So much blood… He dropped to his knees beside Prentiss and gripped one of Spencer's hands. And he didn't let go, not even when the EMTs showed up to take him away to the hospital.


Once they arrived at the hospital, Morgan was forced to let go of Spencer's hand as they rushed him to the emergency room. He paced back and forth outside of the doors, anxiously waiting for news, any news at all, on his injured lover.

"Morgan…" he whirled around to see Prentiss and the rest of the team standing there, looking shell shocked. Bad things had happened to Reid before, but being shot in the head? How the hell he had even survived at all was a mystery. Derek clenched his hands tighter, taking in the sight of Prentiss. She was covered in Reid's blood. Her hands, her pants, her shirt. It really only served as a horrible reminder of what had happened, but Derek swallowed and approached them all the same.

"Any news yet?" JJ asked. Her wide blue eyes were scared and anxious. This couldn't be happening. Not to Reid. Not again.

"Nothing yet…" Morgan's voice sounded tight to his own ears. "But they stabilized him in the ambulance, he… he's going to be fine."

No one was really sure who he was trying to convince. Them, or himself. Either way, his voice came out twisted and pained, matching the look on his face perfectly.

They must've sat in the waiting room for hours, no one sure of what to do or say. All of them sporting nearly identical looks of shock and fear and worry. But finally, finally, a doctor came out and they rushed him before he had a chance to finish asking Reid's name.

Looking flustered, the doctor frowned, "You can't all be family…" he said skeptically.

"We are." Derek's voice ground out harsh and angry.

The doctor must've seen something in the man's eyes because he blinked and took a half-step back before nodding slowly. "Very well… Mr. Reid –"

"Doctor Reid." They all corrected him at the same time and again, the doctor simply blinked, looking flustered and confused.

"Dr. Reid," he amended, "is going to be fine. He lost a lot of blood from the head wound, but he is undoubtedly, incredibly lucky. The bullet grazed his temple. There was enough force to knock him out and he does have a concussion, though it isn't as severe as it could have been. His skull wasn't fractured, but it's more than likely bruised and he needed forty-five stitches in his head."

Derek breathed a sigh of relief, feeling like it was the first time he had breathed since this whole thing had started.

"Can we see him?" he demanded.

Again, the doctor looked skeptical, but after a harsh glare from the agents he nodded slowly. "He still hasn't woken," he warned them. "And you'll need to be quiet. When he does wake, try not to crowd him or cause him any more stress than he's already suffered. Head trauma can be tricky. He's stable now, but we don't want anything to make this worse. Am I clear?"


"Of course."

The agents chimed and nodded respectfully. The doctor eyed them suspiciously and didn't look too terribly convinced, but still he led them to Reid's room, pushing the door open gently.

JJ gasped at the sight of it. Reid was pale and very thin looking on the hospital bed. A bandage was wrapped around his head to one side where the bullet had grazed him and there was an IV in his arm, pumping new blood into him slowly.

They all gathered around his bed, Derek snagging the closest chair and sliding it right up beside him, reaching out and taking hold of one of the younger man's frail hands.


They sat like that, gathered around their youngest member, in silence. Prentiss had called Garcia to tell her what had happened earlier and it took everything in her to persuade the technical analyst to stay in Quantico. No one was really sure what to say, especially with Derek sitting there, staring at Reid. His eyes never wavered once and they couldn't help but think of all the teasing they had done to the couple before.

Sure, they had been open and accepting of the relationship but honestly, until seeing Derek so close to being broken, staring at Reid as if he were his one and only lifeline, none of them had really paused to think that it was for real. Derek loved Spencer and Spencer loved Derek. This whole thing made their relationship so much more serious in the eyes of the team. Suddenly, they were more than just two co-workers who slept together. And that made the entire ordeal that much scarier.

When Reid's eyes began to flutter, Derek slid to the edge of his seat, still clutching the young man's hand in his. "Spencer?" he almost didn't dare to speak, swallowing hard as the young man's eyes squinted together tightly.

The rest of the team gathered around his bed, watching impatiently as Reid grimaced.

"Pretty Boy, are you ok?" Derek's voice was low, even. An undercurrent of fear and worry flowing through it almost imperceptibly.

"Uhh…" Spencer groaned and pressed a hand against the side of his head, touching the bandage as he blinked his eyes open.

"Spencer…" Derek pressed his lips together as the young man's wide eyes settled on him finally. But the expression in them terrified him even more than the gunshot had. There was no recognition, nothing at all behind those big brown orbs.

"Spencer… are you ok?" Derek asked tentatively, glancing toward the other, worried, members of the team.

"Who?" Spencer frowned, grimaced and pressed a hand against his forehead as if he had a headache. Which he likely did.

"What do you mean, Spence?" JJ's gentle voice caused Spencer to turn and look at her, a frown still on his face. A pained, puzzled look in his eyes.

He looked slowly from one team member to the next, clearly uncertain. "Wh-Where am I?" he asked shakily. "Who are you people?"

Oh God… Derek felt his heat plummet in his chest. "Spencer… You're in a hospital. You were shot, remember?"

Reid frowned, looking like he was concentrating hard. "N-No…" his voice shook. "I… Spencer… is that my name?"

Derek's eyes widened. "You don't know?"

He shook his head, looking terrified and confused as he glanced around at the team. "I… I'm not sure. I…." he blinked several times, his face pained as he tried and failed to recall.

His voice sounded feeble and scared when he finally spoke again, looking into Derek's eyes with not one trace of the love they shared. "No. I don't know…"


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