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Prompt: Priorities

Unbeta'd - all mistakes are mine.

The seconds go by, as the tick tock of the clock becomes a prevalent sound to my ears. Around me, I hear the hustle and bustle of the working class. I type faster, work hard and continue to watch the clock. How can it be that five minutes feels like another five hours?

I look from over my monitor to the person sitting across from me. So young, carefree and most of all happy. Where are her problems, what are her priorities? That used to be me. My heart aches with a bit of nostalgia. What you have now is so much better, much more important. I think to myself. I ease within my thoughts as they start to truly process. A faint smile splays across my face. I look up at the clock once more. 5:00! Yes!I gather my belongings and go.

"MOMMY!" I heart the voice of the little girl with the curly bronze hair and brown eyes. I look behind her and my heart stops. How he continues to do that to me, I'll never know. My little girl looks up with the brightest smile, as Edward wraps his arm around my waist to give me a faint kiss on the cheek. I look in his eyes and he's still looking at me the way he did when I walked down the aisle. Yeah, this is definitely more important. This is home.

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