Naruto stares out over the city of Metropolis. It has been three years since he landed in this new world so different from the Elemental Nations. The three years have been the most peaceful in his life. The word boring comes to mind. He used to be a ninja that went on missions that brought him to the brink of death. A warrior who has fought in countless battles killing his enemies and bathing in their blood. A lifestyle that he thought he never wanted, but now that it is gone, he craves the action.

Since the age of one he has been a weapon. The Fourth Hokage had sealed the most powerful demon inside of him. The destiny of a Jinchuuriki is to be a weapon for the village that they served. Unfortunately, a certain ninja had decided to use him for his own purposes instead of the village. Orochimaru, the Legendary Snake Sannin, betrayed Konoha taking many of its secrets including a one year old Naruto Uzumaki.

None of the villagers missed Naruto. Naruto is a demon no different from the Kyuubi in the eyes of the village. Only a few truly saw him for the child that he had been.

At the age of one he had no concept of right or wrong. No idea that he is now in the hands of one of the most vile and evil ninja in the world. Orochimaru raised him like a son giving him everything he ever desired. In the eyes of Naruto, Orochimaru hadn't been evil, but a father.

Orochimaru raised Naruto to be the perfect weapon. Naruto mastered the Shadow Clone Technique at the young age of five. Shadow Clones are able to learn and transfer that knowledge to the original user upon disappearing. The only thing a Shadow Clone couldn't do is grow stronger physically. Using the Shadow Clone Technique, Naruto mastered several advance chakra control exercises and a dozen low level jutsu by the time he turned eight. He is a prodigy by no means, but his huge chakra reserves allowed him to making ten Shadow Clones at a time. Orochimaru had been very pleased knowing that Naruto's strength would grow to incredible levels.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Orochimaru tried he could never turn Naruto into a cold blooded killer. Naruto somehow grew up knowing compassion and kindness. He showed such compassion and kindness to the ninja that served under Orochimaru. The sound ninja loved Naruto because he never tortured them like Orochimaru had been known to do.

Naruto always obeyed his father's orders without question. However, as he grew older and performed more missions outside the village. He began to spend more and more time away from Orochimaru. The words family and friend soon filled him. He watched as children happily played with their mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. As he spied upon other ninja from different villages, he watched how the younger ninja looked up to their sensei and how the sensei genuinely seemed to care for their students. It made him feel empty inside as he never felt any of those things from his own father and comrades.

It is then he learned the truth. His true parents died sealing the demon inside of him. Orochimaru kidnapped him from Konoha to become a weapon. The truth had broken Naruto's heart. All this time he believed Orochimaru to be his father. To have loved him when no else did. In the end, he is nothing more then a tool. He wanted to hate Orochimaru, but couldn't. Orochimaru had taken care of him and given him all that he ever wanted. Yes, it had been all in order to gain the perfect weapon, but Orochimaru could have been much crueler in his ways to make Naruto obedient.

"Akatsuki is after you. They want the power of the demon inside of you," said Orochimaru.

Naruto stood in front of Orochimaru. "I understand. I will train harder." He has already defeated two members of Akatsuki. Kisame Hoshigaki and Dediara of the Stone.

Orochimaru smirked. "That won't help. These ninja are on a different level then you. Though you are my strongest apprentice, I am going to make sure that they never get their hands on the demon inside of you. The demon will be sealed away in a secret location that only I will know about it. Akatsuki will never get their hands on the demon."

"I see." Naruto knew what that meant. A Jinchuuriki can not survive the removal of its demon. Orochimaru is going to kill him in order to hold a trump card over Akatsuki. He fell to a knee lowering his hand. "As you desire." Orochimaru smiled widely.

He never really liked being a ninja. It never felt right taking the life of another just because they come from different villages. He loves training and learning new techniques, but as for the pointless killing for money and the sake of the village, he gladly leaves it all behind.

Orochimaru didn't hesitate to make the required preparations. Soon enough Naruto lay in a seal that would remove the demon from him and place it in a powerful statue designed to hold the Kyuubi.

Naruto didn't know what happened during the sealing. All he knew is that he woke up in an alley in the city of Los Angeles. A strange new world that he knew nothing about. By all means he should be dead, but someone up there must like him because here he is alive and well.

"Why did you call me out here?" Naruto turned around to face the world's most famous man.


Superman flew through the air. He has an appointment with a League member. Hebi. The young man is the youngest member of the Justice League at the age of eighteen. No one knew much about the young man. Batman, the world's greatest detective, didn't have anymore information on the young hero except that his real name is Naruto Uzumaki and is a master at ninjutsu, espionage, stealth, and assassination techniques.

Over the years of being a hero, Superman has encountered hundreds of different villains with a multitude of different powers. Naruto eclipsed them all with his variety of techniques and abilities. Fire, wind, lightning, water, and earth can all be manipulated by the young hero. He can move in the shadows better then Batman and has a very strategic mind that can analyze complex problems within seconds. Superman is very glad that Naruto is on the good side.

Up ahead he spots Naruto standing on the ledge of the building. Naruto stood at a height of five foot seven, a lithe muscular build, golden blonde hair that stuck up at all angles, handsome face, and ocean blue eyes. He wears a long sleeved red shirt with a black snake upon the back that resembled Manda; bandages are wrapped around his hands, baggy black pants that are wrapped up at the shins, and black ninja sandals. Around his waist is a purple rope tied in a bow on the back a remembrance to the man who raised him. The most noticeable thing on him is a large sword wrapped up in bandages. A hi-ate with a musical note is tied around his forehead an honor to his home.

Superman flies over to the building. Naruto turned around to face Superman. "Why did you call me out here?"

"I wanted to speak to you about possibly taking on a new assignment. A long term assignment that involves training a new batch of heroes," said Superman.

"Training a new batch of heroes?" Naruto raised an eyebrow. "I am afraid that I don't understand. Does the Justice League now recruit children to take over when the older members pass away?"

Superman shook his head. "That isn't what I meant. As you know, certain members of the league have apprentices or sidekicks. Well, we have decided to make them probationary members of the League. Give them access to the Hall of Justice and begin to show them how the League operates until they are ready to become full fledged members."

Naruto gave a bored look. "I don't remember having to go through such activities."

"It is different. Unlike them, you have proven yourself more then capable of handling yourself. They are not nearly as capable as you or the rest of the League members," replied Superman.

Naruto couldn't argue with that. He may have a youthful face, but he has probably seen more then Superman and any other League member. More battle experience as well.

The Justice League is an organization filled with superheroes from all around the world. Many of the heroes operated individually and are members of the League merely because of the deeds they have done. Naruto is a member of the League, but has only really gone on a handful of joint missions. It is rare when the whole league gathered to take on a threat. Very few times has such a thing happened.

He understood the motives of the League. In this world children are treated as children at least until the age of eighteen and even then. Elemental Nations it didn't matter what age the ninja is, one never underestimated an opponent. These sidekicks or apprentices probably have a good deal of experience and are on the level of a genin, but the adults are not viewing them with the proper respect instead only seeing their ages like the rest of the world.

"Why are you asking me?" Naruto gained a hard look. "I am well aware that very few members of the League trust me. I doubt even you trust me that much. So why put me in charge of the future generation of heroes?"

"Because we believe you are best suited for the role. Though no one personally knows you that well, your abilities and actions have spoken for themselves." Superman stared straight into Naruto's eyes. "It is a covert team. An incident with Cadmus two days ago has proven that the villains are getting smarter. A clone of me has been created right under our noses. Batman is hoping that the young group of heroes will be able to go to places that the League can't and find out who is truly behind the Cadmus operation."

A clone of Superman. That is indeed a scary thought. Superman is one of the most powerful beings in the world. Only known weaknesses are kryptonite and magic. Other then that he is a juggernaut that very few have the power to stop.

Naruto stared up at the clouds. He has been bored lately. It isn't like he has anything better to do. Being a hero is his only lifestyle. He lived one day at a time never really caring about the past or future. A boring lifestyle. Perhaps training a group of kids will be fun. In the past, he enjoyed training with his fellow sound ninja.

"Ok." Naruto gave a nod. "I will become their sensei, but I don't want any interference from their previous mentors. I am their sensei now."

Superman smiled. "I am glad you accepted."

Mount Justice - Next Day

Robin arrived at the secret base. It has only been three days since the team has been assembled. Already the team is gathering. A smirk appears on his face as he couldn't wait to start going on League missions. This is his chance to prove that he is ready for the big time and not some kid or sidekick.

"Robin!" Miss Martian and Superboy came walking towards Robin. "Looks like you are the first one to arrive," smiled Miss Martian.

"Nice outfit," smirked Robin. Miss Martian smiled. She wore a black body suit with a blue cape. It is very similar to the outfit that the Martian Manhunter wears. "Good to see you again Superboy."

Superboy gave a slight incline of the head. Robin shook his head at the nonchalant response. The portal opened up and Aqualad came out next with Kid Flash. "Aw man, last ones to arrive again," groaned Kid.

"Kid! Aqualad!" smiled Miss Martian.

"Hello," smiled Aqualad.

Kid appeared next to Miss Martian with a charming smile. "Hey, did you miss me? I sure missed you. Just as beautiful as I remember."

Miss Martian smiles. "Thanks." Robin and Aqualad shook their heads.

Red Tornado enters the room. "I see you have all arrived. Please head to the lower levels where the training room simulation is located. The team leader of your newly formed squad is waiting for you all."

"Team leader?" said Kid and Robin sharing a look.

"I am afraid we don't understand," said Aqualad.

"The Justice League has decided that you all need an experience League member to act as Team Leader. Though I will be staying here, Black Canary and I have been removed from our previous roles as supervisor and trainer. The newly appointed leader will be your supervisor and train you for your missions," Red Tornado explained. "Please head on down."

Superboy scowled. "Great, we get a babysitter."

"It isn't really that much different from what Red Tornado has been doing the past few days," said Miss Martian.

Robin frowns. "Here I thought we would be working independently from the League. I thought that one of us would be chosen to lead our team." He didn't say that he wants to be the leader of the team.

Kid grumbles. "This sucks, I so wanted to learn from Black Canary. I hope this new team leader is another hot female hero."


The doors to the training room open up. The five young heroes are filled with surprise as they walk into a large forest. It is filled with tall trees and lush grass. "I didn't know that a forest is located under the base," said Kid.

"It's a simulation. A holographic inducer," said Robin.

Superboy looks ahead. "There." The others follow his line of sight. In the distance, a single person is sitting upon a large boulder reading a book. He wears a black face mask that covered the lower half of his face making him appear older then he truly is.

Miss Martian becomes curious. "He doesn't look much older then us."

"He sure is short," said Kid unimpressed.

Robin snaps his fingers. "I know him! Hebi!"

"Hebi?" The others look at him in confusion.

"It is the Japanese word for Snake." Robin has a look of respect. "He is currently the youngest member of the Justice League having joined at the age of seventeen and is now eighteen or nineteen. I can't remember."

"Seventeen?" Kid whistled. "He doesn't look all that strong. Plus that sword is ridiculously oversized. I bet he wouldn't be able to hit me with it."

Hebi looks up from his book. "Come take a seat on the ground. I'd like to begin." The young heroes step forward taking a seat in front of Hebi. Hebi leaps down taking a seat in front of them. "First thing first, introductions. I know little about you and you know little about me. If we are going to work together then we have to know a bit more about each other. I want name, likes, dislikes, and powers. Don't want to give me your real name then give me your codename."

"I'll start. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I like things, and I dislike other things. I specialize in fighting," said Hebi.

Kid points his finger. "All we really learned is your name!"

Hebi points at Miss Martian. "You're up."

"Um ok. My name is M'gann M'orzz, but you can call me Megan. It's an earth name and I am on earth now," smiled Megan. Hebi stares at her emotionlessly. She shifts nervously. "I like to bake and I dislike when others discriminate against others. I have the power to shape-shift, telekinesis, and telepathy."

Aqualad went next. "I am Kaldur'ahm, but feel free to call me Kaldur that is what my friends call me. I like to fight for justice and help those who are unable to help themselves and I dislike those who cause harm to others. My main power is to use my Water Bearers to manipulate water into various weapons that I battle with."

"The name is Robin. I like to train and acrobatics. I dislike being treated as a kid and I have been trained in several forms of martial arts along with being an expert hacker," smirked Robin.

"Superboy. I like to fight and I dislike wasting my time. I have the same powers as Superman," glared Superboy.

Kid smiled. "Name is Wally West, also known as Kid Flash. I like pretty girls and I dislike going slow. My power is being faster then everyone else."

Hebi rose to his feet. He gestured for them to do the same. The young heroes stand up looking straight at Hebi. "Feel free to call me Naruto-sensei during training sessions or when not out on a mission. Otherwise you'll address me as sensei or Hebi-sensei," said Naruto. Naruto scratches the bottom of his mask. "The first thing I need to do is see your strength and weaknesses."

Superboy scowled. "I am a living weapon. I have no weaknesses."

Naruto continued as if Superboy never spoke. "So to do that I have a simple test for you." He reaches into his pouch pulling out an alarm clock. It is now ten in the morning, he set it for an hour after noon. He places the alarm clock on top of the boulder. "The test is for you to land a single solid blow on me before the timer goes off."

Kid smirked. "This will be too easy. Watch this!" The arrogant teen moves forward at high speeds. Kid Flash only is able to get within a foot of Naruto before a heavy object strikes his back slamming him fact first to the ground. Aqualad, Robin, Miss Martian, and Superboy stare in awe as Naruto pins Kid Flash to the ground with his large sword.

"Such speed and strength," gasped Aqualad.

Miss Martian gulped. "I didn't even see him move."

"He's good. Real good," said Robin.

"Calm down. I never said begin," said Naruto. He lifts up Samehada before the sword takes a bite of Kid. Samehada whines lightly as Naruto places it back on his back. Kid Flash rolls away standing up next to the others. "Ready? Begin!" In a cloud of smoke Naruto vanishes.

"Running away. He isn't so tough," Superboy ran off into the woods.

"Wait, we shouldn't-" Aqualad sighs as Superboy disappears into the trees. He turns to look at Robin. Laughter fills the air as Robin vanishes.

Kid put on his goggles. "No way am I going to lose." In a blur, Kid leaves as well. Aqualad and Miss Martian share a look before going their own ways as well.


Naruto stood patiently in a clearing reading his book. The young heroes have done exactly as he expected. Each running off on their own. All of them thinking that it will be easy to pass this test. Apparently, his demonstration with Kid wasn't effective in showing that he outclasses them all. Orochimaru taught him to never underestimate an opponent. A ninja that underestimates an opponent is most likely the one that will die.

Superboy comes running out of the trees right at Naruto. "No more running."

"Running?" Naruto lowers his book. "Whatever makes you feel better." This is the clone of Superman. Superboy runs right towards Naruto. Inwardly, Naruto sighs as he watches Superboy move in slow motion. For claiming to have the powers of Superman, where is the super speed?

Naruto steps to the side to avoid a punch. Superboy narrows his eyes throwing a second and third punch. The next two punches strike air as well. Naruto continues to stand in front of Superboy with a bored look. "Ah!" Superboy throws a right hook, Naruto grabs the arm and spins around before tossing Superboy across the clearing into a tree.

'He fights like Superman. Brute force with no style.' Naruto respects Superman's ideals and how the hero always places others before his own life. However, he didn't respect how Superman never considers learning a martial arts or fighting style. Superman merely goes around using his speed and power to overwhelm his opponents. A predictable style that is easy to counter.

"That didn't hurt at all. It'll take more then that to take me down," glared Superboy. Naruto points at Superboy's chest. Superboy looks down to see a strip of paper over the S symbol on his chest. The paper has a seal upon it. "Huh?"

"Activate." Naruto forms a hand seal. Lightning courses through Superboy's body electrocuting him. Superboy screams in pain before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

Naruto takes a step to the side and raises his arm. A red blur runs into his arm taking a hard close-line. Kid Flash performs a full back flip before hitting the ground knocked out cold. 'Too predictable,' thought Naruto. Kid Flash fights like the Flash, but like Superboy, he doesn't nearly have the same capabilities as the Flash. Flash can move at speeds that Naruto isn't able to follow with his eyes. Naruto can easily see Kid Flash's movements.

'I see now why Superman and the League don't want to make them full fledged members. Arrogance like this will get them killed in the field. Let's see how the others fair,' Naruto vanished into the wind.


Robin lands on a branch. 'Found him.' He looks down to see Naruto walking through the trees. A smirk appears on his face as his hands go to his utility belt. It is time to pass this test and show them all that he is ready for the big time. In a blur, Robin throws several bird-a-rangs. The weapons fly at Naruto's unprotected back. Naruto spins around tossing a half dozen shuriken. The shuriken slice through the bird-a-rangs and continue to fly towards a surprised Robin.

Robin jumps down from the branch landing on the ground. Naruto appears in front of him with the same bored look. "Got you!" Robin runs right at Naruto. Naruto raises his hands blocking a flurry of punches. Robin grits his teeth as he goes for a leg sweep, but Naruto flips over him landing behind him. The sidekick of Batman comes around with a punch that hit air. "What?" A blow to the side of the head sends Robin into the ground.

"Do you still think you have me?" said Naruto.

"Yep," Robin tosses a bird-a-rang. The bird-a-rang flies past Naruto slicing through invisible wire. Naruto's eyes narrow as a net comes out of the trees towards him. He draws a kunai and uses it to slice through the net. A second trap activates making bird-a-rangs rain down from above. Naruto moves backwards where Robin maneuvers behind him. "This test is mine!" A kick comes at Naruto who twists around blocking the kick. Robin's eyes fill with surprise before pain fills them. Naruto delivers a punch to the gut that sends Robin to his knees.

Naruto calmly looks down at Robin. "Definitely more prepared then the others, but still much too arrogant." Robin falls forward the darkness swallowing him up.


Miss Martian is flying through the air trying to find the others. She really hopes that they are all ok. A smile appears on her face as she spots Superboy standing in a clearing looking around. "Superboy!" smiled Miss Martian.

"Hey," grunted Superboy.

"I am glad you are ok. Do you know where the others are?" asks Miss Martian worried.

Superboy nods. He points ahead. Miss Martian looks in that direction to see an unconscious Robin, Kid Flash, and Superboy all tied up with ninja wire. Her eyes fill with horror as she turns her head to look at Superboy. Instead it is Naruto who is standing next to her with a bored look. "How? You can shape-shift like us Martians?" gasps Miss Martian.

Naruto tosses a kunai into the ground next to Miss Martian. The ground beneath her explodes causing a net to rise up catching her. Miss Martian screams in pain as the net is electrified. In a few seconds she falls to the ground unconscious. "I can do many things," answers Naruto. Four down, one left to go.


"I have a bad feeling," Aqualad draws his weapons. He doesn't want to face Naruto-sensei on his own, but he doesn't have much choice since the others ran off on their own. Aqualad walks towards a river where a familiar face waits for him. Naruto stands in front of the river with hands inside his pockets.

Naruto looks over at Aqualad. "It seems you are the only one left. I wonder how long you will last before falling."

Aqualad grips his weapons tightly. "The others-"

"Superboy, Kid Flash, Robin, and Miss Martian." Naruto raises a finger for each name. He then raises his thumb. "Now it is Aqualad's turn. I have been seriously disappointed. I barely had to try to take them all down. I fear for the future of the Justice League."

Sweat begins to pour down Aqualad's brow. His hands are becoming slick and his throat is dry. All his friends have been defeated. In front of him stands the person that took them all down. Aqualad doesn't see a single scratch or strand of hair out of place.

Naruto takes a step forward. "What will you do? Fight me or run in fear?"

"I am not going to run!" Aqualad activates his weapons causing water from the river to fly towards his water bearers. The water forms into a pair of whips. Aqualad swings the whips with average skill. Naruto easily dodges the attacks. He can see the fear and desperation in Aqualad's eyes. It is the same fear that has been there since he used Samehada to take down Kid Flash. Aqualad is the only one who truly understood the extent of the power the he is facing.

A kick to the face sends Aqualad backwards hitting the ground hard. "I have to admit, you are not as arrogant as the others. Though that doesn't mean you are smarter then them," said Naruto.

Aqualad grits his teeth slowly standing up. "I-" A ringing sound fills the air.

"Well, looks like the test is over. Come on, let's go see if your friends are awake," says Naruto walking off.


Superboy groans as he slowly wakes up. A hand goes to his head rubbing his temples before opening his eyes. He looks ahead to see Naruto leaning against a training post reading a book. Superboy tenses. "The test is over. We failed," says Aqualad. Superboy turns his head to look at Aqualad. Aqualad moves his arm to gesture at Robin, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian who are slowly waking up.

"Man I have a major headache," Kid groans.

Robin jumps to his feet. "Is it over?"

"Yes," answers Aqualad.

Miss Martian looks down with guilty eyes. "Then we have failed."

Kid looks over at Naruto. "No way, he beat us all?" Superboy clenches his hands into fists.

Naruto looks up from his book. "Yes, I did. I have to say I don't know what the others see in you. In my opinion, all of you should retire and quit being heroes."

"Don't look down upon me!" Superboy charges forward. In a blur Naruto slams Superboy face first into the ground and holds a kunai with a green tip to his throat. Superboy feels his power vanishing.

"This is a kunai tipped with kryptonite. Do you feel your power disappearing?" asks Naruto. Superboy tries to move, but Naruto keeps him pinned. Naruto looks up at the others. A hard look appears in his eyes that promise pain and death. "Miss Martian kill Kid Flash or Superboy dies."

Miss Martian's eyes fill with surprise and shock. She turns to look at Kid Flash who gulps. Robin and Aqualad are frozen in place with fear. Suddenly the air changes as Naruto tosses Superboy over to the others. "In a real battle, an enemy will not play fair or nice. He will use any advantage he can to win the fight even so much as to resorting to taking hostages. Hostages that might be your friends or civilians such as a small child," Naruto put his kunai away. He notices a look of guilt and defeat in the eyes of the young hero.

"That was harsh," says Kid not his usually funny self.

"Life is harsh especially for those who choose to be heroes." Naruto looks at them all with hard eyes. "The test I gave you wasn't to test your individual abilities. You all have special abilities and powers. Guess what, so do I. You all have been fighting crime, so have I. The difference between us is that I am stronger. Don't like it, too bad. That is the truth. There is a reason I am a part of the Justice League. Did you really think that any of you stood a chance against me one on one?"

Robin frowns. "Then the test was impossible. Why give it to us?"

Naruto glances at Robin. "Because the five of you need to realize that right now none of you have the power to face opponents like me on your own. The Justice League doesn't deal with simple criminals who wave around guns acting tough. We face super villains with powers and plans that can destroy the world."

"Then how were we supposed to pass the test?" said Kid.

"By working together like a team." Surprise fills the young heroes. "What you can't accomplish alone, you can accomplish by working together. Why do you think I had all of you introduce yourselves before we started? To get to know one another and learn each other's abilities. However, the moment the test began each of you ran off on your own thinking it was going to be a piece of cake. If there is one thing you need to learn it is to never underestimate your opponent," said Naruto.

Aqualad spoke up. "Give us another chance. We won't fail a second time."

"Come on, give us another try," said Robin.

"One more time," nodded Kid.

Naruto stands quietly. He stares at the young heroes who look at him with such determined eyes. "Ok." Smiles appear on the faces of the young heroes. "I will give you one more chance, but not all of you will get the chance. For failing the first test, I am only going to allow four of you to take the second test. The fifth person will leave and not have a chance to become part of the team. Who that fifth person is I will leave up to you all."

"What! That isn't fair-"

"My rules!" glared Naruto. Kid fell silent. "I will give you five minutes to make your decisions or you all fail and none of you get a second chance. All of you will go back to being sidekicks."

Aqualad steps forward throwing down his weapons. "I refuse. I will not choose one of my friends and teammates to leave."

Robin nods in agreement. "Neither will I."

Superboy folds his arms across his chest. "We can always work together without the League's help."

"Yeah," smirked Kid.

Miss Martian smiled. "We won't betray another."

A huge killing intent hit the young heroes. Fear fills them as they look over at Naruto who has his eyes narrowed in anger. The wind starts to pick up creating a minor gust of wind that hit the young heroes. "I give you a second chance and you throw it back in my face?" Naruto takes a step forward. "I have only thing to say."

Naruto stuffs his hands into his pocket. "You pass."

Kid falls to his ass. "What? I thought you were going to kill us."

"I don't understand," said Miss Martian.

"I wanted to see if you would betray one another. If you did then you fail, but you all stood together like a true team." Naruto turns around and starts to walk away. "Team training begins tomorrow at sunrise. Don't be late." The holographic image fades away to reveal a large metallic room.

Robin smirked. "Alright!" Superboy smiled.

"Man, that guy is crazy. I do not look forward to team training," said Kid.

"I bet we will learn a great deal under his tutelage," said Aqualad.

Miss Martian smiled. "Anyone want some lunch?"

In the shadows, Naruto silently watches as the young heroes leave the training room looking forward to tomorrow. A smile is hidden behind his mask. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all.