Hey guys! This is my newest story, To be the best! I hope to update this once a week, but it requires time and motivation. So help me out with that! But, the name probably will change because I don't like the name. I accept any ocs, as long as legendaries and most shinnies are not in it. If you want a shiny, than ask. I will say yes or no, depending on the usage. This story is not in kanto, johto, hoenn, Sinnoh, or unova! But it's canon!

It's in the region of the orange islands! Also, I've gotten permission from xxKiraUzumakixx to do this.

Three certain kids from unova are going to the orange islands today, but they need to get their starter pokemon first. Only two know each other, and that's Sasuke and Naruto.

"Crap! I'm late!" Naruto exclaimed as he hastily got ready to go.

Naruto ran down stairs and saw his angry mom. He sweat dropped and gulped.

"H-ey mo-m." Naruto stuttered out.

"If you don't hurry and get that pokemon, we'll be late for the ship!" Kushina exclaimed.

"We?" Naruto asked.

"Yes we! I'm a pokemon teacher, remember!" Kushina exclaimed.

"Oh yeah." Naruto replied.

"Go get your pokemon!" Kushina ordered angrily.

"Crap! I'll be back." Naruto exclaimed as he ran out the door.

He was running to the lab, and ran right by Sasuke. Naruto glared as he ran, and Sasuke simply narrowed his eyes as he walked with his Snivy.

Naruto entered the lab and saw there was only one pokemon left. Professor Aragi sighed.

"About time. Here is your Tepig." She tossed it to him.

"Thanks! Tepig, go!" Naruto exclaimed.

Tepig was sent out in a red light, and looked up at Naruto questionably. Naruto smiled warmly at it.

"Hey Tepig, I'm your new friend!" Naruto exclaimed.

Tepig had a huge smile that rivals that of his trainer, and looked excited. It jumped up in Naruto's arms, and Naruto hugged it back. Professor Aragi chuckled.

"Looks like you two get along." Professor Aragi stated with a smile.

"Yep!" Naruto agreed happily.

"Tep!" Tepig agreed happily.

"Hm….how many pokemon do you have?" Professor Aragi asked.

"!, why?" Naruto asked.

"Only one? Sasuke has three now." Professor Aragi replied.

Naruto sweat dropped, before getting moody. He then remembered a certain red haired woman he calls his mother.

"Oh crap! I forgot mom! Come on Tepig!" Naruto exclaimed.

Tepig nodded, and the two were off. On the way to the house a certain pokemon was sleeping on the road.

"Cool, an Abra! Hm, where is the pokeballs mom gave me?" Naruto thought aloud.

Tepig looked at him waiting for him to do something, Naruto found the pokeball. He threw it at Abra, and it was engulfed in a red light. It shook a few times, and Naruto and Tepig waited in anticipation. It stopped and Tepig leaped in Naruto's arms.

"We caught an Abra, Tepig!" Naruto exclaimed happily.

"Tep!" Tepig replied happily.

Tepig then jumped out of Naruto's arms and pressed the button on the pokeball. Abra came out of it, and looked at the two of them. They smiled at him, which caused Abra to smile. Naruto picked him up, and continued running to his house.

He finally got there to see an even angrier Kushina. All three of the boys gulped.

"That took you forever! Wait, is that an Abra?" Kushina asked.

"Ye-s ma-m." Naruto replied nervously with his two pokemon behind them.

"Then we can just teleport to the boat!" Kushina exclaimed happily.

"Cool!" Naruto replied.

Naruto returned his Tepig. And Kushina and Naruto huddled together with their things and touched Abra. It teleported them to the boat.

Naruto thanked his Abra, and the two showed the sailor their tickets. They got on the boat.

"Naruto. Maybe you should go to the nursery on the ship. They give away free pokemon eggs." Kushina stated.

"Alright!" Naruto exclaimed.

Naruto ran to the nursery, and saw two other people a little older than him in there. One was a girl who looked very nonchalant and had pinkish-white hair, and the other was a boy who was scowling with black hair. There was a woman who handed out eggs, and there were now three eggs from the same pokemon apparently. Those two took one each, and walked away. Naruto walked up to the woman.

"May I have that one?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"Sure." The woman replied as she gave him the egg.

"Thanks!" Naruto replied.

Next time: The ship arrives in the orange islands. Naruto will begin his school year, and meet a few people there. Some he may like, some he may not.