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Just to inform you, this will take place in Season Five of Supernatural.

Chapter One

It all started with a phone call; the innocent ringing of Dr Temperance Brennan's cell. She slipped it out of her pocket, and checked the caller ID. She froze in her tracks.

"Bones? You alright?" Booth asked her, concerned.

"Yeah…Perfectly fine." She breathed. "Do you mind if I take this?"

"Bones, we have a case to take care of. Dead bodies to see; suspects to interview," He said impatiently.

"It'll only be a second—I promise." She ran into a more secluded area, before answering the impatiently ringing cellular device. "Why did you call me? You know I don't want back in. I just got out a few years ago, I really do not want back in, you got it?" She snapped.

"listen, we really wouldn't have called if it weren't necessary, but-" the other line protested.

"You're in trouble and you need me to clean up your messes. I told you, I'm out, and I never want back in. Never had. Now, Sammy, I have a murder to investigate. Goodbye."

"No! Tempe, listen! It's the-"

"I really don't care, Sam. I don't want more nights in crappy motels or sleeping in the Impala. I'm out, and always will be." She hung up, Sam's cries desperate in the air.

She strode over quickly to where Booth stood, waiting for her. "What was that about?" He asked.

"Never mind, okay? I don't want to talk about it." Deciding to not tread onto that subject, Booth let it go, and they were off to the crime scene. Unfortunately, a certain two people beat them to it.

"They didn't. No way, they didn't," She breathed to herself, as the sheriff told them that two other FBI agents were already on the case. "Would you mind telling us their names?" Bones asked the woman. She responded with their usual aliases. "S***" She muttered. Brennan ran to the crime scene, Booth following behind her.

"Bones! What's going on!" He called after her.

"You'll see," She called back. She came to a stop at the crime scene. True to the sheriff's word, two other "FBI Agents" were there. Unfortunately, they weren't exactly FBI agents. They were imposters. She grabbed Booth's gun out of its holster, and clicked the safety of, aiming straight at said "Agents". "Turn around with your hands up right now, or I'll shoot," She warned. They did as they were told, though the shorter one laughed.

"Come on, Tempe, you wouldn't kill your own brothers," Their faces revealed the, to be the one-and-only Winchester brothers.


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