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Chapter Two

Tempe has had enough of her brothers' unwelcome interruption of her life and finally bursts, yelling at her closest target; Castiel.

"I told them already that I don't want anything to do with that life anymore! I don't want musty hotel rooms and calloused hands from all the gun cleaning and grave digging. I don't want run down diners and cramped hours in the Impala with a post-gas-station-burrito Sammy. I like my life- my normal, boring, cookie cutter life- so just leave. me. ALONE!" Tempe glares at the awkward man standing in the middle of her lab. Her breathes are still coming too fast, so she digs her fingernails into her clenched palms, trying to force herself to calm down and slip back into her 'Dr. Brennan' mask.

She glances around and notices her angry outburst has brought everyone out of their work stations to observe this spectacle she's making. She can tell what they're thinking. 'Surely it's a sign of the apocalypse when Temperance Brennan loses her cool,' and, 'Did she just say her life was cookie cutter, boring?'

The last of the interns arrived just in time to hear Castiel's next proclamation, "Temperence Mary Winchester, I understand your reluctance to uproot your life, but we are in the middle of the apocalypse, and the only ones who can stop it are the Winchesters. All of them. Your brothers need you, and they have assured me you will come with me when I provide you with indisputable proof." Castiel pauses to gauge Tempe's reaction, and she just waves him on, almost sure that this is all just a big dramatic scheme to pull her back into the hunting world, but her resolve is wavering at the thought of her brothers' lives in mortal peril... Again. (It seems much more urgent when the shiny 'Apocalypse' word is brandied about.)

Castiel straightens his broad shoulders as the lights start to flicker and a little wind whips through the lab. Bones pulls out her gun, ready to gank whatever supernatural baddie that's gotten into her lab, when a flash of light illuminates Castiel's wings for a moment, and he says, "I am an angel of the lord, sent to watch over the Winchesters. It is my mission to stop the apocolypse and the destruction of the free will of mankind."

Everyone in the lab is thoroughly shocked and dumbfounded. Tempe can tell because you can hear a pin drop. There is not even one utterance of how this is all scientifically improbable. Booth, the ever faithful Catholic, is on his knees praying.

Tempe's shoulders slump and she just nods in resignation, "Tell me just one thing before we go." Castiel nods obligingly with a blank stare firmly aplace his curiously tilted head. "Was it the whole, 'Our bloodline is descended from Cain and Able,' thing? Was it Sammy and Dean that started all this, no matter that there are others who earned the blame?"

Castiel's eyes twitch open slightly wider, belying his shock. "How could you possibly know that?"

Bones just stomps her foot and curses, "Damn it! I can't leave those boys alone for a minute without them burning down the whole planet! Oh, and to how I knew? Hello!" she waves her hand up and down, gesturing to herself, "This is the product of a curious fourteen year old girl with an abnormally large IQ left to her own devices in a house full of ancient tomes on every myth, legend, and religion out there. And I practically raised those boys- how could I not see the connection? Dark, little Sammy- poisoned at birth with the blood of Azazel; righteous, young warrior Dean- perfect little soldier, sells his soul to save his little brother's life. He broke the first seal right? Righteous man spills blood in Hell?"

Castiel stares at Bones with a slightly slack jaw.

"Yeah, I thought so." Tempe sighs and reaches down to pull a still praying Booth to his feet. "Alright, Feathers, let's get this show on the road. And you can close that mouth right now- if you're sweeping me away so I can help my brothers clean up the universe's messes once again- I'm bringing my partner." Then, suddenly, she realizes. Would she really want to put Booth through what she went through? To be unwillingly put into the deep, spiral death trap that was hunting? No, Booth had a kid. He was better a civilian, at least when it came to hunting. "On second thought…Just a second, I'll be back, so no funny business with the lab, you got that?" She stared the angel down, and they had a bit of an impromptu staring match, as she left the lab into her office.

The door shut behind her, and she dug a key out from her shirt. A simple, normal key that could unlock the secrets to Temperance Brennan. It was plain, and austere, just a key that unlocked a compartment on a desk, usually a filing cabinet or something. Slowly, she made her way to the desk, and crouched before unlocking the drawer on the left side, just above the floor. She slid it open, and the contents were revealed. A picture of a family—small little Sammy; Dean, about ten; herself, twelve; and John, all smiling in it. Behind it was a map—easily used for small little x's to represent where a monster struck—and beyond that would be a familiar, brown leather jacket. Her mother's. Inside that would be around thirty knives, five guns, and two bottles of holy water, all in one of the various pockets. After that would be an emergency tee-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, as well as a few other articles of clothing—FBI suit, and the like. Then, a wallet full with two hundred dollars in cash, and a shoe box full of fake ID's and FBI badges, and credit cards. She drew the curtains closed, and changed. White tee-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and leather jacket replaced a red blouse, a skirt and leggings, flats and lab coat. One by one they were all folded up, and placed inside the drawer after everything else had been removed. The objects that could not be worn were placed into a rucksack that had been placed at the bottom of the drawer with all of the air sucked out and was folded. Finally, she drew her hair back into a ponytail, and left the room.

Temperance Brennan was no more, and "Bones" Winchester stood in her proper place, after finally morphing into the girl she was meant to be.

End Chapter Two

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