Okay so this is My first Story I hope you all like it It's a crossover of Harry Potter and Twilight

Summary: On a calm day at the Cullen house, the truth about Bella's past is revealed. The past she knew one day she would face with her head held high, and taking on the responsibility of the entire Wizarding World, is she prepared? How will her new family react to the past she hid from everyone?

I do not Own Harry potter or Twilight or anything that pertains to the books. It all belongs to Stephanie Meyer and J.K Rowling

It was a reletively calm day in the Cullen house-hold. Well as calm as you can get with eight vampires, one half-vampire, half-human child, and two shape-shifting wolves. Edward was playing some unrecognizable song on the piano, filling the house with calmness from his music. The peacefulness of his music brought a sertin serenity to the house, or maybe it was jasper with his little quirk of being able to manipulate and feel emotions. The vampre in question was currently having a long complicated chess match with his wife Alice. Lucklily for him her ability of seeing the future was curently being blocked out by Renesmee and the wolves. Emmett and Rosalie where snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. Carlisle was sitting on the love seat reading a thick book on cell theory, even though he probably knew more than the author himself. Esme was in the dining room, on the table with architectural designs spread out in front of her, while humming in tune with Edward's playing. Renesmee was teaching Seth and Jacob a new complicated word game she had invented. It was the perfect picture of ease, except for one one cullen. Bella, she looked calm to everyone on the outside. She stood with her back to everyone else seeming to be watching the clouds slowly drift by. What the others didn't know was what was lurking inside, nerves, anxiety, fear, and anticipation all rolled into one. She was using every ounce of power to keep her emotions in check for fear that Jasper would sense all her emotions. If Jasper felt all of it, surely edward would read his mind and know something was wrong. She had been tring her best to make sure that no one in the family suspected something was amise, but she knew that they suspected not all was happy in bella land. The same same thought kept running through her mind over and over again.

Where on earth was Harry?

Why hadn't he contacted her yet?

For over a year since he had gone on his mission he had made it an utter priority to make contact with her three, or twice a week, but it had been 2 weeks since she had heard from him.

She was so worried!

Was he okay?

Had he been hurt?

or Ron?


Had the final confrontation started?

NO! that's not possible she needed to be there, the prophecy stated that both she and harry had to be there for Voldemort to be conquered.

Would Harry break his promise and go on without her?

NO! he had sworn on their parents grave that he wouldn't dare do that! But then where was he for merlin's sake?

Of course she was fully aware that there was always that possibility that she might die.

She knew she would try her damnest to make sure that didn't happened.

She would try her hardest to make sure to come back to the people she loved!

She also knew that if she must she would put down her life for her first family the one that first made her feel safe!

She couldn't be selfish and try to cling to the happy life she had here while others where dieing for her!

what about Molly? Arthur? Fred and George? Ron? Hermione? Luna? Ginny? Dean? Seamus? Tonks? Lupin? Teddy? Hagrid? all the professors at Hogwarts? The whole wizarding community for goodness sake!

She knew everyone here would be okay

They had to be for her sake!

Nessie and Edward had each other they loved each other so much i just knew they would be okay.

Besides, Nessie also had the whole cullen family, Two werewolf packs, Charlie, and alot of other vampires that would defend her if need be.

She also knew of course that Edward would be the one to take it the hardest. He would be hurt by her decision, for merlin's sake the last time he thought she had died he had tried to kill himself. But now he had Nessie to take care of, he wouldn't dare abandon her.

Of course they would find out what happened, she had made Arthur and Molly promise her that is she and Harry did die-if he died so would she, and if he survived so would she no matter what-they would come and tell the Cullens EVERYTHING, she swore that they would one day they would know the truth, even if everybody in the ministry refused, she would find a way. They would know why she had the decision she had made, also they needed to know why she couldn't have told them anything herself before. How she had made an Unbreakable Vow with Harry to not tell anyone about what she is or anything that had to do with magic, when she went into hiding.

Thinking back Bella was never sure what exactly happened first or in what order, or maybe they all happened at the same time, she wasn't sure. Upstairs she could hear her Gold Galleaon beeping that it was an emergency, and if she could hear it she was 100% sure that everyone else could. They heard a very distant POP from the forest. Then they smelt it! It wasn't quite Human, but nobody had ever smelt it before, excpet for bella of course. To her it smelt like parchment, broom handle, and chocalte frogs, it smelt like home. She felt Everyone behind her tense and get ready to attack. She felt jacob about to transform to tell the pack to prepare for an attack. She knew of course what they all feared and thought was happening, The Volturi. Ever since we had embarrassed them we feared they would try randomly to attack us one day, trying to eliminate us. I had to stop them and tell them there was no danger, for them anyways, as long as no one in the wizarding world knew about their existance. I turned around and faced everyone they all looked tense and shot me curious looks for my slight relaxed stance.

"guys please nothing is going to happened, I promise"

I said the last part a little more fiercly that intended. It was true I refused to let anything happened to my family.

They all shot me incredulous looks. I was about to open my mouth to explain it to them, when I heard the beeping again upstaires, it was getting louder and louder, it must be urgent!

"Shit!" I said as I dashed for the stairs, as fast as my legs could take me. I felt everyone follow me upstaires, momentairly forgetting the strange smell, but I couldn't worry about them right now. If the Galleon was beeping so hard then that meant it was time, time for the war to begin. Of course Bella knew it had been going on for over a year inside the castle thanks to Luna, Neville, and Ginny, they had kept Dumbeldore's army alive. She had been trying to keep up with them while reading her Galleon everytime Neville sent a message. Harry was here and close, I had told him to never come without a warning, he knew my family was diffrent, of course, my whole family knew about it. You can imagine the convincing i had to do to get them to not come barging in the house when I told them I was pregnant and was planning to become an immortal. If he had come without a warning then that mean it was time and I had a little less than five minutes to prepare. I needed to change into my robe, get my wand, and my Gold Galleon.

I thought all this just while dashing upstaires and into Edward's old room. This is where I had hidden my old stuff. In a drawer than had been hexed so that if anyone even tried to open it they would immediatly forget all about it and leave. I opened the drawer feeling everyone behind me, watching me.

Inside was my Gryffindor robe, I thought I might as well show of the fact that I'm a proud Gryffindor if i'm going to be facing Slytherin's heir. I slowly took it out basking in the feel of the robe and the memories I had made in the place I once called my only home. I carefully unfolded it. I heard the rest of my family including Jacob and Seth gasp as I put on the perculiar clothing. I knew they though i must be going crazy, because come on what sane person weres robes in this time of age?

Then i reached for my wand my whole arm was tingling expeccting the warm rush I felt when I touched my wand. It was almost vibrating with anticipation. Like it knew that it was about to be reunited with it's two brothers. One that it had shared so many wonderful memories with. While the other it had feared and battle so many times without any results. Like it knew it was about to commit it's first death and was willing to do it for me and my family.

I silently slipped my Galleon in my pocket, but not before reading the message Neville had sent out.

Potter 1 back, waiting for 2, battle for freedom at Hogwarts!

So they where waiting for me, not only that but Harry, Hermione, and Ron had found the Horcruxes. Wich meant they where waiting for me at the castle, where waiting for me and Harry to defend them and take down the worst threat the wizarding world had ever faced. I was willing to do this for them. For the people who had first given me a home and love.

I then turned around to face my second family it was almost time for me to say goodbye, forever maybe.

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