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"Is it really so hard to knock around here?" Rosalie's voice broke the awkward silence that preceded the entrance of Fudge; he has stopped his bustling deanor, suddenly frozen in shock and fear.

Of course my family automatically thought it was they that he feared. Not even for a moment did it cross their minds that it was Harry adn I that had caused this man so much distress; obviously thinking it was them that were making this man break out into an uncontrollable sweat.

It was Ron who decided to answer Rosalie, when it appeared that no one else would.

"I'll have you know that we rather enjoy our dramatic entrances here at Hogwarts" he was looking at Rosalie with an expression that betrayed how indignant he was. If it were any other time I would have Cracked up at his reply, it was true that we did enjoy those dramatic, life-changing entrance. Even I was guilty of having my own every now and then.

Automatically, I got off the bed pulling Harry along with me; with him still holding my hand. I knew exactly what I was about to say, and without Harry's strength, I wouldn't have the ability to say it; not yet at least.

Quickly moving past both of my respective families, the moment I passed Edwards I felt his cool hand. Quickly slapping it away, I turned from him, but not before I saw the hurt in his eyes, I knew that pain.

It has been a whole week since I had touched my husband, been close ti him, felt him in any way, I missed him. I knew he missed me too and wanted to help, but that could wait. If I held his hand or got to close, I would loose myself in everything that made him. So I looked away and continued to move towards Fudge.

I felt Ron quickly catch up with me, and Harry it was how it was suppose to be, except of course we were missing Hermione. At the moment she was doing something important for me, something I had asked of her, something I had only discussed with Harry, I need Hermione to succeed for Harry and my plan to work. This is how it was always, us four together, always having each others back.

We went to meet Fudge; he was staring at us with a look of pure hatred. There was no other way of describing it, just absolute hatred. He loathed everything that involved Harry and I, including Ron and Hermione.

Harry stepped forward and stood up straight, he was a good head taller than Fudge; and when he spoke, it was as though he were speaking to some lower life form, which in a way he was.

"What do you want?"

"I came to speak to the vampires and Mrs. Potter" his voice betrayed nothing at all

"The vampires have names" Ron spoke up, it touched me greatly that he was defending my family, even after everything. Ron hated the lot of them, except for Nessie.

When he heard about what they had done to me when Edward had left, he could not accept the fact that anyone would dare hurt me, he absolutely despised them all. So it meant the world to me that even after that he would still defend them. I knew of course that he was only doing it to make Fudge look bad, but none the less I thought it good of him.

"Vampires" Fudge scoffed "Useless creatures that fought against us during both of Voldemort's rein, yet you defend them?"

His voice was indignant and the way he spoke was as though he were speaking to very slow stubborn children that were throwing a tantrum. It only infuriated me further.

"Yes we do!" Harry responded with no hesitation "If it means defending my sister, then yes."

Fudge was shocked.

"Your sister?" Fudge said with an incredulous tone to his voice. "Surely you are not implying that she is one of them?" For the first time he looked at me, he hadn't made eye contact with me before, or even acknowledged my existence; I knew why of course, he feared me. He feared everything about me, from my personality, to all the knowledge and information I had.

His eyes showed disgust at my obvious transformation, even though I has basically gone back to my original form there were still many keen differences from the original me. My skin was is possible, paler, and somehow I had gotten a few more curves, not enough for me to compare to some women like Rosalie, but enough to make a men like Fudge do a double take.

"You know what this means, am I correct Mrs. Potter, or should I say Mrs. Cullen?" His voice was nothing but snide, he was beyond happy.

"It means death" I whispered out in a slow voice "For my family, for changing me"

Fudge let out an infuriating chuckle

"Yes, yes it was so decreed in 1956 that any vampire to change a wizard into one of their own would be sentenced to the final death."

"Yes, that law is true" I said, and I felt my brain turn on the encyclopedia that it was. "But it does not specify which form of vampire it speaks of, so with that in mind, there's really nothing that can be done is there?" I looked Fudge right in the eye and relished the moment when he flinched away from my gaze

I could feel it stirring...She was trying to show up again.

"This is ridiculous! we will not allow lowly creatures like vampires to roam Hogwarts!" He spluttered out, his bowler hat bobbing precariously on his head as his face slowly turned a shade of puce.

"Lowly? Lowly? You have the audacity to call my family lowly?" I repeated in a slow voice, it was almost a growl. I felt Harry squeeze my hand to try and calm me down, but I was beyond that, how could this cruel, bastard call me family that?

"That is exactly what I said!" Fudge replied in a voice that betrayed how truly scared he was, I could smell the fear, it was practically dripping of him, like swear off a jogger in a midsummer.

I had bent my head down in a weak pathetic attempt to calm both her and I. I could feel the small tinge of fear in Harry and Ron. They knew what Fudge was doing to me, and what it would lead to. They knew that she was so very close to coming out.

The only ones who truly knew about her was Harry, Ron, and Hermione, I refused to tell anyone else, because I knew what had caused this. I had done my research; I knew that what had happened in the past would have to be shred for me to explain who she was.

Why she lived and that was something that I refused to tell anyone that I didn't completely trust. As much as I loved Dumbledore like the grandfather I never got to meet, I could always tell he would never tell me and Harry the complete truth. He was always cautious about what he would say, I could tell the way the skin around his eyes would slightly tighten when he didn't tell us the complete truth, whenever he left out a crucial detail.

The way he would look at me told me that he knew I knew. I was never able to muster up enough courage to tell Harry about Dumbledore's lies, but I guess it would have been pointless, given the circumstances. Harry idolized him, and how could I do that to my brother? As strong and independent as everyone though Harry was I knew he was truly weak in some aspects that I was not. He needs people, he strives on the love and trsut people give him, I have her and she keeps me from needing what he strives on. With her I was, am able to be alone, to control my mind better than he can, to dig into my deep internal brain, into depths that Harry could not even fathom.

I had read books upon books of people with Multiple personality disorder, but till this day I have yet to encounter a case like mine. I am fully aware that she is taking control of me, I fully understand that she;s completely different than me, and yet I also fully understand that she is a part of me. She is a part of me that has been torn and forced away from my every day environment, the manifestation of my childhood.

I understand all of this, but until I find the cure to combine both her and I, I'm stuck with this situation. I have looked through books after book, both Muggle and Wizarding ones, but nothing! How is it possible that not one person in the fucking history of the world, has ever found a god damn cure for this? God fucking damn it!

I blinked once, the anger. It was the first sign hat she was stirring. I turned to look at Harry, my eyes full of desperation. Why? Why did this happen to me? Wasn't it enough what I had gone though in my childhood? Why was his presence still here? Why was he able to move on like nothing had happened, but I had to live with his mark everyday of my life?

He had nothing but pleasure, but I was stuck with the clawing, sinking feeling. Every time I remembered him, his cold, clammy hands as they ran up and down my legs, his promises that there was more to come. WHY? I felt the single tear slip down my cheek, my last sign that I was gone. The last thing that proved I was still me. The last thing he had forced upon me raised.

Much too quickly for any human or wizard to see I wiped the single tear away, that part of me was gone.

I felt Ron's hand on my shoulder; he knew what was about to happened.

Finally, I turned to face Fudge.

The moment I looked into those small beady little eyes, I let go of any shred of restraint that I had been clinging to. She was ready to come out, it had been a year since I had felt her stir, and she hadn't been needed, not really. Now I could feel her roaring to be released.

It was like a dragon, rising from its slumber, fueled with vengeance. I wish I could say that it scared me, that what he had caused me made me nauseous. I desperately wish I could say that, but that wasn't the case, not at all. It was as though I was releasing something that had been waiting, it felt good to let her out. It was like streching a muscle that I hadn't used in a very long time. It felt amazing to release her.

"Now you listen here, you pretentious old man" I said in a voice so cold and fill of malice, a voice that made Fudge flinch back as though I was a dangerous creature that he had just encountered for the first time in his existence.

I could feel the stunned silence from my family behind me; only imagining what the Weasley's and Harry were doing, watching me shut down,

Everyone except the Cullens and Fudge had seen this side of me. The ones that had already knew that when this side roared its ugly head they shouldn't get involved. This side of me was conniving, malicious, and manipulative, it was a side that I hated, and it was the side I most needed.

Even though I hated this side of me I knew that this was what I needed to survive in this world, the world where Harry and I would be used as pawns in the political game that people like Fudge tried to set us in.

"If you ever think of threatening anybody I care about I will personally make it my responsibility that you never be able to show yourself in the Wizarding world again. You know who I am, you know the kind of power me and my brother have, you know we could destroy any hopes of a future you have. I don't care what happened in Forks, all I care about is what's happening now." I paused for a moment. "Or maybe you'd want me to tell the Prophet about that little chat we had at the beginning of my fifth year? Hmm? Would you like that, Fudge?"

I let my lips curl in a cruel smile; a smile that I knew sent shivers down anyone's spine. I leaned in close to Fudge and let a small, slightly mad sounding chuckle slip out of my lips when I saw him lean away and turn a sickly green. OH! I loved this, I loved the way his whole frame quaked with fear when he thought about what I could do to his political and personal life. It felt so good to have the power, to be able to call the shots.

Without another word Fudge turned and left, I wasn't convinced though. Right before I turned I saw a small look of rebellion in the ignorant man. He'd be back, he'd be back to try and finish this. I'd be waiting; I let out a shrill laugh that I knew bordered on the edge of insane, I couldn't wait for Fudge to be back, most likely with reinforcements.

I couldn't wait to see the little bit of hope slip from his eyes, for him to know that I held all the pieces in this elaborate game of chess that he had tried to play with me. A game in which he was the underdog, little to his knowledge, a game he had began with the false hope that he would make it out alive. I knew that Fudge would die, I don't know how I knew, but I did. No, I didn't know if it was going to be me that was going to kill him, or if he would die by a complete accident, but he would die, eventually.

I knew my bright green eyes flashed with satisfaction at the thought of his death. That my body had not only metaphorically, but also physically stretched to a greater height. Finally, I could stand up straight; my full height making me almost as tall as Edward. Being taller than most girls for a majority of my life, I tended to shy away from my true height and other females in general when I was in my right mind.

Ever since I could remember, girls hated me, when I was younger I used to think that it was because I was a freak the way my uncle and aunt had told me so many times.

Only when I had entered my fifth year had I realized that the girls didn't hate me because I was a freak, but because I intimidated them. Even as a little girl I had long legs, legs that seemed to stretch for miles, I wasn't small and petite like most girls, and that thrilled the boys.

They loved the fact that I was a challenge, whether I meant to or not, they wanted me, and I had never noticed it before. Hermione was the only girl my age I could get along with, even Ginny was a challenge to get along with. As sweet and ethereally beautiful Ginny was, she still felt intimidated by me.

I finally remembered that I wasn't with just, Harry, and Ron like it normally was . We had an audience. If we had an audience we should entertain them. I was about to turn and look at my family, but Harry's arm on my shoulder stopped me. Irritated by him stopping me from turning, I wondered why he would stop me from looking at my dear family. When I met his eyes, they where nothing but a serious warning in them, and the spell was broken.

It was like I was zapped back in control of my own body, and I had realized what I had done. I had let the cruel monster out in front of my family, in front of my baby girl! How could I be this wreck less? She didn't care about Nessie; she would have killed my own daughter for the sake of being cruel!

What I had said in front of Fudge, the look in my eyes, Edward would have seen it through Fudge's eyes. He had seen what I had become; he had seen the monster that lays dormant inside me. How could I let him look at me knowing what I had just done?

No! I couldn't! I needed time to sort out my thoughts before I completely let down all my walls and allowed my family to finally see who, what I truly was.

Letting my eyes dart to Harry's, I was careful not meet any of my family's eyes; I knew he would know what I wanted. Harry nodded, saying without words that he would take care of things here.

I did the only thing that seemed rational to me at the time, I ran. I ran as far and as fast as my legs would take me.

"No, Edward, you won't catch her. You may be faster, but she knows this castle and its surrounding land a lot better than anyone alive." I heard Arthur's concerned voice before I was out of hearing range.

I know where I had to go; I just hoped he was still on Hogwarts grounds. I needed to fly with him. Flying would clear my mind, but flying competitively would make me feel even better. It was what I craved, it was what the blood of my family demanded; to win, even if it was a simple scrimmage.

turned my nose in the air, painfully aware that I looked like a dog, and sniffed. Knowing what he smelled like, I tested the air for the scent of broom, musk, and Telesko Vareno, his favorite traditional food. His scent coming from the direction of the pitch, the timing couldn't be anymore perfect.

Thankful that he hadn't left for home, I ran back to the dorms so fast that there was little chance anyone would see me. Quickly grabbing my broom, I raced to the Quidditch Pitch, praying he was still there, and that the smell wasn't from past practice on the field.

As I ran, I let my shoes slip of my feet, I had always preferred flying barefoot. I loved the feel of the wind on any open skin, it just seemed appropriate. Glad that I hadn't changed from my cotton shorts and tank top, I immediately located him.

He was near the left goal post, every time I saw him in the air he reminded me of an eagle soaring, so graceful and without mistakes, his eyes focused looking for its target. He was just like me, in the sense that we were both horribly clumsy on land, but the sky was our element. It's where we got to let our wings out and soar. I stood on the tips of my toes and cupped my hands to my mouth.

"Крум! Вие голяма тромава птица!" I shouted, my voice betraying how truly glad I was to see him.

Still, thoughts of what I had done, how I had endangered my family couldn't help but flit across my mind. It's what a combination of my brain combined with vampire venom does; it refuses to allow me to put a problem aside until I'm happy with the results, making me look at every angle over and over again, showing me what I did wrong. What I could have done better, the only way for me to turn this off is to fly.

I needed calm to be able to handle what my brain was throwing at me, and the plan that was beginning to hatch in my head. A combination of Quidditch and Krum was what brought the serenity to me, in ways nothing else could.

His broom stopped in the middle of an impressive dip-turn, the sharp moment showing he heard the nick name I had assigned him. His face broke into one of the smiles people rarely got to see. I knew he didn't like to show his teeth, which was the main reason he didn't particularly smile very often. There are only so many times a medical wizard can fix you teeth before it became permanent. I had warned him to be careful, but of course he wouldn't listen. Stubborn ass.

Krum and I were practically a single machine when it came to our thoughts about Quidditch, so I know full well what he was about to do. We had done it before, but now thanks to my granite hard skin I wouldn't even need to fear getting burned from the friction. He was almost next to me with a look of dire concentration on his face.

Just as he was next to me and speeding by I allowed my legs to leap so I could land perfectly side straddle on the broom. I let out a laugh of pure glee as I hugged him around his neck, he in return awarded me with a hearty chuckle.

When I let go I looked down and saw we were merely levitating in the air.

"My do I get the privilege of being honored with your presence?"

"Don't be silly you can see me whenever you want now that I'm back."

"But you have been avoiding everyone I hear, I didn't wish to disturb you."

"You know you can come find me when you want."

"It is good to know" he looked at me with a warm smile "So I see you underwent the vamparic transformation. How is it treating you?"

It made my heart soar that at least one of my friends was not taking my transformation for the worse

"Oh its amazing espically with my whole family and Edwa...what?"

I asked noticing his smile slip from his face, as soon as I mention Edward.

"It's nothing."

"Don't you lie to me Krum."

"Wee it's just I have heard unpleasant things regarding this Edward fello, and don't believe you should be with anyone who does not treat you correctly. I thought you were a strong, independent woman that would not allow any man to look down on her." he finished his little rant with a good old fashioned glare for good measure.

I took a deep breath and prayed for patience.

"And where on earth did you hear that from?" I asked through gritted teeth barly keeping my last inch of sanity.

He at least had the decency to look a little ashamed.

"Ah the big man, Hagrid...the say after you and your brother defeated Voldemort, he got drunk and told anyone who would listen what had happened."

Damn Hagrid, I'm going to have to talk to him about this. Though I probably shouldn't have expected anything different from Hagrid. I'm only shocked that it hadn't been Ron who had gotten that drunk and told the the world about my personal issues.

"Listen Krum, I know that you worry and I'm grateful that you care enough about me to inquire about this issue, but it's nothing. Edward treats me just fine. Hagrid is only talking about how Edward was protective during my non-magic using period that was necessary. you know how clumsy I am when I'm not flying, he was only trying to protect me."

I could still see doubt in his eyes though, even after I explained the circumstances. I knew this wouldn't be the last I heard about this issue, but now was not necessary.

"Krum will you just fly with me?" I almost begged him. I finally saw that he was going to give me my way, just one more push. "Krum, please, I really need it at the moment. He finally silently nodded his head and his lips split into a grin.

And we were of.

The wind rushing through my hair, hitting every single part of my visible skin, might possibly be one of the best feelings in the world, right up there with being close to Edward and holding my baby girl. When I flew it was as though I was in a completely different world. A world where nothing existed but, me, my broom, the balls, and my opponents. I could completely loose myself, I could force my brain away from the thoughts, facts, plans that infected my mind at all times.

To be able to do this, I thanked my father for that, he had gifted me and Harry with this amazing gift, this gift that allowed me to be free. It allowed me to escape it all, I was grateful to my father for that.

It was the only thing that I clung on to about him, after so much resentment. Since I had found out that they had chosen Peter as secret Keeper. I had a deep hate for my father, how could he be so stupid as to choose so wrongly. It had been his fault that everything that had gone wrong in my life had gone that way. He was to blame for not choosing Sirius instead. They would have lived, me and Harry would have had our parents instead of living with the Dursleys'. This is all I had clung on to in the memory of my father, it had festered and grown, until I could only remember the hate I had for him. I had blamed him for it all.

I had never shared this with Harry. Harry loved our father above all else, he idolized him, he would have hated me completely if he knew how much I had truly hate him.

It had changed when I went to Forks. There I had accepted the fact that my father had done everything in his power to save us. He had loved us and our mother, now I felt nothing but gratefulness that he was our father, that he and given everything to keep us safe.

Krum's game and mine continued for what could have been hours, I didn't keep count. I knew though, I couldn't stay here. I couldn't stay where it was safe, where nothing would hurt me. I needed to face what I had caused, I needed to face my demons. I stopped and looked over at Krum. He had sensed me stopping, I knew he knew that it was time. It was finally time for me to reveal what I had kept hidden inside me for years. I would finally let it out.

I waved my hand over indicating him to come over.

I needed something from him, I needed his help. Very soon the day would arrive when I would need his help and maybe Fleur's also, but he was the closest to me. While we had played out game, my brain had continued, unfortunately, to plot. Had worked out what I needed and who I needed for this to work out.

I was disappointed to find out during the game that thanks to what I could only assume was the vampire venom running in my system, my brain could no longer shut down. I was calm and relax but I could almost feel my brain ticking away at ideas.

I would need hours alone to be able to make this work. I would need help from both Ron and Hermione. Harry would have to be left in the dark about the whole plan for a while. If only his Damn Occlumency worked better I would be able to tell hi. Thank god both Ron and Hermione where so amazing at it. It had come as a sort of shock that Ron was able to control his mind as well as he could, I hadn't expected that from him.

Krum was now right in front of me. He stared at me for only a second before pulling me into a hug, words weren't needed at the moment.

I gave him a small peck on the cheek and whispered into his cheek "Soon"

I didn't look back as I flew towards the front door. Without missing a beat I fluidly slid of my broom and began my stride towards the castle.

I turned my head and saw the sunset, it caused me to have a genuine smile as I walked towards my new destiny.

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