I am sooo bored... and have a massive writers block... so here's some random thing I came up with with no real meaning.

Damn writers block. We will find you. And we will make you pay for what you have done to millions everywhere!Consider this a warning. :P


This was getting ridiculous.

This was going to end badly.

Wondering what this is? Well, it's stupid mission numbuh five sent us on to find some mystical candy to get. Which had ended so badly, it's not even funny.

"What's wrong numbuh one? Cat got your tongue! Hahahaha!"

Unless your Hoagie who insists on making a pun every five seconds. Even though we're hanging over a pit of lava.

Did I mention the pit of lava? Or how about the fact that the cat lady's cats were busycutting the ropes that were hanging my team and I upside down? Or the fact that random fireball things kept flying towards us? Getting closer and closer everytime they spring in the air?

Yes. That would have been useful information for you.

"So what's your plan now numbuh one?" Kuki asked, and for some reason almost crackling up with laughter.

"Hey." Wally said suddenly, "There's a pipe."

We all looked down. No. We were already looking down. I think we all just kinda looked around uselessly.

"Where?" I asked. Then I saw it. Right below us, was a pipe leading to the other side of the room, where there wasn't any lava for some reason.

"Oh I see it." I mentally turned to my team. "I have a plan."

Immediately, I grabbed the cat that was cutting my rope, and expertly threw it directly on the pipe. The others followed my actions perfectly. Commensing phase two.

"So what plan is this anyway?" Wally asked. "870?"

"No. It's probably 32." Kuki chirped in.

Hoagie shook his head. "Nah. It's definitely 159. Right numbuh one?"

Abby rolled her eyes. "It's obviously plan 451. You guys are hopeless.

I ignored them and reached my hand up above the part of the place that was about to break. I then ripped the rest of the rope off and let it fall into the lava.

"Not even close guys." I told them while they performed the same move.

I mentally closed my eyes and prayed that I didn't miss. I let go of the rope, and landed safely on the pipe, that was much wider than it seemed.


And hotter.

I cried out a little as I walked, mostly calm, across the pipe. As my feet were screaming in protest.

Once my team were safely across. I smirked proudly at them.

"Actually, it was plan 78.902." I said smugly, turning towards the exit.

"Great." Abby said sarcasticly. "Now he's using decimals."

I smiled. "Yep. Now come on! It's time to enishiate plan square root of negative 60!" I said running off.

"That's not even a numbuh!" Hoagie argued, rushing to keep up.

For a response, all he got was a hidden smirk on my face.

Stupid. Random. Pointless. One shot.

And I seriously don't know if there's is a numbuh like the square root of negative sixty. I don't know. I fail at math. And who really wants to see if there IS a numbuh like that? Probably is though.