Bulma lay on her back atop the lush blue grass of planet Namek. Her sighs of boredom seemed to echo in her ears.

"How could they do this to me, again!" Bulma groaned as she flopped over quickly onto her side. She stared at the water's edge. The reflections of light from the rippling waters calmed her impatience if only momentarily.

Vegeta flew over the planet's surface. He was returning from finding his latest dragonball from Kakarott's brat, Gohan. Gohan fought admirably. He was still no match for Vegeta's seasoned prowess and strength. The kid was quite lucky. He was pardoned his fate with oblivion and only received a harsh blow to the stomach which rendered the boy temporarily unconscious.

Frieza's henchmen were too close for Vegeta's comfort and that was all the revenge for his defeat on Earth that he had time for.

He landed at the first sense of a small but humanoid ki. Having seen the brat made his mind reel to the possibility that Earth's Special Forces might me here on at least what was left. He smirked at the idea of fighting Kakarott once again. The ki her felt was way to small to be one of those fighters unless they were suppressing there power levels as they had done on earth.

Vegeta continued silently in the direction of the minuscule power. His quiet footsteps were unnoticed by Bulma and she continued to look out on the water stretched out before her. She sighed lazily and closed her eyes unaware of the danger that lurked close by.

He leaned down and picked up a strange looking device that looked somewhat similar to what the brat had been carrying. he then looked over the woman that laid stretched out like a cat lounging in the sun. -Definitely not one of those Z warrior clowns.-

"Woman!" He roared to startle her. He quirked a evil smile at her surprise at she jumped to her feet.

Bulma had released an 'Eep!' as she jumped in fright. She turned to face the offending person. He mouth hung open and her eyes grew wide at the sight of the person she least wanted to see on this planet, Vegeta.