EPILOGUE – The Birth of Trunks.

This story may contain Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence/Gore, Strong Language, Ideologically Sensitive.

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Agonized and ear piercing wails could be heard from the room down the hall and the prince fought against his captor with all of his might short of turning super saiyan. His mate was in unbearable pain and he wanted to be with her through this life changing time. His nervousness and fear broke through the stoic façade he had maintained all of his years for the first time.

"Kakarott! Let. Me. Go! She's dying! They are killing her!" Vegeta roared with his ki flared violently as he struggled against the other Saiyan's hold.

"Now Vegeta, we can't have you nearly killing another doctor. Luckily we're already at the hospital so the doc you punched just might be okay. And they aren't killing her-" Goku had begun his light hearted explanation to the smaller man as a glass shattering scream erupted from the Capsule Corp. delivery room interrupting what he was saying. "…despite how it sounds. She's actually fine." He continued his attempt to put the prince's mind at ease and failing miserably.

"Does that sound 'fine' to you?" Vegeta snapped as his struggled intensified with a renewed vigor.

"Have you never experienced any kind of a birth? This is how it's done here on Earth. Wow, I rhymed." Goku continued to try to reassure the tense saiyan, but had to chuckle at his own joke.

"Stop your idiocy at once and release me! I'm a warrior do you really think I visit maternity wards in my spare time… no I've not witnessed a birth and you're keeping me from being there for this one! Saiyans have long since come into being this way. Before our home world was destroyed Saiyans were born from incubator pods. Actual births were a rarity for the females were needed as warriors as well as the males."

"Uhh… you're not missing anything. When Gohan was born I remember ChiChi screaming a lot worse than Bulma is now and then they brought out a needle. When I woke up Gohan was in her arms. It's really quick so there really isn't much to see." The younger man laughed as he scratched the back of his neck as he recalled that day.

ChiChi's face flooded red with anger at her husband's recollection and naïve explanation to Vegeta. "Not much to see! You didn't see anything because as soon as you saw the epidural, you passed out! You were unconscious through the whole delivery! Oh, yeah sure you were there for 'making the baby', but you left me to bring the baby into this world alone! Some husband you are! *hmph*" Once she was finished she sat back down and crossed her arms over her bosom turning to face away from the man she called her mate.

"ChiChi, please… not in front of Vegeta." Goku whined to his wife.

"Enough of the marital squabbling or I'll flog you both! Better yet let me go to Bulma and you continued your savage yowling without my hindrance." Vegeta tried to reason his way out of Goku's grasp by appealing to ChiChi better judgment, if she had any.

The screaming had stopped and Vegeta felt a pang of worry for his mates tighten within his chest. Before Vegeta could restate his argument Mrs. Briefs burst through the door. She clasped her hands together and squealed in glee that being a new grandparent brings. "It's a boy! Goku, darling, you can release Vegeta now."

Vegeta sighed internally with relief at Bulma's mother's exclamation. He felt the other man's grip begin to loosen and in a flash Vegeta fully removed himself from Goku's grasp and socked the younger warrior in his jaw sending him into a wall. Vegeta shook the pain from his hand and massaged his tender knuckles as he turned on his heal to see his mate and his newborn son.

Vegeta entered the room where Bulma had been brought to deliver their child. She hadn't yet noticed him as she was too entranced with the wriggling bundle in her arms. The child was very alert and already had its wide blue eyes open to take in the new world it had been born into.

Bulma cooed softly to her new son as her reached and grasped at the air between them with his stubby hands and arms. "Welcome to the world, my son."

Vegeta stood silently next to her side and took in the tender display between mother and child. Had it been like this with him and his mother once so long ago? He thought and then shook the thought away as he leant down next to Bulma to whisper and let her know he was here. "I told you that you would see him again."

Bulma leaned into him as he brushed his lips against her cheek. She then looked up into his face and watched him as he took in his son. "Well, what do you think of him?"

"Hmm… he's a tad small… and that purple tuff hair is so very un-Saiyan. I guess I couldn't expect any better from what I had to work with you as his mother." He feigned disapproval and jumped out of her reach when she swatted at him to make him pay for his comments. The child looked in the direction of his father's voice and Vegeta would have sworn that the babe narrowed his eyes at him as if he understood what had been said against the child. "He's a fine boy, Bulma."

She couldn't help, but smile at him as he baited her. She didn't know how comfortable he was with the situation but he seemed to be longing for something. She saw the unease in his eyes. "Hold him."

"I… Bu-" He began with uncertainty.

"Please hold your son, Vegeta."

"…but he's so small. What if I-"

"He's you son. He's strong, besides you wouldn't hurt him. I'm sure of it."

Not like that!

"Come on. I was only joking."

As Vegeta held the child in his arms they looked into each other's eyes and something passed between them. The babe then yawned quietly as it opened his mouth wide. Then the tired looking little eyes blinked and began to droop heavily then he was asleep in the powerful arms that held him.

Vegeta handed the tiny newborn back to Bulma and she laid the small body in the bassinette next to her and leaned back in the bed to get more comfortable.

"I'm going to train him." Vegeta spoke several minutes later.

"I figured that you would, but he's less than an hour out of the womb so you'll have to wait." She half laughed as she spoke. She had expected this conversation to arise at some point.

"Of course! I'll wait at least until he begins to walk." He said with his trade mark smirk, but something told Bulma that he wasn't joking.

She snorted and leaned her head against his side snuggling against him. "Well at least you'll be spending time with him."

Bulma felt him move away from her touch but before she could protest his absence she found herself silenced with her love's kiss. e