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Silence is Golden

There's a strange sort of quiet when you're dying. It's as if you're in a glass room, and the walls keep getting thicker and thicker. –Gabrielle Zevin

They were so use to him doing that.

When Robin vanished while they were talking, the team didn't blink an eye about it. They assumed that he was off executing his own plan, like always. Kaldur made a note in his head to talk to their youngest member (again) about doing this.

But he didn't return.

A few seconds turned into minutes and they began to grow worried. Megan quickly started scanning the area. To her horror, Robin wasn't within her range anywhere. Kaldur quickly order the team to split up and searched for Robin. The safety of their youngest member was more important than the mission. (It goes unspoken that Batman will murder them all if they don't return with Robin.)

All was quiet.

"I can't find him!" The panic and terror is clear in Megan's voice. Fear clenched her heart so tight, it felt as if it would stop beating soon.

They had regrouped after ten minutes of searching the area. "Where could have he gone?" Wally asked. "There's no reason to wander out of Megan's range. Our targets are still within the warehouse." He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated greatly.

"We… should call Batman," Kaldur finally said.

"Isn't that jumping the gun?" Artemis questioned. So Robin had vanished and was out of Megan's range. It didn't mean he was in complete danger.

Silence fell as tension grew thick. No one wanted to admit there was something wrong. It was gut feeling as if something had just punched them in the gut. Nothing about this situation felt normal.

"Do it, Kaldur," Wally said. He wasn't going to take the chance here. Not when Robin's life may or may not be on line.

Kaldur nodded and contacted Batman.

It was getting harder to breath.

Batman wasn't pleased. No one could blame him either. Robin was, is, his son in all but blood. His temper is foul and his patience is thin. The team jumped at his orders, never questioning him as he took control. Hope grew a little.

The gods were not looking favorably on them. Whatever tracer Batman had on Robin wasn't working. It's hard to say if it was become someone who knew Batman's style was smart enough to look for them or if they were damaged somehow.

This didn't improve Batman's temper. Team in tow, he returned back to the crime scene (the mission was taken care quickly by Superman). Careful searching turned up nothing. Not a single trace. Hours turn into days. With each passing hour, hope began to die little by little.

Because if Batman can't find him, no one will.

I'm sorry.

It's been three months now. Young Justice has been disbanded because the team is too emotionally compromised to continue.

Kaldur returned to Atlantis, unable to deal with the reality that he failed the youngest, most promising, of his teammates.

Superboy doesn't understand. Doesn't get how one can just vanish without a trace, how someone so willfully strong as Robin can be de—missing. He doesn't understand how he can fail to protect Robin.

Wally is inconsolable, flipping between utter grief and worry or convinced that Robin will show up next to him any minute now. His best friend is missing, maybe dead, and there isn't even a body, a sign, anything to give him some kind of closure or hope.

Megan is in a similar state of Wally, only she channeled her grief into training. J'onn said her range has nearly triple in size by the time three months are over. It does nothing to help her though. Every time she closed her eyes, all she can hear is Robin's laughter haunting her dreams.

Artemis is the only one who accepted the grim reality. Still, on nights when it's all too silent, she can't help but wonder where Robin went.


"Master Bruce, are you alright?" Alfred's voice is soft. Bruce doesn't miss the tone of worry and sadness mixed into his voice.


That was to be assumed, really. Today… today was Dick's funeral. Bruce didn't want to accept, didn't want to believe his son was dead. Nothing added up. Not a single trace of him anywhere. Every villain Batman tracked down claimed innocence. In fact, once word had gotten out in streets that Batman was looking for the criminal who took his little bird several criminals turn themselves into the police. Everyone knew that when Robin got hurt, the criminal responsible never walked again.

Bruce rested his face in his hands. An unstoppable grief filled his heart for the first time since his parents' death. His son.

"I don't want believe he's dead," Bruce muttered.

"… None of us do," Alfred replied.

Somehow the manor seemed bigger, emptier, and more silent then it had in years.

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