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It is said that one knows a person's worth by seeing how many people would cry for him when he died. – Rurouni Kenshin

Thousands of people gathered. Family, schoolmates, teachers, allies, friends, enemies alike were present. Even people who didn't know him were coming off from the streets to gather.

Kid Flash, Wally West, was dead.

They were coming from a mission, passing through the city during midday before explosions caught their attention. A fire had broken out in an apartment building on Main Street. Immediately the team sprung into action. Robin had called the locals authorities and began first aid on those who needed it. Superboy picked up rubble, saving those where trapped underneath. Artemis was coaxing a child out from closet. Aqualad sliced open a fire hydrant and began channeling the water onto the building with his abilities. Miss Martian did the same as both she and Aqulad were unable to stand the heat of the flames. Kid Flash used his speed to pull as many people as he found out of the fire. On his last check, he discovered something chilling.

A bomb.

"Robin, there's a bomb in here," he said over the ear comlink.

"WHAT? Where are you? I'll be there in just a minute."

"No. There's no time. There's only fifteen seconds left."

Robin swore. "GET OUT OF THERE THEN!"

Thousands of calculations began to flow into Kid Flash's mind. The sizes of the containers, how big the resulting explosion would be, how wide it spread… how many people it would kill. "It'll wipe out the entire block, Robin. I'll run it to the harbor. I'll make it in time."

"What? Wait! WALLY!"

The ear comlink went dead. Seconds later, a huge explosion that actually rocked the city happened in the harbor.

But Kid Flash never made it back.

They desperately searched for him: Aqualad in the water, Megan in the sky and rest from the ground. They couldn't find him.

When the League arrived, Robin doesn't hesitate to throw himself into Batman's arms. The normally cheerful boy is broken at the thought that his stupid, idiotic best friend is gone. Kaldur is explaining as best as he can, shaking at the thought. Artemis is off to the side, shrugging off any comfort, strangely silent. Superboy is next to her sulking just as much. Megan hasn't stopped sobbing as her uncle placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Flash isn't much better. He sank to the ground, his head resting in his hands. "Oh god," he whispered. "How am I gonna tell Iris?" Wally couldn't… no…

Another week of searching before Kid Flash is declared dead.

He saved thousands of lives at the cost of his own.

The funeral of Kid Flash had held on a sunny day. Those who knew him well could hear the playful banter saying, "Dude, I want my funeral on a sunny day because then it's a time for remembrance then loss in my opinion." The tears though, made up for the lost of rain. There wasn't a dry eye in the huge mass of people. No one batted an eye when Center City's Rogues showed up to pay their respects. Today, everyone was here to remember and mourn the loss of a child.

Flash is the last to speak. "For many of us superheroes dying of old age is a bit of a dream. While we don't like to admit it, it's something we come to accept." His voice is shaky and those up close can see the tears streaming down his face.

"We can't always choose how we'll die in this line of work, but there are choices we can always make. Kid Flash saved thousands of lives that day. We thank him for that." Flash took a deep breath.

"He died a hero."

Being a hero is about the shortest-lived profession on earth. – Will Rogers

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