The Brews
By Maureen

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This is a prequel of sorts to 'I've Got the Straightedge' but is much happier! No one dies even!

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"So, James, you in?" Catie asked, her voice low. They were in 7th period algebra and trying not to have their weekend plans over heard by the teacher.

"Yeah, sure, I guess so." Jamie responded nervously.

The bell rang before he could add anything and Catie called over to him, "Be at my house at 7:00 sharp, James!" as she ran out the door.


At 7:00 Jamie pulled his bike up into the Roth's driveway and walked up to the door. Before he could ring the bell of the modest split level, Catie came running out the door, a backpack in her hand. "Ready to go?" she asked, excited.

"Yeah. Um, I don't need to bring anything right?" he said, eyeing her bag. Two people and 2 backpacks would just not work on his motorcycle.

"I have everything in here." Jamie helped her climb on the back before starting it up and was screeching down the street within seconds.

Several minutes later they pulled into a huge parking lot sprinkled at one end with different cars. Upon closer inspection they were all recent Mercedes', BMW's, and Lexus'. "Stupid J.A.P.s," Jamie muttered in disgust.

Catie over heard him and hit him upside the head. "Shut up, we're spending the night with them."

"Ow! Fine! Just don't blame me if I have a crappy time!"

They walked into the building and down a long hallway passing through soundproof doors. Well, they would have been soundproof had they been closed, but the loud music accompanied by the voices of the occupants of the cars outside and the chaperones made it sound like a mob scene.

On closer inspection, it was a mob scene, with around 40 teens seemingly everywhere. Many were sitting outside in the hallway with an adult, having what looked to be some sort of meeting while inside the room the people were sitting on the floor, around the kitchenette, pool table and draped over the various couches. The floor was adorned with backpacks and sleeping bags and a few bodies.

Abercrombie was the unofficial uniform followed closely by Tommy Hilfiger clothing all these teens that Jamie could see except for himself and Catie. Jamie, for his part was wearing his most comfortable jeans, the pair with the rip in the back pocket, and a 'Kingsport EMT' baseball style t-shirt that Brooke had made for everyone. Catie was clothed in cargo jeans and a dark blue tank top. Maximum comfort she had said.

Friday night we'll be drinkin' Maneshevitz
Goin' out to terrorize goyim
Stompin' shagitz, screwin' shicksas
As long as we're home by Saturday mornin'

"Hey, Catie!" a girl said, running over from the corner with the piano in it.

"Hey Julie," Catie replied, as she hugged the taller girl. "This is Jamie, he's kinda new in town."

"Oh? Where do you go?" Julie asked.

"No where right now. I only moved here a few months ago."

"He's Canadian," Catie informed Julie with a wink.

"Cool, come on, you can meet everyone!" Julie practically dragged the duo over behind the upright piano where about 5 other teens were sitting, all without the 'AF' logo adorning them.

"That's Blake," a long haired guy with most of a beard despite him being younger than 18, "Coby," a shorter girl wearing grungy old navy clothes, "Marielle," she sat away from the group and was doing stretches "and last but not least, Amira," she was a short dark haired girl that could pass as Catie's cousin. She was writing ferociously in a notebook and barely looked up when her name was said.

Cause hey we're the Brews
Sportin' anti swastika tattoos
Oi Oi we're the boys
Orthodox, hesidic, O.G. Ois

"Hey," they replied, waving or whatever they felt like doing.

"I'm Jamie," he said, sitting down next to Catie.

Before any more pleasantries could be exchanged, a male voice shouted to be heard over the din. After only a minute or two everyone had quieted down and were patiently waiting for him to speak. "Welcome to the Beth Israel '01 Lock In! For those who don't know me, I'm Rabbi Abramowitz and the rules we have are posted around on the walls. The only one I'm going to point out is rule '69' which states that no one can have sex while they're here. And if you leave, you can't come back in!"

The Rabbi was young, not quite thirty yet and an infectious grin topped his still gangly body. He wore a yarmulke with his jeans and a '50th Anniversary of Israel' t-shirt and tennis shoes. He knew what he was getting into by chaperoning this lock in.

There was mild laughter amongst the kids, obviously catching some joke that Jamie was missing. Coby leaned over and explained that it was supposed to be 'rule 9' but whoever was typing the rules up always 'mistyped' it as rule number '69'.

"Heh, cool."

The rules and intro finished, the Rabbi opened the door and several other chaperones came in bringing stacks of pizza and gallons of soda. They were, of course, immediately mobbed and within minutes the pies were devoured leaving only stacks of boxes.

Orthopedic Dr. Martins good for
Waffle making, kickin' through the shin
Reputation, gained through intimidation
Pacifism no longer tradition

"Come on Jamie!" Blake called, from the door. Everyone had headed outside and were swarming the parking lot and the playground that Jamie had previously not noticed. The night was turning cool, but not chilly. Everybody appeared to know each other and groups were constantly forming and reforming as people greeted each other and played on the playground. Jamie sat with Catie's friends, whom attended Palmer High School, one school district over.

Blake, the only one that did not go to Palmer, he went to Klein which was one of Kingsport's rivals, disappeared for a few minutes and appeared with a guitar and some drum sticks. He handed the guitar to Coby, who began to tune it and he hooked up some wires to the sticks that attached to a small black box clipped to the belt holding up his baggy jeans.

He began to drum in the air as if he had an imaginary drum kit in front of him, music coming out of the box. Coby began to play, her inexperience obvious compared to Blakes.

"What're you playing?" Jamie asked Blake, not recognizing the drumbeat.

"The Brews, by NOFX" he replied, "You know guitar for it?"

"Yeah," he replied, taking the guitar from Coby and beginning the song, his nimble fingers expertly picking out the correct chords.

Cause hey we're the Brews
Sportin' anti swastika tattoos
Oi Oi we're the Brews
The fairfax ghetto boys skin headed brews

The Rabbi joined in then, with his guitar improvising the chords and watching Jamie's.

They jammed for a good ten minutes before the Rabbi took Jamie aside and introduced himself before asking if he would play guitar for the service they were holding in about 15 minutes. "It's simple, you'll catch on quickly."

Jamie nodded, numbly. He had never been even remotely religious and now he would be providing the music?

Gathering the kids together, the Rabbi took the opportunity to conduct Shabbat services outside. For the first time, Jamie felt like he was actually a part of a congregation, that perhaps religion of any form was not such a bad thing and could even be entertaining. He walked around the outside of the circle of kids, playing the simple songs with infectious tunes with the Rabbi.

Breaking up again in the moonlight, they headed over to the youth lounge again, to watch movies on the big screen TV. About 3 am Amira pulled out her camera and took a picture of everyone, all piled on top of each other on the floor. Jamie and Catie were looking at each other, slight grins on their faces.

We got the might, psycho mashuganas
We can't lose a fight, as we are the chosen ones
Chutzpah, we battle then we feast
We celebrate, we'll separate our milk plates from our meat

A different Rabbi showed up at 8am the next morning bearing gallon jugs of orange juice and donuts. He then woke everyone up that had fallen asleep, and watched amused as the donuts were devoured slowly by groggy teens. "Get up, you lazy bums!" he called out, "Most of you have to work this morning! Up, up, up! Time to teach religious school!"

Those that did have to work, groaned while tired chuckles emerged from those that did not. They slowly picked their things up, and began to wake up. "So, Jamie," Catie said as she brushed her hair, "What did you think?"

"It was fun." He said, smiling. "Not what I expected. But what's this thing about working?"

"Oh, a lot of the people here also teach Hebrew or are aides at the religious school which starts in an hour. They have to get cleaned up and wake up so they can go to work soon. I don't work here, but Coby, Blake and Amira do."

"Oh. You ready?" he asked.

"Yeah, Bye everyone!" she called out, as they left. "So, you think you might want to do this again?"

"Yeah, maybe."

"You'd have to go to religious school classes. Every Wednesday for an hour."

"You're joking!"

"Nope. It's not bad, it's really fun actually."

"I'll think about it," Jamie replied, mounting his bike and helping Catie on. He dropped her off at her house, all the while thinking about what she had said about going. It was fun the people were nice and everyone respected the invisible barrier between prep and not prep.

*J.A.P.s is a derogatory acronym meaning Jewish American Prince/ss
**apologies to Black, Coby, Marielle and Amira for using them without permission in my fic (not that they'll ever see this!) hope you guys are having fun in college!!
***The Brews is a punk rock song by NOFX and it's not meant to be derogatory in any way (since the 2 guys in the band that wrote and sang it are Jewish)