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Fang POV

Max. Max. She was the only thing I could focus on as we flew across the rocky terrain of Arizona.

We being me and Dylan.

Not some few hours ago, Max had left the house saying she needed some time to herself. I knew I shouldn't have let her go by herself- then I'd had a bad gut feeling about it, but chose to ignore it. God was I stupid.

She hadn't returned so I went to look for her; lover-boy wanted to tag along. We had absolutely no idea where to look for her and just kept flying blindly, hoping to spot her somewhere.

Angel hadn't been able to trace any thoughts either, which just deepened our suspicions that something bad had occurred. The flock… Well, Max's flock was adamant to help search for her, but both me and Dylan refused. For once, the two of us agreed at something.

I was getting worried over what must've happened to Max. Knowing her, she wouldn't ever just fly off for so long. And then the no-thoughts thing as well…

Sure, I chose to leave Max- though that was only to protect her- and sure, I was mad at her too, but that didn't mean I didn't care for her anymore. I knew I'd have to leave again once we'd figured this all out, and what with Maya… Argh, all my feelings were just so messed up-

"Hey, look!"

Breaking out of my thoughts, I turned to look at Dylan who was pointing at something below. I looked down and could faintly see something glowing. A fire. Huh? "So? what about it?" I asked.

"No, look! Not just that, but I think I see some… Writing." Without skipping a beat, he scooped down towards it.

"Waitta-what are you doing? There might be people there!" Then I remembered he had super-vision and grunting to myself, followed after him.

As I landed, I couldn't see anyone around us- it was completely deserted. I walked towards Dylan who was staring at the ground next to the flames. My eyes widened a bit when I saw what it was. Across the sand, was written something:

We have your bird-girl. Come to the Fizaht Hill before dawn if you want her alive.

I just stared. Max was kidnapped, that much we knew. But who did it? And a note? Telling us where to come? A definite trap. But what choice did we have? Better than nothing, right? Plus, in the middle of the freaking desert. How the heck did whoever did this know that we'd find it in the first place? What the hell was going on…?

Before dawn- that was the deadline. It was already 10 PM. There wasn't much time- we couldn't plot something, much less go back to inform the flocks. How were we going to get to there so soon?

So many questions.
But none with any answers.