victoire, victoire, victoire,

oh, silly little victoire.



away to beauxbatons,

simply certain you'd be fine.


((fine without your family, toire?

fine without your Teddy, toire?


fine, without your cousins, toire?))


oh, God, your cousins..


because you never knew before,

but there's a special brand of torture

from being away from

the special brand of family,

your cousins –


your lucy and your molly

your fred and your roxie

your rosie and your hugo

your lily and your albus

heck, you even miss james.


And your friends tell you –

why them?

Why do you miss them?

Why not your parents,

yours aunts, your uncles, your friends,

your brother, your sister?

Why your c o u s i n s?


(you do miss all those people, you do)


(but your cousins, oh, your cousins..)


and usually, you're fine

(or you p r e t e n d to be)

you smile and you laugh

you dance and you learn


but at night when no one's looking

your mind ...poisons... your heart


God, it's been so long
so, so, so long..

it's going to be ages before you see them again...


a g e s and a g e s


your cousins

are your happiness

they're all sunshine and butterflies and gloriously contrasting you


what are you now, toire?

what are you now?


they're what h a p p y is made of; those cousins

they're what m e m o r i e s are made of, those cousins


oh victoire, victoire,

silly little victoire,

((your mind whispers))

how could you think you'd ever be anything without them?