Disclaimer I do not own Dempsey and Makepeace. I have read so many of these fics I just hope I can write as well as some of the other writers on here. Set after the episode with the Thriller Killer. Is Harry really coping? What's the truth?


Chas hated Monday mornings. They always seemed to follow the same pattern as far as he could see. He would always be the first to arrive. He would always throw his jacket on the coat stand before searching for tea bags and checking the milk hadn't gone sour over the weekend. That was if they had actually been able to have the weekend off. Just lately the whole team had been putting in seven day weeks. He smiled as he knew the argument Spikings would have with the powers at be once they saw the amount of overtime he had sanctioned. He shook his head as he walked across to the kettle enjoying the peace and relative quiet before the rest of the team turned up.

"Chas!" Dempsey bounded in. "My man, how's it hanging?"

Chas nodded as he pulled another mug from the cupboard. Harry raised an eyebrow as Dempsey sat down and rested his feet on her desk. She pushed his trainer clad feet off in disgust as Chas shook his head.

"I wasn't aware anything was hanging." Harry clipped as she dug in her desk drawer. She was still a little too pale for Chas and Dempsey. Since her run in with the Thriller Killer she seemed more aloof, more withdrawn than she had ever been before. Chas knew it was only a matter of time before she broke. He just hoped Dempsey was there when she did.

"Figure of speech." Dempsey folded his hands behind his head as Chas brought the mugs of tea towards them. "Where's the boss?"

"Spikings had to go out." Chas replied. "He called me before I left the house this morning. Apparently the higher ups wanted to see him."

"Really?" Harry asked. "Did he say as regards to what?"

"NO I DIDN'T." Spikings barked as he entered the room. "Now if you don't mind I believe you three still have some outstanding paperwork that I require." Harry closed her eyes as her boss marched towards his office and slammed the door shut. She didn't want to be there, in fact she wasn't sure she wanted to see the inside of another police station ever again. The job at the Art Gallery her cousin owned was looking more and more attractive. Then there was the job at the university her friend Julie had told her about. She just knew that she could do it with her eyes closed. She sighed slightly as she felt Dempsey watching her.

"You ok, Princess?"

"Don't call me that." She snapped as Dempsey raised an eyebrow.

"Aw Come on Makepeace." He tried his best charm smile as Chas shook his head slowly. Before Chas could say a word the door to Spiking's office was wrenched open.

"CHAS!" Chas groaned inwardly as he got to his feet and followed his boss back into the office. Dempsey watched him go with a slight smile on his face. When he turned back Harry was gone.


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