Author's Note : Well, it's a 2nd person PoV

Disclaimer : Togainu no Chi's character © Nitro+CHiRAL

Warning : CRACK PAIRING. Shounen-ai (malexmale)

Pairing : ShikixKeisuke; AkiraxKeisuke/KeisukexAkira

You saw him sitting on your lap, wondering why he has that peaceful face although he is in your arms. He is sleeping now; tho—maybe explain why he has his peaceful place. You always want to know what he is dreaming right now. Finding to get a clue, your hand brushes his short brown-hair and begins to nuzzle on his cheek. Kissing him gently while that is not your true nature, but what you could do when you think he is at his best when he is smiling? Not smiling full of lust that gives you adrenaline to torture him, but the smile that encourage you to hug him gently afraid he would break.


"What's the matter, Keisuke?" You asked after hearing him mumbling several words in his sleep and rubbing his eyes. He stared blankly at you and smile.

"… Akira, glad you okay."

You know that it is not your name, but it won't change anything that Keisuke see you as 'Akira'. Since he saw his childhood friend's death several weeks ago, he changed. At first, you only want to take him with you because the other guy is dead, but when he hugged you and shout the dead man's name, you smirked.

You might found an interesting toy.

But these several weeks changed you, a lot. He shows you the side that he never showed before to others. You know that Keisuke is clingy towards Akira but it was different feeling when he did that to you.

"Akira, I never thought that there is any clean river in Japan after World War III." He said that innocently, dipping his hand into the clear river. You smiled a bit, walks toward him and sit beside him while embrace his shoulder. "H-hey Akira—why are you so…uhm, affectionate these days?"

Why, he asked?

You are not Akira.

"Well, it's not like I hate it." He laughs and hugs you back, without knowing that he's living in his own dream. Again, you brushed his brown hair and kiss his forehead. The Keisuke in front of you is protective, like how he forces you not to go to Toshima anymore because he's afraid you'll be injured. His clingy side is cute, he made you feel needed.

For someone who lived alone, the feeling was nice. It's like giving you comfort and self-confidence. Maybe you are someone who is fierce and have no mercy towards anything, what you seek is killing and crushing others. You have no aim in your life, but since he hugged your for the first time, he gave something you lack in your life.

You are still human, right?

"Akira, you should not be the king of Toshima—" He murmured, playing with the water from the streamside.

"And why is that?" You have pleasure by watching him.

"Because I want you to be my queen!"

You laughed, realizing that he still see himself as a 'man' although what he does is cling to you for these several weeks.

"…how if you become my queen?" You asked him, giving him a face as red as an apple.

"Well… I still love you, anyway. I don't care whether you're a king or queen…" He jumped back, sitting on your lap and nuzzles himself on your neck. "Especially after that dream… It haunts me. I saw you dead in my dream…but I'm glad that you're still alive. It's only a dream, anyway."

For him, which one is reality?

Which one is only a dream?

You don't care about it; you never care about what inside people's heart anyway. The one you care is him.