The Flower Child

There was something different about today. For what seemed like forever, the world had been a frozen wasteland. But today the ice was melting away.

The girl knew that this would be the day that she could start to anticipate the end. Nothing lasts forever, and as much as she had enjoyed being safely hidden in the earth, soon she would be able to see the world. Soon she would be able to walk to places she had never dreamed of.

Today would not be the day she blossomed, that would take even more time, but instead it would be the day she laid down her roots. Water, icy water, trickled down next to the casing of the girl. She shivered, and the casing softened enough for the growing roots to push their way out.

Days passed, each with a new discovery, and soon a small bud had found its way to the sun. Though the weather was still brisk, inside the bud a girl felt the warmth of the sun for the first time ever. Though she could feel and understand she was still as asleep as ever.

And one day, the bud opened. The sun shone brighter than it had ever before, and the waking girl had to shield her eyes. She looked around.

The entire world was full of colours. The sky was blue, the clouds white. None of this would have been visible underground. Flowers bloomed in every colour, and all across the garden other people were waking up for the first time.