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CH 4

"I need you," Jane whispered into her lips.

Maura smiled, closing the minimal distance and capturing Jane's flushed and swollen lips in a heated reward. She pulled away, her lips ghosting across Jane's cheek until they settled near her ear. Maura glanced at the tv, "But…the game is back on," she teased.

The telltale cock of her head, the quirk of her eyebrow; Maura pursed her lips in a sly smirk as she watched Jane's brow furrow and her eyes plead. Quick, shallow breaths and the splashes of crimson that were creeping all over Jane's body more than indicated her arousal. Maura didn't need those visible signs however, she knew exactly how Jane felt, exactly what she wanted.

"It's a close game, Jane. We could miss a crucial play," Maura whispered, leaning forward so that her words tickled across Jane's tingling lips. Only words, she kept her lips just shy of giving Jane anymore reward.

Maura's eyes cut down as Jane reached for the button of her pants, popping it open and sliding the zipper down.

"Please…" Jane begged, "Please…or I'll be forced to…" her fingers began to disappear behind soft and worn denim, slowly slinking further and further down. Her eyes fluttered shut and her mouth hung slightly open, breath escaping in short pulses as she rolled her fingers through her own wetness. "It should be you," she hummed. She could come like this, in Maura's lap, her own fingers stroking herself to a quick and sure release. But, she hoped it wouldn't come to that, she could feel Maura's cock teasing her and she wanted to feel Maura fill her completely.

Maura's fingers wrapped tightly around her wrist and pulled Jane's hand from its frantic purpose. She brought those fingers to her mouth, pausing to look Jane in the eye. She watched as circles of chocolate brown became entirely black in expectation before she sucked those fingers into her mouth, her tongue curling up to drag along the underside of both digits before they slipped from her lips with a wet pop.

"Bedroom…" Maura directed.

Jane stood at the side of the bed and watched as Maura sauntered towards her. The jersey would completely cover the cock if Maura hadn't hitched the front of the shirt up, holding the cock in her hand, allowing it to be revealed. Jane couldn't keep her eyes off of it; she watched with rapt attention as a delicate, manicured hand stroked up and down the phallus. Maura didn't look so delicate now, not at all; in fact, Jane wanted anything but delicate. There was a time for that: a time for tender love-making, reverent kisses and soft touches. And there was a time for being fucked.

Maura stripped off the jersey and the camisole underneath it in one quick motion before bridging the distance between them and reinitiating her assault on Jane's lips. In the bedroom, Jane was always surprised by the strength Maura possessed; she easily subdued Jane's lips and tongue, her grip was tight and immobilizing around Jane's waist, her fingers sharp and intense as they dug into skin.

"Mm!" Jane winced as Maura bit down, breaking the kiss as her tongue darted out to taste the familiar iron tinge of her own blood.

"Oops," Maura offered unapologetically as she grabbed the hem of Jane's shirt and stripped it off, her fingers moving immediately to release the brunette's bra and liberate her from the jeans that were already hanging half-open. "Bed."

Maura hovered over Jane on her hands and knees, inviting patient fingers to touch. She leaned down, sucking Jane's lower lip into her mouth, tasting the last remnants of blood from her nip only moments ago. Jane's breasts were warm in her palms, her nipples hard under swirling thumbs; her entire chest vibrated with the excited rhythm of her heartbeat.

"You look…" Jane arched her back and moaned as Maura slid down her body to lick and suck on one of her nipples. Maura bit down slightly; smiling at the way the skin her lips and tongue had just abandoned broke out in goosebumps as she blew a breath of air across the swell.

Intoxicating. The sensation was everywhere. Her entire body seemed to pulse with a consistent though curiously subdued euphoric pleasure. Maura didn't even feel the pressing need to climax at the moment; she just wanted the feeling that gripped every inch of her to remain: the blissful heat that pervaded her being, on top of her skin and under it, reaching down into the deepest parts of her.

Maura sat up and looked at Jane. She let the cock rest on the firm abdomen beneath her, stroked it, pressing it into flushed skin that glistened with a sheen of sweat. Jane panted, her abs trembling, in their own way – begging.

"You look…fucking amazing," Jane's voice was raw, the words dripped with desire. Ache.

As Maura adjusted herself, long legs bent and spread wide to accommodate her.

"Are you ready?" Maura asked as she sucked roughly on Jane's neck, daring the skin to defy her and remain unblemished. The whole evening was a flirtatious exercise in balanced possession. Neither wanted to own the other. Neither wanted to dominate in the sense of unilaterally taking. The lead was taken but it was equally relinquished: a unique symbiosis of two bodies, one providing pleasure but receiving an equal return through the act of giving.

Jane nodded, nearly holding her breath in anticipation. She gasped, her back arching as Maura pushed inside her, slowly, in one uninterrupted motion as she slid her cock in as far as it would go. Jane blinked rapidly, her fingers clawing into Maura's back as she adjusted to the sensation of the cock's size inside her; she rolled her hips a couple of times letting the cock stretch her, feeling familiar pressure reminiscent of her experiences with men. But, this wasn't a man, this was Maura and the explicit contemplation of the fact that the woman she loved was now slowly pumping eight inches of cock in and out of her nearly had her stumble embarrassingly quickly over the edge.

With intentional and excruciating slowness Maura drew the cock nearly all the way out, leaving just the head inside as Jane whimpered, curling her fingers into the porcelain skin of Maura's hips trying to urge her to thrust harder, faster.

Fingers tangled themselves in dark hair as Maura pushed in again and pulled almost out. Jane writhed; she bit her lip, her fingers curled. Maura smiled, it was…delicious.

"Fuck me," Jane finally growled.

Maura giggled, "All you had to do was ask." She ratcheted up her thrusts, her hands propping her up as they palmed Jane's breasts, her own breasts bouncing tantalizingly in front of the hungry lips of her lover. Jane wrapped an arm around Maura's waist, straining until she succeeded in drawing one of Maura's rosy buds into her mouth. Her lips and tongue devoured the pert nub as Maura hammered into her mercilessly.

"I'm gonna…" Jane released the nipple with a pop as her head lolled back, her throaty pants and groans increasing in ferocity until the orgasm overtook her, the release spasming through her as she clenched and shook around Maura's cock, her entire body joining in the trembles. Her hands slipped from Maura's back as her body fell limply back to the bed.

Maura eased her body down to rest on top of Jane, her hand sliding through the ample perspiration that had collected between her breasts until she stroked her thumb across a strong jaw line, peppering first Jane's chin, then her jaw and finally her lips with feather-light kisses.

Jane's arms wrapped around her as she buried her face in Maura's slick neck, inhaling the scent of her exertion. One hand snaked down a creamy back, toying with the straps around Maura's hips and buttocks. Jane rocked underneath her, sweeping Maura's hair to the side as she kissed her neck, "You didn't come yet."

Their lips met, dancing together, giving and taking. Maura was now aware of the ache between her legs, her body's own desire to come, the release Jane had given her earlier in the living room long forgotten. She sat up and began to pull back, easing the cock out until it slipped free. Jane watched, confused as Maura slid off the bed and began to remove the harness. She stepped out of it and let it fall to the floor as she rejoined Jane, straddling her again.

"You," Maura said, her hands roaming over Jane's heated body, "I just want you, this time."

She inched up Jane's body, smiling as she saw Jane's tongue dart out to lick her lips as she eyed Maura's wet and swollen center. Maura settled with her knees on either side of Jane's head, her hands finding anchor on the headboard as she lowered herself to Jane's chest.

"Is this ok?" Maura asked.

Firm and reassuring hands found purchase on Maura's buttocks and lower back as Jane leaned up and forward to run her tongue through Maura's arousal, humming with pleasure as she tasted her lover.

Maura closed her eyes, and lightly rolled her hips to Jane's practiced ministrations. One hand slipped from the headboard and found its way to Jane's arm, stroking and gripping it in sync with the rhythm Jane established in her core. The moans of contentment were impossible to contain as Jane's tongue plunged in and out before circling the swollen bundle of nerves at her apex. Maura jerked, her eyes flashing open as she looked down and took in the sight of Jane still underneath her but between her legs. Jane sucked slowly and softly on her clit, drawing out her release.

"Jane…" Maura whispered breathlessly as wandering fingers walked abstract patterns all over her body before reaching up to roll and tweak her nipples. Maura gasped and panted as her hips rolled harder against Jane's tongue.

Maura leaned back, arching into Jane as her hand traveled down Jane's slick stomach until it met short curls and lower until her fingers found Jane's clit, which she stroked and circled to the same pace Jane was setting with her tongue.

"Oh…God…" Maura gasped as she came, a flood of heat and ecstasy radiating out from her core where Jane, despite her own simultaneous orgasm to Maura's strokes, sucked until every last spasm had rippled through Maura's body.

A few full, deep breaths centered her. Maura opened her eyes and looked down at Jane and smiled, releasing the headboard and reaching down to stop Jane from wiping away the wetness from her lips and chin.

"Thank you," Maura whispered as she settled into Jane's side, caressing her check before pulling her face closer, the swipe of her tongue preceding a series of kisses until Jane was clean. Their lips mingled momentarily until Jane's soft touch pushed Maura's face slightly back.

"For what?" she asked, running her hands through mussed and slightly damp honey brown locks that stuck to Maura's face and neck.

Maura smiled, her fingers tracing over the ridge of Jane's collarbone, "I didn't realize how empowering it would feel…to wear it. The sense of control, how invigorating it is to experience that, how arousing it is to watch you being pleasured by my wearing it. Thank you…for giving yourself to me tonight."

Their lips melted back together, the understated dance of give and receive. Power taken, power given and power shared.

Jane again broke the kiss, looking at Maura with a plainly evident adoration, the back of her palm dragged slowly in a sweet caress down Maura's cheek, "Maur, even when I'm on top…you're always in control."