Progota: Yay a New story started

Maka: Um. So i'm a Vampire

Soul: Ugh dont tell me this gonna be like twilight

Progota: idk i just had this idea didnt really think it through either way well see where it takes us

My name is Maka Albarn. I'm not normal. Not many people know that I'm a Vampire. My father is Lord Death's Death Scythe and my mother is a full-blooded Vampire. I'm fine with being Vampire, but when my hunger gets the better of me, I hate it. There are some advantages of being a vampire though, like my super speed, abnormal strength, and mind control using my eyes. I don't use my abilities unless it is absolutely necessary.

There are not many vampires left in the world. Because our blood is able to heal and cure many diseases, we are hunted. My father says I'm special because I have the power to keep my hunger under control. Most vampires do not have the composure to be around humans without succumbing to the animalistic desire to feed.

I'm just a teenage girl who is going to high school with LIVING HUMANS. So here is how my story begins… and how it might end.

Lord Death save me!

Progota: okay i know short chapter but it bearly starting

Maka: i'm panicing on the inside right

Progota: yup !

Maka: watever ... read and review !