Maka POV

"I'm home, nya~." The loud yell rang through the underground house.

"What is wrong with you!" I shouted at her as she came into view. I aimed the pillow that I had been using at the feline's head. I had been asleep on the couch, but I was rudely awakened by Blaire's noisy entrance. I was starting to become annoyed with my new roommate's habit of coming home late at night.

"Payback for falling asleep and not eating Blaire's dinner, nya~." she teased, sticking her tongue out playfully at me. She flicked the lights on and hummed happy tune to herself as she made herself comfortable. I hissed angrily at her and bared my fangs at the feline.

"Not now." I muttered chillingly as I used my speed to get up and flick the lights off. I made my eyes as they changed color to add an intimidating effect.

"Blaire's sorry." The feline voice trembled slightly as she apologized to me.

"I'm going to bed. When you hear my coffin close then you can turn on the lights, BUT," I made sure to put emphasis on the conjunction, "make no sounds." I grumbled angrily as I shot her a glare and made sure I kept my fangs out.

"Yes, Ma'am." she perked up, her ears flicking in my direction.

"'Kay, night Blaire." I tossed over my shoulder before running to my coffin, jumping in it, and crashing. The wind created by my speed made the casket close by itself. I comfortably snuggled under the covers. I fell asleep praying that the night would last longer.

"Maka, wake up." I heard as the light seeped into my casket. Someone was trying to wake up a beast that was rather unhappy about being disturbed. I glared menacingly at the light that intruded into my space.

"Go away." I muttered darkly, sinking deeper into the covers.

"Maka you have school, nya~." Blaire purred, lifting the lid of the casket up and peeking in cautiously. Her ears twitched in my direction out of curiosity.

"No. Now go away." I grumbled, covering my face with my pillow. She sighed before walking away. I heard her voice from the direction of the restroom.

"Sorry Lord Death, she doesn't want to wake up, nya~." she said in a tired voice. Blair's comment woke me up a bit; was she really talking to Lord Death or was she just trying to get me up?

"What?" I asked, peeking out of my casket. Blair was standing in front of the mirror in the restroom.

"It's okay, I'll just talk to her at school." Lord Death voiced echoed in reply.

"Wait, wait, wait!" I yelled. My speed aided me as I jumped out of the casket and pushed the feline away from the mirror. The lid of my casket clattered against the floor in the background.

"Good morning, Maka!" he sang. The blue sky and small white clouds in the background indicated that he was in the Death Room. His black eyes analyzed me in a friendly manner.

"Good morning, Lord Death" My greeting wasn't as exuberant as his since I was attempting to make myself presentable.

"Well Maka, I have some good news and some bad news." he said clapping his oversized hands together cheerfully.

"What would that be…?" I trailed off, leaving Lord Death to finish the sentence if he pleased.

"Well, what do you want to hear first?" He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Good news." I stated excitedly

"I talked to the council…" He trailed off, leaving me in suspense.

"Yes?" I inquired in a hopefully voice

"They are going to set up a meeting and discuss the situation. It seems like we have a good bargain on our side." he explained. I cheered happily, then stopped.

"And what's the bad news?" Worry coated my voice as I responded. Lord Death was silent for a moment before responding.

"Well…" He hesitated.

"Yes?" I trailed.

"They want you to be present." He finished flatly. Nausea overwhelmed me and my face paled.

"Why?" I was shocked. My mind was reeling as it searched for reasons that would lead that council to ask for my presence during the meeting.

"Dracula wishes to see your views in the matter; they came to the conclusion that it would be best to do that during the meeting." He explained, tilting his head to the other side. I could feel his happy and positive aura leaking from the mirror and into my house.

"Oh no." I moaned while hitting my forehead with the palm of my hand. An effective face palm, on a side note.

"Don't worry Maka; we got this in the bag." I think he's smiling behind his mask, but you can never be certain with him.

"Yes, but I'm afraid that something is going to go wrong." I voiced my worries to the Shinigami as a shiver went up my spine.

"No worries Maka! Just focus on school and missions until the day of the meeting comes around. Be chill." he chirped.

'WTF? Is he trying to be cool?' I will never understand Lord Death.

"When is the meeting exactly?" I asked with a slightly forcedsmile.

"We haven't decided officially, but it will be soon. So be prepared." He warned.

"Yes, Lord Death." I said with a nod. 'Now he's just being contradictory….'

"Now get ready or you'll be late." He called as he hung up.

"Shit!" I yelled towards my closet. I bolted out of the bathroom and charged into my closet. By the time I had changed and started to collect what I needed for school, Blaire had already gotten up from the floor and had made her way to the kitchen.

"Blaire! Can you throw a pop tart in the toaster for me please?" I hollered at her while pulling my hair up in its pigtails.

"Okay, nya~." She called back. I quickly ran my fingers over the top of my head, smoothing out any of the stray hairs. Brushing my teeth was rushed and forceful. Annoyance flittered through my brain as I realized that I had drawn blood. I licked the small amount of red liquid off of my gums. I am a vampire after all.

"Maka! You have five minutes." Blaire yelled in warning. I struggled with donning my coat because of my haste. A growl escaped my throat at my unusual hurried clumsiness. I slipped my gloves and tugged on them to make sure they wouldn't fall off.

"Bye Maka-nya!" Blaire called while she munched on a sardine. I was at full speed as I ran past her. I snatched my pop tart as it jumped out the toaster. The door was thrown open and I sped off towards the school like no tomorrow. I heard the school bell ring and increased my speed. My pace was that of a human running at full speed, so only half of what I could run. 'Almost there.' I brushed past the students in the hallway causing the wind to blow papers everywhere. It was powerful enough to knock some of the lighter people to the ground. 'Sorry!' I apologized mentally. I could see the classroom up ahead, but took a detour to the restroom. No one was there which was nice. I stopped right in front of one of the mirrors that hung on the tiled wall. The white light that bounded off of the ceramic tile started to annoy me as I tamed the few strands of hair that had managed to escape their designated places. I grabbed two pills and swallowed them easily.

"Ready." I stated before jogging towards the classroom.

"Maka Albarn" Stein called in his monotone voice as I entered the room.

"Here!" I replied while making my way to my seat.

"Just in time." Stein made a note on the attendance sheet then called out the next name on the list. I exhaled as I reached my seat and sat down. I took my notebook and pen out of my bag and flipped to a clean page. I glanced over to Soul who was currently asleep in his head rested against the desk and drool was beginning to slip down his chin. I looked back at Tsubaki who gave me a friendly *Star was fast asleep in the chair beside his weapon.

"Is something wrong?" Kid asked, catching my attention.

"It's nothing." I dropped the volume of my voice.

"Is it a…" He paused and looked around cautiously to assure that no one was listening, "vampire problem?" he finished his question in a whisper.

"Okay, big problem" I muttered back, emphasizing my words.

"Ah, I see." He nodded in understanding. "Well, you can always talk to me or Soul." he added. I leaned backwards as I heard something come flying in my direction.

"My hair is asymmetrical!" Kid yelled as I looked at the problem. Stein had thrown one of his scalpels in our direction and it had sliced off a few strands of Kid's hair. His hair was slightly uneven, hence why he was having a panic attack.

"Be quiet before one of you becomes my next test subject." Steinadjusted his glasses so that they caught the light and prevented everyone from seeing his eyes.

"My hair!" Kid's wail was drawn out. Blood spewed from his nose and mouth as he worshiped the floor.

"Not again." Liz muttered to herself.

"Wait! Wait!" Patty cheered in her seat. On cue, Kid passed out on the floor, his body in a perfectly straight line.

"Is he alright?"

"Ignore him." Liz deadpanned while bringing out her nail file.

"Okay…" I shot him a curious glance before turning my attention back to the front of the room.

A few minutes later, I couldn't stop myself from glancing at the blood that was spattered on Kid's desk. The smell was enticing; after a while, I started to salivate.

'I wonder what shinigami blood tastes like….'

I mused as I licked my lips and continued to stare at the appetizing red liquid.

"Don't even think about it." Soul whispered to me. I supressed a growl and turned to face him.

"I wasn't." I smiled innocently. From the look on his face, he didn't buy it. A heavy sigh escaped my lips.

"Goddamn it Soul. Fine, I was considering it."

"Don't." The serious tone of his voice caught my attention and I decided to heed his words.

"Yes Dad!" I sang. He growled under his breath and I merely giggled in response.


"So hungry!" I whined while resting my hand on my stomach.

"You can wait." Soul deadpanned.

"No I can't." I growled in response.

"Don't worry Maka, the lines moving fast." Tsubaki smiled at me sweetly.

"Sure" I forced a smile as my thought process went elsewhere.

'I want blood not cafeteria food!' I ran my tongue over my teeth. My fangs were beginning to lengthen and I detested having to repress them.

"Maka Albarn, please report to the Death Room immediately." The PA system announced. Static caused the voice of the announcer to sound slightly disoriented.

"Why would Father need to speak to you?" Kid turned to me.

"Your food asymmetrical." I turned his attention away from the subject.

"No! No it's not!" Liz said in a rush.

"What? Nooooo!" Kid moaned as he landed on the floor.

"Sorry Liz." I tossed over my shoulder as I walked out of the line.

"Damn it Maka!" Patty giggled as her sister continued to rant at me. A smile crossed my face as I walked out of the cafeteria.

"Maka! Papa loves youuuu!" My eyes widened and I wheeled around. My papa was running towards me with his arms wide open. He leapt at me with a smile plastered on his face. I sidestepped and watched him fall to the ground with an emotionless expression.

"Maka! Why do you hate Papa!" He latched onto my leg. His eyes glimmered with tears and snot ran from his nose.

"Let go!" I snarled, pulling my leg up and my skirt down.

"No! Papa loves you!" he yelled as he continued to cling to my leg.

"Maka…" I reached for my hidden book.

"CHOP!" A smug satisfaction filled me as I slammed the spine of the hardcover down on his head. I blew the smoke off of the book and kicked my Papa's unconscious form out of the way. Annoyance filled me as I noticed the blood that covered my favorite book. I left him on the floor and continued on my way to the Death Room.

'I hope Stein finds you and dissects your sorry ass.'

When I entered the Death Room, Lord Death stood in the middle of the raised platform in the center of the room. The fact that he was not in the mirror told me that we would be discussing serious matters.

"Welcome Maka!" he sang.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, yes." he said, nodding.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"I got a message from the council after our little chat this morning." He explained.

"What did they say?" A serious tone had leaked into my voice.

"They want to meet us tomorrow at noon in the Death City's underground court room."

"I know where that is."

"Maka, you must be completely prepared." he stated bluntly.

"Yes sir!"

"Do you have an idea of what to say?" He turned his head to the side as he gazed at me with steady black eyes.

"Somewhat, but I still need to iron out the details." I found myfeet very intriguing suddenly.

"I just want you to be yourself and explain why you have come to help me." I could feel his eyes as they continued to analyze me.

"Yes, I know."

"You are dismissed." He clapped his hands then turned away.

"Farewell Lord Death." I bowed and turned towards the door.

"Oh, and Maka?"

"Yes?" I turned to face him once again.

"I want you to have fun today" He was looking at me again and bouncing up and down.

"Why, sir?"

"You don't know if they will send you back with Dracula." He said sadly.

"That's true…"I knew that being sent back to Dracula was a possibility, but now that it had been voiced, it was more daunting and slightly worrisome. 'This might be the last I see of the others….'

"Please return to class, I'm sure that Stein will not be pleased if you're late." He waved as I turned away.

"Sir." I walked back under the guillotines.

"Lord Death?" I called out as my hand was on the door knob.

"Yes Maka?" He asked.

"Thanks" I said before opening the door and closing it behind hallways were deserted; the only noises in the hall were the clacking of my boots against the floor.

'What will I tell the others?'

The thought raced through my head as I continued down the corridor. I was beginning to panic, if the council decided that they didn't like the idea of me working for Lord Death, then there would be no future for me at the DWMA.

'Damn this is tough.'

"Oi Maka!" I turned around at the familiar voice.

"Hey Soul. What's up?" I asked while I waited for him to catch up.

"Nothing." he shrugged, his slouched position making it look odd. I had nothing else to say, so I stayed silent.

"What did Lord Death want?" Soul turned his attention to his feet.

"Vampire business." I shrugged nonchalantly.

"What?" He asked, raising his head to look at me again.

"He just wanted to talk about how everything is going." I said with a sad smile. "Nothing to worry about." I added, my eyes quickly shifting to the floor before focusing back on him.

"Okay." He shrugged again while watching me carefully. His crimson eyes seemed to see right through me and I had to do something to change the subject.

"What time is it?"


"What?" I yelled "We're 15 minutes late!"

"So?" He acted indifferent about the fact that they were late for class.

"Soul!" I screamed as I quickened my pace.

"Hey, wait up!" He yelled as he quickened his pace to match mine.

"No, we're late!" I reminded him as we approached the classroom.

"Wait! I got something to ask you!" He grabbed my arm as I reached for the doorknob. I turned on him.

"Can it wait?" I screeched angrily.

"No." He answered seriously.

"Hurry it up then."

"Um…" he rubbed his neck anxiously. He was obviously nervous.

"Yes?" I wanted to get to class.

"Well…do ya wanna…hang out…after school or something…"His voice was quiet and he avoided making eye contact. It took me awhile to process what he just asked me.

'Did …did he just ask me out?' I was shocked into silence. I didn't know what to say…

"Never mind, how uncool." He muttered, reaching around me for the door.

"No! Wait!" I stopped him from going any farther.

"Huh?" He asked, obviously confused.

"Well…Sure, I guess." I stammered.

"Really?" He looked disbelieving.

"Yeah, I mean I have nothing to do." I sent him a genuine smile.

"Pick you up at 6." He smirked, his pointy teeth showing.

"Sure." I said. We stayed silent for a while, then it dawned on me.

"Shit! We're late for class!" I yelped, swinging the door open.

"You're late." Stein's voice held a sadistic tone.

"Sorry Sensei."