Author's Note:

Set immediately after Je Souhaite and moves to a parallel universe where the events of Requiem onwards never took place. Spoilers for anything prior to that. This is my first attempt at writing something non-fluffy and much longer than my usual two or three chapter work; I hope you'll stick with me. All feedback is appreciated, especially constructive criticism as I'm hoping to write a book soon and would love some comments on my writing style.


Mulder awoke to see Scully fast asleep beside him and smiled. She always looked so peaceful when she slept, it was the only time she seemed fully able to let go of the horrors of their waking lives. He slipped out of bed and crept quietly out of his bedroom and out to the kitchen to start making breakfast. As he whipped up a fresh batch of pancake batter, his thoughts returned to the previous night. The incident with the jinniyah had got him thinking about wishes and about what he wished for the future. He regretted not being able to wish a happy future for Scully but knowing what happened to all the other wishes, it would not have ended well. A noise behind him alerted him to Scully's arrival in the kitchen. She smiled sleepily at him as she rummaged in the cupboard for glasses and began pouring out two glasses of juice, flicking the kettle on as she passed. They didn't feel the need to speak; since they had finally accepted the inevitable and given in to their feelings for one another they felt totally comfortable in each other's company, able to enjoy the silences as much as the conversations.

As they sat at the table, Mulder passed Scully a plate stacked with pancakes which she set about drowning in maple syrup, much to his amusement. They ate quickly, the quiet broken only by Scully's occasional bouts of giggling brought on by Mulder pulling faces at her across the table.

"Quit it Mulder!" she whined at him after almost spitting half a pancake at him for the fifth time.

"Spoilsport" he retorted, sticking his bottom lip out and earning him a roll of the eyes as she slowly shook her head. "You love it really." She ignored him.

"So what are we doing with this precious Saturday?" she asked, "I refuse to work."

"Well I read on the internet about a series of unusual UFO sightings near the Appalachians" he began but the look on her face cut him off, "I'm kidding! I need to go to the mall actually, the fish tank needs a new filter and I really need new socks."

"That works for me," Scully replied. "It's my nephew's birthday next weekend and I need to buy him a..." but she never reached the end of her sentence. Mulder was staring at her, a look of fear intermixed with mild horror on his face. "Mulder what is it?" she asked quietly, worried that she already knew. Mulder's hand moved just under his nose almost involuntarily and she copied the action, bringing her hand away to see it stained bright red with blood.