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One Lily Potter lay in the hospital bed her forehead beading with sweat and she clenched the hand of her husband James, who looked ready to pass out.

The med witch smiled at the woman, "Come on Lily just one more push and he is out of there!"

The red headed woman bit her lip in pain as she gave one more mighty push and a sharp cry entered the small hospital room.

The nurse took the boy and snipped the cord expertly before walking him over to check his vitals and clean him up for his mama. Everything seemed calm and quiet till Lily gasped in sharp pain and screamed out again.

The active med witch turned and her eyes widened, "Ok Lily I know you're tired but I need you to push some more alright? Let's bring this second bundle of joy into the world."

James looked at the woman, "What do you mean! She already gave birth to our son!"

The elderly witch smiled, "Congratulations, its twins."

A groan sounded from the labouring woman as she pushed again and again till finally a smaller baby was in the nurse's arms. Lily looked up as if waiting for the healthy baby cries and almost immediately noticed the nurse's stern face as she slapped the child on the back a little.

A few agonizing minutes later and the witch smiled handing him over to the nurse whispering, "Check his throat this one looks smaller than his brother. We want to make sure he is alright."

Lily smiled as her first son was brought out and placed in her arms, "Boys? Twin boys? Oh how precious"

James smiled down at his wife kissing her temple, "First twins in the Potter line. What's his name going to be love?"

The tired woman smiled, "Darius, Darius James Potter. And our second bundle of joy will be Hadrian James Potter."

The man frowned, "Same middle name?"

A tired nod and the woman let the nurse take the boy from her arms as she drifted to sleep from the strain leaving James to look after the two infants.

The next few days were a tiring one for the Potters. Both boys were deemed healthy and though little Harry was smaller than his older brother he was still just as rambunctious. The only thing that worried the new parents was that he didn't cry all the time like Damian did. If anything he was the quietest baby they had known, and believe me with Molly's litter it was a miracle.

It seemed that Damian enjoyed picking on his younger brother as well and did everything from stealing attention to actually stealing things as they grew. Lily could hardly keep track of the trouble making boy. Of course this all paled in comparison when Dumbledore came and told them the prophesy as well as the fact that they had to go into hiding.

A year passed and nothing happened. It seemed like it was just some fright that never happened. Like a threat that was more dangerous than the actual act. That was till Lily went to go put Damian back in bed once again. He seemed to awaken every three or four hours even as a one year old. Laying him down in the bed carefully she jerked up as a bright light came from outside and she heard James scream out in pain.

Lily ran to the door to lock it only to have it blown in words flying her backwards. Her skull cracked again the rocking chair and she groaned in pain and looked up to see a tall dark figure with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. The evil grimace on the man's face told her immediately who he was even if the snake about his person wasn't another hint. She lifted her hand as the man walked toward Harry's crib first, "Please not my babies. Not my babies!"

The Dark Lord turned on her and waved his wand knocking her unconscious before turning to face the two boys. Two sets of eyes looked at him. One a clear blue set of the screaming baby and the deep emerald green eyes of the silent smaller child.

The man seemed to smirk pointing his wand at the blue eyes babe, "Avada Kedavra!"

The spell flew toward the eldest twin and struck him in the chest but much to the shock of the dark lord it rebounded and struck him in the chest as well. Screaming he clutched his chest as his body began to shrivel inwards and dissolve. Leaving nothing but a pile of ash and an abandoned wand that was snatched by a terrified Pettigrew who fled the scene as a backlash of magic rocked the home to its foundation and a chunk of wood fell and struck the smaller twin on the forehead.

It wasn't till several long hours later did Albus Dumbledore stumble upon the ransacked Potter home and called in the mediwitches and wizards. They set about healing the Potters as Dumbledore examined the two babes and smiled. He picked up the youngest first brushing the blood of the cut on the child's forehead and nodded putting him in the care of one of the nurses before picking up the eldest and almost cheered with joy.

There etched in the chest of the eldest potter twin was a lightning bolt right over his heart and the wizard nodded lifting the boy to the air, "Welcome to the world Darius Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived!"

Lily sighed and took her eldest twin in her arms with a soft smile, "My little saviour!"

James joined his wife and brushed a curly strand of hair from his eldest sons face with a deep pride twinkling in his eyes, "How lucky we are to have such a powerful son."

The Headmaster nodded and looked at the proud parents before taking Harry back from the nurses, "Now what of Mr. Hadrian here? You can't expect to raise him along such a famous twin. He would feel neglected."

James sighed, "We can care for our sons Albus! What would you suggest we do?"

The man smiled, "Well since he is a squib I would leave him with his aunt and uncle yes?"

Lily looked up sharply, "What do you mean a squib! How could I give birth to a squib?"

James looked down right horrified at his son and griped his wife backing her away from the child growling darkly, "Take that beast of a child away from here. No son of mine is a squib!"

The red headed woman looked up at her husband with wide eyes before lowering them to her eldest son and she knew she had to give Harry up. He wouldn't be safe in the Wizarding world with such a handicap. Saddened she whispered, "Take him to my sister. Explain the situation. She will understand."

Albus nodded and apparated away landing at his destination at private drive he pulled a small potion from his pocket forcing the boy to drink from it, "You won't miss your magic child. You won't even know you had it," bright blue eyes twinkled at a dull light flared around the boy before fading. The once bright green eyes dulling to a sedated jade green.

Petunia Dursley stood at the door almost instinctively as a soft knock sounded on the door. She heard her husband come out of the kitchen as she opened the door her eyes widening at the wizard behind it, "You!"

Vernon seeing his wife's distress and the look of the elder man knew what he was, "Go away freak we don't want your kind here!"

Albus simply smiled and help up the small sleeping bundle, "I wish to talk to you about this child here."

The two muggles looked at one another before sighing and letting the man inside. Sitting in the living room Dumbledore set the small baby in the bouncer already set out saying carefully, "This child cannot stay in our world. He is not welcome by his parents or anyone in the Wizarding world for that matter. As his next living relatives I thought perhaps you would take him."

Petunia tilted her head to the side, "This is Lily's boy? Is...Is she?"

The elderly wizard shook his head, "Your sister is fine and yes she is with Harry's elder twin nursing him to be a fine wizard."

Vernon sneered, "Then why can she not care for her second whelp as well?"

Albus appeared to sadden, "Sadly little Harry here was born without magic. It is a great grievance that such a strong witch and wizard gave birth to such a monstrous child but it cannot be helped. A child with no magic cannot be raised in a magical world."

Petunia grew angry snatching the boy into her arms, "You mean to tell me that just because the child was born normal that my sister doesn't want him?"

The wizard nodded and stood, "Am I to assume you will be taking him then?"

Vernon looked at his wife who seemed to already be staring at the child with a gentle look and he nodded, "What is the child's full name then? And where are his papers?"

Albus smiled brightly and pulled out a manila folder laying it on the coffee table, "Everything is in there. Have a wonderful night," he exclaimed before popping from view leaving a disgruntled male and female with a new babe.

Petunia sighed and held the baby close as she looked at the name on the folder, "Welcome to the family Harry James Dursley."

To Be Continued…