Marina Marlow stared at herself in the mirror. She still wasn't used to the dress. It was far shorter than any she'd worn before. Much too shiny, in her opinion, as though a thousand tiny stars danced upon her gown. And the heels. Red. And high.

But, she had to dress up for the dance.

Of course, the dance itself wasn't until the following night. They had only arrived in New New York that morning, and moved into the ship a couple hours later. The following night would be a huge party, to celebrate the maiden voyage of the star liner, Byzantium, and Marina found herself excited and nervous to go.

She loved a good dance, of course, but she was never used to being dressed so… sexily.

Kitty had dressed her, of course. Kitty, who had never quite grew out of her high-school years. Kitty, who had always drooled after any man who passed her by. Kitty, who had managed to make Marina Marlow look like a seductress.

Kitty, as if on cue, burst through the doors of Marina's room, stared at her for a moment, and said, "Oh, my God! Marina you look hot!" The friends laughed, Kitty giddily, Marina nervously.

"I don't have anyone to impress, though," Marina replied, winking.

"Well," said Kitty, sitting on the bed behind where Marina stood, "Bob's only coming for one night, before his duties call him away. I'm going to make sure it's a wonderful night."

Marina turned to face her. "You don't mean…?"

Kitty smiled mischievously. "I've got a man in the army! I don't care if he thinks it unholy; I'm going to have my man as soon as I'm able." She sat down on the couch and crossed her legs.

"Got it," said Marina, turning away again. "I'll make sure I stay out late, then, and give you some… alone time in the suite." She acted as though she couldn't care less, but Marina was secretly jealous of Kitty. Not of Kitty having Bob, but that she was so confident and exciting.

Marina was only twenty. She had plenty of time to meet a man and settle down. But Kitty's Bob was a cleric. His life was exciting, and, by extension, so was Kitty's. That's why she'd agreed to come on the voyage anyway. Five years of travel and adventure, all throughout the galaxies. It was just what she needed.

And it did help that her Uncle Alistair was head of security. The waiting list for inter-galactic, extended cruises was miles long. Marina got priority over the hundreds of other adventurers who wanted to fly.

That was how she'd met Kitty. They were both at the administrations office at the same time, finishing up the paperwork to go on the trip. If they hadn't met then, and decided to sign up to be suite-mates, they probably wouldn't have ever become friends, being so different.

Kitty was pale-skin, bright blonde hair, more slender than believable. She was always excited or anxious, and eager to tell others why. Her outgoingness brought her a lot of attention, attention she never spoiled. Kitty was liked by everyone, and, when things went wrong, she could find a way out of any situation with the bat of her bright blue eyes.

Marina, however, was quieter. Not anti-social, but thoughtful. She could party for a little while, but craved her alone time. She could have one-on-one conversations easily, but, when placed at the center of attention, she would become lost and scared. Marina was also darker, with her tan skin, deep brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes.

"Well," Marina said, sitting next to Kitty on the bed. "What are you wearing?"

"I'll show you!" Then, Kitty jumped up and dashed out of the room. Marina laughed and followed.

Suite 126 was set up symmetrically, the main doors opening to a wide open room, a living room across from a kitchen. On the back wall was the door leading to the bathroom, and, on either side, there were two bedrooms, one for Kitty, one for Marina.

When Marina made it to the door of Kitty's room, Kitty had already gotten out her dress, and held it out to display for Marina to see. It was sleek black and silky, perfect for showing off her flawless figure. It was short, yet not unflattering, and, along the hem, glitter was seemingly sewn into the fabric.

"Is it not to die for?" she squealed.

"I have a feeling that it is!" she replied, with a good-natured roll of the eyes, as then went back into her room to change into her normal clothes.

At the same time, Father Octavian was exiting the Stormcage Containment Facility, his new weapon in tow behind him – a woman called River Song.