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"Kitty!" shriek Marina, jumping away.

"What are you doing?" demanded River, also backing up. Both women had their hands outstretched above them, as to not provoke an attack; they both knew that people were most dangerous when scared.

Kitty took a tentative step forward, and said, shakily, "I'm making things right. That woman has been nothing but trouble all night. She's broken into this room and damaged property—That's illegal, Marina!" Her voice was stronger, but still apologetic. She was not comfortable in her newfound power.

"Calm down, Kitty," pleaded Marina. "Put the gun down and just… relax."

"Why should I!" shrieked Kitty, changing her aim from River to her friend. "This woman has dragged me all over this ship doing all sorts of illegal… shenanigans!" Kitty's hands were shaking now, her lip quivering.

"I'm here to help you—" River said defensively.

"Then tell me one thing," Kitty challenged. "What's in the vault?"

River's face was blank for a moment, as though confused by this. At last, she replied, coldly, "A stone statue."

"I'm not stupid! I saw your face when you looked at that screen. You were terrified. Now tell me, are we in danger or not?" Kitty raised the gun further, and River knew the threat was serious. Marina watched on, knowing the gun might turn on her at any moment. But she saw River's eyes shift back to the computer screen, and the picture of the statue.

"Kitty," River began, "Try to understand what I'm about to say. I was sent here on a mission. And you've helped me with that mission, or, at least, you didn't try to stop me, until now. I would have been thankful for your alliance. But now you're jeopardizing my mission, and if I can't finish my work here, then many good people are going to die. I've got a job to do, and I can't have you messing it up."

"River…" Marina said, noticing the blaster was still in her hand.

She turned to Marina, and asked, "Where's the Home Box on this ship?"

Hesitantly, she replied, "R-right down the corridor, then turn right again, fourth door on the left."

"Thank you, Marina. You've been a wonderful help. And now… I'm sorry." River raised her weapon, "I'm honestly sorry. Very, very sorry. But I can't afford further delay." Then she pulled the trigger, a crack rang out around the room, and Kitty fell to the floor with a scream.

"No!" shouted Marina, running to catch her fallen friend. Blood came rushing out of the gunshot in her stomach, flooding the floor around her. Marina cradled her in her arms, watching the life slowly drain out of her. Her eyelids fluttered and her eyes rolled in her head. She was not dead yet, but not very far from it.

"I've got a job to do," repeated River. Marina looked up to her with betrayed, accusing, pleading eyes. But River simply turned around, and left the room.

Down the corridor, she could hear Marina's screams, as she shouted after her. "How could you, River! We trusted you! I trusted you!" River closed her eyes and hurried on, not wanting to miss the opportunity she'd bought for herself.

Back in the room, sobs had quieted into smoldering anger, as Marina rose from the ground, covered in the blood of her friend, and turned to the door. She slowly stepped into the corridor, just in time to see her uncle, Alistair, head of security, flanked by two guards, running down the corridor.

Upon seeing her, Alistair called, "Marina? Oh my God. Are you alright? We heard gunfire down here. Are you injured?" He checked his niece over for injured, distressed at her disheveled state.

Marina shook her head "no," and responded calmly, "There's a woman on board who shouldn't be here. Blonde. A fugitive. A murderer."

"She did this to you?" he asked. The guards readied their weapons, heated for a fight.

The girl nodded. "You'll find her near the Home Box. Get after her."

Alistair nodded, and his squad set down the corridor.

"One more thing," Marina added before they were gone, "When you find her… Execute her."

Marina closed her eyes. The day had taken a horrible spin. Just hours ago, she was living the dream life, years of adventure ahead of her, along with her friends and family. She would have been fulfilled. She would have been happy. But River ruined it. Because Marina knew that the stone statue meant death. The look on River's face when she saw the picture… It was of pure terror. It was the same look on Kitty's face when River shot her, desperate to escape, desperate to finish her so-called mission. What respect Marina had for River had vanished, replaced by hatred for the reckless, haughty woman, so willing to kill in order to keep her schedule.

"Marina…" came a hoarse call from inside the Primary Flight Deck.

"Kitty," Marina replied as she rushed to her friend's side. She grasped her hand, feeling its cold weakness. "You're going to be fine, Kitty. You just need to stay alive until the doctors can get to you… You'll see, Kitty, you'll see." But she knew it to be a lie. She'd lost too much blood already; there was no hope

And, when the air lock alarms went off, she knew it was River, selfishly running away into outer space itself. Still, Marina sat next to Kitty, holding her though the blood and the pain. On Kitty's bloodstained hand, Marina saw the ring, a silver band fitted with a modest and sincere diamond. Each red sparkle of the stone shot pain through Marina's heart, knowing the fate Kitty would have had, as opposed to the one she now faced.

Kitty stopped breathing just as the sirens went off, signaling some sort of emergence. Marina could feel the ship falling, burning through the sky. The whole way down, all she could think of was River, the one who brought this end upon her and her friend, and everyone else aboard the Byzantium.

However, in the chaos around her, Marina noticed something in the side of the room. A round platform on the floor, with a control panel next to it. A teleport system.

Using the remaining strength she had, Marina dragged herself, as well as Kitty's body, to the teleport pad. She turned to the computer, and attempted to activate it. It shuddered and whirred to life, but failed to activate. Again, Marina desperately tried to start it, but the teleport systems were already damaged.

At last, the teleportation came to life, glowing a bright blue, signaling teleportation initiation, but Marina didn't have time to revel in her one victory, for the next moment the Byzantium landed on the planet below, and was absorbed in fire and radiation, the final first voyage of the grand ship.

Later, when River found herself in that very same place, she, too, found herself using the teleported, and, even though she was saving the life of Amy Pond, she was wishing, for all her might, that she could have saved Marina Marlow and her friend Kitty, two more souls lost to the Weeping Angels.


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