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Jagan Magic Chapter 1

Harry Potter a name that seemed to simply stay in the shadows of a more powerful and well known name, Darius Potter. All of Harry's life he had been compared to his elder twin like he was scum needing to be cleaned into a pearl. Of course, everyone knew that a piece of scum could never be a pearl.

That didn't stop the younger twin from trying. He always made top scores in all his classes, excelled in all he did. He played the harp, lute, and guitar with ease. Of course that wasn't enough for his parents. No, he was just Darius's punching bag and his parents did nothing but forget he existed.

Seventeen years he had put up with being in his brothers shadow, never getting as much to eat or the same amount of attention. Even during their birthday he got maybe two gifts while his brother opened countless gifts. If it hadn't been for the fact he was so determined he would be broke for this family trip to!

You see Harry had decided that since his parents never paid attention to him they wouldn't care if he got a job. So he had been working in a tattoo parlour for well over a year even had a tattoo put on himself at 16. It wasn't much of one. Just a dragon eye on the back of his neck. It was a dark menacing purple colour that struck fear to most he saw it. Event the tattooist was sceptical about doing it. Harry hid it well to behind his shoulder length black hair.

Of course once he had gotten that one he just couldn't stop. For his 17th birthday he ended up getting a second and third tattoo. The second being a small cobra on his left shoulder black with both hood and fangs showing menacingly. The third was done on the right shoulder blade and it was of a serpentine black dragon with red eyes its claws raking up toward the eye. He had been so proud of them that he was making plans for his fourth but had held off to keep money for the trip. Heck his third tattoo was still healing.

Speaking of trips they were planning on leaving in less than an hour. Cursing loudly Harry closed up his suitcase before grabbing an over the shoulder pouch like bag, (think of the one Yusuke uses). Looking around he plucked one of his books of his shelves and stuffed it into the bag along with his wallet and spending money. Next he was sure to put his first aid kit in there he never knew when his clumsiness would kick in sadly. Grumbling he folded up a jacket and put it in the bag along with a small umbrella. Next was his English to Japanese dictionary that he was bringing as a just in case. He looked in the bag and noticed he could only fit one or two more things in it. Grumbling he grabbed a small sketchbook and his charcoals and hairspray stuffing them into the bag with a brush and tattoo lotion.

Hearing his mum call out he strapped the bag to his back and grabbed his suitcase and ran down the stairs to the car that was taking them to the airport. Smiling happily he packed it into the back and crawled in next to Darius who gave him a sneer of contentment. If there were two things Darius hated in the world it was his brother Harry and Draco Malfoy. Darius sneered before grabbing his brother's upper arm tightly causing the boy to cry out in pain.

Lily turned to look at them, "Harry cut it out!"

Harry smiled at his mother and ignored his older brother even when the boy began to talk avidly to their father about how he had pummelled the Dark Lord the year earlier. He was really trying to shove it in Harry's face, of course this didn't stop James from boasting with his son and even Lily jumped in and said how proud she was of her 'boy'. Harry quickly noted that she had once again forgotten that she had two sons not just one.

Of course Harry accepted this fate. After all Darius was the boy who lived, the savoir of the world, the one with the special wand that had killed Voldermort last year with a single spell. It made the younger twin writhe in anger. His older brother barely knew how to fight his way out of a paper bag much less an actually duel! He had won out of sheer dumb luck and it made Harry sick inside.

Turning away from the conversation he ignored the 'happy family' till they reached the airport where James handed out the tickets. Harry was not surprised to find his mum, dad and even brother in first class while he was stuck back in coach. His father hadn't even bothered to give him an explanation. Grumbling he let himself through the check points and onto the plane to his seat. Finding it he was happy to see he had gotten a window seat.

Sliding in he immediately through open the window shade looking out at the runway they would be taking off on and smiled brightly. Stuffing his bag at his feet he never noticed another teen come to sit beside him or how the teen stared at him with extreme interest. When Harry did finally turn to look at his plane companion he was shocked to see a beautiful male with shoulder length red locks and green eyes as deep as his. The other teen was dressed in proper Japanese garb and he could tell the subtle facial marks that stated the teen was indeed of Asian origin.

Smiling Harry held out a hand, "konnichi wa."

The red head looked pleasantly surprised before responding in slightly accented English, "Good afternoon indeed."

Harry blushed and smiled brightly biting back the wince as his arm smarted from shaking hands with the new comer. Resting his hands back in his laps he was surprised when the red head continued to try to strike up a conversation with him.

"My name is Minamino Shuichi and you are?"

The teen looked at the other and smiled politely, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter oh my apologize umm Potter, Harry. Keep forgetting it's reversed in Japan."

The male gave a polite nod, "Yes it can be tough to get used to. So what has you heading toward Japan?"

Harry sighed, "Family trip. It was my brother's idea."

Shuichi nodded, "Where is your family? Shouldn't you be sitting with them?"

The emerald eyes wizard shook his head, "They are in first class. There wasn't enough room for all of us so I chose to sit back here," Harry lied easily.

He never noticed the subtle look in the other teen's eye as he lied or the way his eyes seemed to widen with an aged wisdom far beyond the teens age as he spoke, "Your parents must be proud of you."

Harry shrugged as the plane finally took off and Harry was allowed to pull his book out and read it. It was one of his favourites, a tale of ancient dragons versus the modern day ones. One of the dragons in this book actually inspired his tattoo. It had been called the Japanese Hell Dragon and it had been known for its ebony scales and ruby eyes. But the most amazing feature was the black flames it would spout from its mouth. Of course they where extinct now but that didn't matter to Harry.

Shuichi looked at the book title and smiled, "So you like dragons."

Nodding he replied, "Very much so. They are such fascinating creatures."

"You speak as if they exist."

Harry smiled and turned to the other his emerald eyes sparkling, "You think otherwise? Just because something is not scene doesn't mean it isn't real."

The two fell silent which was fine for Harry as he read. If it hadn't been for the constant healing itch of his tattoo he would have been able to finish it. But within an hour he was digging through his bag for the stupid medicated cream. Smiling as he founded he unscrewed the lid and took some on his fingers never noticing the sharp leaf green eyes watching his every move as he reached under the collar of his shirt to apply it to the dragon tattoo. Harry almost groaned as some of the itching subsided and he rolled his neck as he reach down awkwardly to get the tip of the tail. Sighing in relief he wiped the rest on his jeans before closing the container and putting it back in his bag.

Shuichi smiled, "Is your shoulder alright?"

Harry nodded, "Ya, my tattoo is still healing so if I don't use that lotion it can get really sore and itchy. The darn thing is peeling a lot worse than my others had. Of course it had a lot of detail and ink to apply so I guess it's to be expected."

The red head nodded, "So you have more than one?"

"Yup. A snake on my left shoulder a dragon on my right then an eye on the base of my neck."

The other nodded and paused as if to ask him another question before returning to his own reading leaving Harry to do the same. Hours passed and Harry had long since finished his book his eyes kept rolling shut before he would bolt awake determined not to sleep. Giving in he finally let his head lull to the side up against the window and he succumbed to sleep.

Kurama looked at the fascinating teen next to him. When he had decided to go to the UK for a week he never dreamed of going back with such a fascinating plane companion. Looking at the teen with a calculating eye that only Yoko was capable of he carefully took the boys arm closest to him and pulled up the loose baggy sleeve. Thick finger shaped bruises wrapped around the wiry muscled arm and the Kitsune flinched.

Ok so he hadn't been expecting that wound. Granted when he had first seen the fading bruise on the boy's cheek he had thought perhaps he liked to rough house like Yusuke but the hand mark was a bit much in Kurama's opinion. The boy was just so innocent looking compared to most humans. Even his scent was different. Instead of that sweat and blood smell most humans gave this boy seemed to have a crackle of power in his scent that set his Kitsune senses into overdrive. Pulling the black hair away from the others neck he gasped audibly at a perfect tattoo of the Jagan eye inked into the flawless tanned skin.

What the hell was this human? Humming in concentration he smiled as the boys head rolled with the turbulence and landed on his shoulder. The red head lifted a hand to cart his fingers through the soft black lock lightly. He had known him for less than six hours and he already felt like he should protect the teen.

Hours passed and the Kitsune continues to stare down at the boy in a faint curiosity till the landing light cut on. Gently he shook the teen awake he bolted up so fast the even Kurama was startled. The kid was jumpy. Not a good sign either in his opinion. He was so telling Hiei and Yusuke about this little mortal.

Kurama smiled as they landed and turned to Harry who was gathering up his bag pulling out a slip of paper the Kitsune jotted down the address to Genkai's temple handing it to the teen, "If you want to see some real Japanese culture go there. It's a great place for those seeking a bit of adventure," with that the Kitsune turned and exited the plane leaving a startled wizard behind.

To Be Continued…