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Chapter 16 – Epilogue

Harry slowly opened his eyes, the early morning sun falling across his bare chest as he rolled over to look at the still sleeping man next to him. Golden blonde hair spilled over the bed in thick loose waves as the demons eyes stayed relaxed and closed as Harry dragged his fingers over the pale flawless skin of the demons stomach.

Violet coloured eyes opened and a small smile spread across the bomb demons face, "My beautiful mate greets me so wonderfully this morning."

The younger male nodded, "Your mate is happy to be here in your arms and your bed."

Karasu nodded before slowly standing the covers falling off his form as he searched for an appealing set of clothes, "You should dress comfortably, today we cure you, whether by my death or our survival."

Harry winced, "Karasu, I can't. I don't care if I am dying I want to spend my last days with you. Here and in peace."

"I will not have you die Hadrian! Today Yukina will purify the poison and I will see you in your full glory and power and I will have you live to see our heir grow and live a happy life."

The two looked at one another before slowly dressing, trying to enjoy the last few moments that they might enjoy together. The atmosphere was tense and silent, neither wanting to break the moment they had together.

Descending the stairs to the infirmary and finally through the doors the two held hands before carefully laying Harry down on one of the thin white beds and breathing deeply.

Yusuke stood off to the side his eyes shut and silent before suddenly brown eyes popping open with a sudden thought, "Wait before we do this, I think I have an idea."

Hiei raised his eyebrow, "You have an idea?"

Yusuke nodded, "Yes and?"

Genkai sighed, "Koenma help us. Alright brat let's hear it."

The detective growled before speaking, "What if we put Kurasu's mask on Harry?"

Kurama looked up suddenly and blinked as it clicked, "Kurasu's mask eats demonic energy but it might work. How different could human magic be to spiritual and demonic energy?"

Genkai frowned rubbing her chin, "Your right it could work. Or at least eat enough to be at a safe level for Kurasu to take in. It couldn't hurt the odds."

Kurasu nodded and slowly pulled off his mask and placed it over Harry's nose and mouth. The metallic shimmer looking odd upon his slightly tanned skin. The demon bent down and kissed his forehead gently before looking up at the group, "Please, I would prefer if it were just me, Harry, and Yukina."

The others nodded before leaving the room shutting the door behind. Harry sighed and relaxed on the bed as the mask was synched into place and Yukina stood over him smiling calmly.

"Alright Harry, this will feel almost like a numbing sensation however I don't know what will happen once the magic flushes your system once more," Her voice was calm and even as she laid her hands gently onto his chest.

Harry slowly closed his eyes as he felt her cool energy flood into his body and begin to pluck away the poison blocker. He felt the numbing wash his system before it happened. A large pressure he couldn't feel before settled into his core just below his ribs. With a strangled breath Harry clutched the bed cover as the pressurized bubble of energy popped and began to siphon into his system with the speed of a bullet.

With every nerve the magic invaded pain blistered over his skin like burning coals. His face contorted in pain as his back came arching off the bed in a convulsion of power. Harry's digs his nails further into the mattress as the power took over everything in his system. The tattoos on his skin burned to life as they were released from their constraints their voices flooded his mind, burning it with the sheer might of their will.

A scream ripped from his throat as blood began to drip from his nose from the stress his body was taking. The mask slowly burned and shrivelled as it tried to eat the excess energy pouring from the small form convulsing on the bed. Foam began to bubble along the corner of his pale lips as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, the screams unending as the burning continued along every nerve and vein.

Kurasu looked on trying to accept the energy his mate's body gave off but it refused to leave its master as it raked across the surface of his form and crawled beneath the skin seeking to find its refuge in the screaming host.

With a shudder his body hit the mattress fully and the screams came to a halt as emerald green eyes sealed shut. The three tattoos upon his skin burned with life, glowing with the power that resided within them. The form lay unmoving, it's breath halted and heart beat fading.

-Harry's Mind-

Harry stood surrounded by darkness his form lacking clothing and the tattoos he had worked so hard to get. He turned and looked about him a frown upon his face as he slowly spoke into the darkness, "Hello?"

A soft hissing voice dripping from his right, "Oh, so now you speak to us. After all this time?"

The small wizard whipped his head to the right trying to look through the penetrating darkness, "You are the spirit of my snake tattoo."

The voice laughed as it slithered closer, "You remember me now yes? Time for round two child. Forfeit your body to me now before I choose to kill it!"

"You would not kill me for it would just kill you as well!"

The voice paused before out of the darkness a large green snake raised itself up to meet Harry eye to eye, "You have grown in many ways child but you will not beat me! I am the reason your brother is dead!"

Harry frowned, no that couldn't be right. He threw his brother back and he alone, "You're lying snake. I did that of my own free will."

The snake wrapped about his form snuggly, "So you admit to killing your brother?"

Green eyes closed before opening meeting the dark orange eyes of the snake, "Yes, I admit it. I killed my brother."

The serpent sighed gently before its form shrank to only cover his right arm, "Alright little Master you have won but remember this, I will always be here when you begin to deny what you are and what you have done."

The slithering green form sunk into his arm its movement halting and Harry smiled before a jerking sensation appeared in his waist and the area about him blurred and settled. He jumped back as he found himself on the edge of a cliff.

"So you have passed the snakes test and come to mine at last?"

Harry turned his eyes widening as red eyes peered at him from the darkness of the cave carved into the mountain.

"Do you fear me so much that you will not come closer?"

The wizard glared at the dragon before slowly taking a step forward firmly placing his feet on the ground in front of the cave's mouth. "Why am I here now? Have I not proved myself enough?"

The dragon gave a long breathy laugh before it calmed, "You will not find me so easy to master as the snake upon your arm! Only a wizard who truly trusts and believes in the magic he owns can truly master me and you lack in that respect."

Harry growled "So why am I here?"

The red eyes glared, "As a warning! Soon you will be forced to face me or lose your soul to me! Prepare yourself and for now live on your borrowed time."

A burst of flames sent Harry hurtling off the cliff to the rocks below.

-Out of Harry's Mind-

Harry gasped as he shot out of the bed hand scrambling up to grab at his chest. His eyes looking about wide and fearful even as they fell upon his mate Karasu. He flung himself into the bomb demons embrace tears falling from his eyes as he clutched the blonde haired demon.

Karasu smiled and held onto his smaller mater tightly, "I thought I had lost you."

The wizard shook his head, "You could never lose me."

"I would have it no other way."

The End...


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