Charlie's Challenge!

Hey it's Charlie! My Typing Monkey and I have been facing problems with finding a good NCIS story. Not that any of your aren't good! Its just we've read them all… Yeah I know kinda sad isn't it? Anyway we wanna ask you to write some good creative stories. The rules and rewards are listed bellow.

Please no slash. ( we have no problem with gay people its just not what we see in NCIS characters. )

We prefer longer chaptered stories but if you wanna write one with only one or a couple chapters that's fine.

I'm not a person for pairings but you know if you want to throw some McAbby of Tiva in there that's ok.

I'm looking for something to catch my attention and keep it.

It'd be great if the story can revolve around Gibbs and the main team.

If you want to enter please review this with your stories name and I and/or Typing Monkey will read it I promise to review everyone of the contest entrees. The winner will be favorited (Author and story) by me. AND (if you want) I can write a fanfiction story in your honor. You can make the plot and I'll write it or you can let me go wild with it. Your reward doesn't have to bee an NCIS story it can be Harry Potter, NCIS, Teen Titans, Chaos Walking, Gone, The Maze Runner, Divergent the list goes on and on. I've read a lot of books.