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"And it was at that precise moment that I fell out of my mother at the K-Mart. There were seven Texans doing their shopping present, as well as half a dozen K-Mart employees, all of whom were witnesses, except for three who fainted," Sheldon concluded, looking very satisfied with himself.

The room had gone silent since the theoretical physicist had started his anecdote, and the six other people who occupied the living room were now glancing at each other uncomfortably.

"Um..." Leonard said, breaking the silence after a moment. "Why did we need to hear that story, again?"

"Penny made yet another comment about me being a foreigner to Earth and that one day my alien brethren would come to bring me back home," Sheldon replied, giving the waitress in question, who sat next to him, an irritated look. She met it with an overly-innocent smile. "I was simply explaining that, while I'm clearly much higher up on the evolutionary tree, I can't be an alien because I was born in a Texas K-Mart with eleven witnesses including my mother."

"Right, thanks for that," Howard muttered, shaking his head as if trying to clear away the story he'd just heard. "I think we've found a new contender for scariest horror story."

Sheldon frowned at the engineer, looking confused. "It wasn't a horror story..."

Amy, quite proud that she'd been able to understand what Howard had meant, immediately jumped in to help. "I believe that Howard was likening the story of your birth to a ghost story or a horror film."

"Thank you, Amy," said the engineer sarcastically.

"This is most likely because he finds the visual aspects of child birth to be rather disgusting," Amy continued. "Or, possibly, that he has a fear of babies-"

"Thank you, Amy!" Howard interrupted loudly.

Assuming that it would not be wise to continue with that topic, the neurobiologist decided to strike up a new conversation. "Speaking of horror films, there's a new one being released on Friday night that promises to feature deaths by decapitation, disembowelment, and suffocation." Amy said this in a cheerful tone, causing the four men sitting around her to look slightly disgusted.

"You enjoy horror films?" Sheldon asked, surprised.

"I didn't used to; however, Penny and Bernadette have taken me to so many now that the initial factors of terror and squeamishness have long since worn off." Amy turned to look at the two women in question. "So, Bestie, Bernadette, how about it?"

"I can't," said Penny, giving the neurobiologist an apologetic look. "Leonard and I are going rollerblading on Friday and then probably the hospital."

Leonard raised his eyebrows at this and then turned to frown at his girlfriend. "Hey, you said I was getting better."

Penny did a slight double take, seeming as though she had not intended to say as much as she had. "And you are!" she hastily assured him, moving a hand up to squeeze his shoulder. "You're doing so much better than the first time we went..." Leonard and Penny both winced at the memory.

Amy nodded and turned to the microbiologist. "Bernadette?" she prompted. While she would miss Penny's boundless whimsy, she and Bernadette could still have a good time.

"Actually, I can't either," said Bernadette. "Howard's taking me to a Planet of the Apes marathon."

Raj's face took on a look of panic and he moved to whisper in Howard's ear. The engineer sighed and then said, "And Raj is coming, too." The astrophysicist nodded, looking pleased again.

"What about Saturday?" Amy asked.

"We can't," said Penny. "Leonard and I are going out with Howard and Bernadette on Saturday."

"Oh, I see," Amy said, nodding. "Perhaps another time then."

Penny and Bernadette assured her that they would see the movie when they were all free; however, the neurobiologist was not confident about this. The 'girl time' with Penny and Bernadette that Amy had grown accustomed to and been enjoying very much over the past months had been happening less and less. This was mainly due to Leonard and Penny resuming their romantic relationship and, while Amy was happy for her Bestie, both Penny and Bernadette being in relationships left them with little time to spend with Amy. It was true, she did have Sheldon to play Counterfactuals with or mock other scientists, but the theoretical physicist had made it quite clear that he would never again have a ca-razy night, and it was impossible for them to have a 'classic bathroom gab fest'. Well, perhaps not impossible if they were to use the video chat on their phones, but it just wouldn't be the same.

Raj moving to whisper something in Howard's ear again interrupted Amy's thoughts. "Raj says he's free to hang out on Saturday," the engineer explained.

"Oh, excellent!" said Sheldon, grinning with excitement. "We'll be able to test out my latest version of three-person-chess."

Well, at least she'd be doing something on Saturday; now that she'd tried it out, she found that having an active social life suited her quite well and tried very hard to keep it lively. Still, while she enjoyed three-person-chess (though it had lost some of its excitement since Sheldon had gotten rid of Prince Joey to make room for other characters) Amy would have rather been at the horror movie with Penny and Bernadette.

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