For a cat, there is absolutely nothing more embarrassing than being put up for sale with the rest of the litter and being the last kitten left.
The kitty watched as his brothers and sisters were picked up and played with, and eventually sold and taken away. He wasn't as sad as he probably should have been – none of his siblings really understood him, and he wasn't close to any of them.
Whenever someone tried to scoop him up or so much as touch him he would bat them away with a tiny paw.
I don't need a new owner! He thought angrily. I'm fine where I am.
But when a pretty woman with brown hair and a huge smile picked him up he didn't resist so much. She cooed over him and scratched the spot behind his ears that made him purr and push back into her fingers.
'Finn! Look!' She shouted, and a tall man sloped towards her. 'Isn't he adorable?'
The kitten did have to agree – he was, not to brag, the most attractive kitten of the family. His fur was a light brown colour and his eyes were a bright blue.
'Yeah, he is, but what about Blaine, Rach? What's he gonna be like with a cat in the house?' Finn asked, clearly worried.
'Oh, Blaine's just a big old sweetheart. He would never hurt something so cute!'
'He's a dog. Dogs hate cats! It's, like, a fact or something.'
Rachel wasn't listening, and was instead staring at the kitten's face. 'What's your name, hmm? Felix? No? Whiskers? No! How about something more… unusual. Like Kurt?'
The kitten mewled a little. Kurt sounded nice.
'You like Kurt? Well then, Kurt it is!'
'Rachel!' Finn scolded.
'I've named him now, we have to have him! Come on, Finn, please?' Rachel begged.
Finn looked like he was going to argue further, but Rachel just held Kurt up higher and pushed his face close to Finn's. The man's resolve melted. 'Okay,' he smiled. 'But if Blaine doesn't like him, we're taking him back, okay?'
Rachel squealed. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you!'
They bought Kurt and drove him home, stopping at the store to buy the necessities for the kitten.
It was comfy in the box Kurt was sat in, and he fell asleep for the duration of the ride.

He woke up as he was carried from the car and into the house. Everything was quiet for a minute, before – 'Hi! Hi! Hi!'
'Blaine, down!' Finn ordered.
Kurt looked down from his position in Rachel's arms to see a small black dog – although Kurt didn't know he was a dog – bouncing up and down. His fur was curly and he had big brown eyes. He calmed down after a minute, eyes always on Kurt, and Rachel decided it was safe enough to put the kitten down on the floor.
Blaine bounded up to him and Kurt hissed, scared. Blaine stopped in his tracks. 'Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to scare ya! I'm Blaine!'
Kurt still looked hesitant.
'I'm harmless, really! I don't hurt anyone! I promise!' Blaine yipped happily.
'Listen, I don't know what kind of cat you are – I don't even know where I am – but just leave me alone, okay?' Kurt said angrily.
'Cat? I'm no cat! I'm a dog, silly!' Blaine barked gleefully.
Kurt yelped. 'A dog? I've heard about dogs! They're not harmless!' He hissed again and raised his hackles, trying to look as threatening as possible. It wasn't very effective, considering how tiny he was.
'Well maybe not all dogs are harmless, but I am!' Blaine pouted, not even trying to look intimidating like Kurt was.
Blaine leaped at Kurt and licked his face happily. It made the kitten's tummy squirm pleasantly – not that he would admit that.
'Gross!' He lied. 'What was that for?'
Blaine looked sad. 'It's what friends do – they lick each other!'
Kurt sighed. 'I don't want friends, Blaine. I'm tired and hungry and I want to go home.' Suddenly all he could think of was his mother and his owners. He yowled sadly.
'Hey! Hey! Don't cry, Kurty! Hey!'
'Don't call me that!' Kurt hissed.
'Blainers, did you make him cry?' Rachel scolded lightly as she scooped the cat up in her arms again.
'I think he just misses his home,' Finn mused, scratching Kurt's head.
The kitten decided he liked the attention very much, so yowled louder, pouting.
'Poor kitty! This is your new home now, Kurt. You're going to love it, though, so don't worry! Finn, will you go get his bed ready?'
Ten minutes later Kurt was snuggled up on his new bed with some catnip and water next to him. Rachel and Finn went upstairs to bed and everything went dark and quiet.
Kurt started to cry quietly.
'Kurt?' Blaine's voice came through the darkness, but Kurt just ignored him, still crying and yowling, curled into a tiny ball.
Suddenly Blaine was nosing at Kurt. 'Kurt, why are you crying?'
'B-because I miss my h-home,' he sobbed.
'But this is your home now! And it's super cool and fun!' He bounced up and down again.
'I don't want it to be my home!' He cried. 'D-don't you miss yours?'
The puppy stopped bouncing. 'I didn't have a home. I mean, I must have once, but all I can remember is living on the streets. My family didn't love me, I guess, and so I was all alone.'
'Oh, I'm sorry,' Kurt sniffled, feeling guilty. 'That must have been really bad.
'Yeah, it was. But then Finn found me and brought me here!'
Kurt smiled weakly.
'Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you didn't like me,' Blaine worried. 'I'll be quiet now.' He walked over to his bed slowly… so slow that if he went any slower he wouldn't have been moving.
I'll just go back to my bed… that's really cold… and lonely. Yep, off to my bed I go. Alone. And cold.'
'Oh, fine.' Kurt relented. 'I guess I wouldn't mind the company.'
'Yay! Yay! Yay!' Blaine sped back over and snuggled into Kurt's side immediately.
Kurt purred before he could stop himself; Blaine, in response, only cuddled in further.
'I didn't say that I didn't like you,' Kurt told the dog.
'Does… does that mean that you do like me?' Blaine's tail wagged excitedly. 'Does that mean we're friends?'
'I guess it does.' Kurt decided. Blaine was a nice dog, and maybe Kurt could use a friend.
Blaine barked and licked Kurt's face, then realised his mistake. 'Woops! Sorry, I forgot you don't like that…'
'Maybe it's not so bad,' Kurt whispered. 'It makes me feel less homesick.'
Blaine grinned and continued.
That night Kurt fell asleep with Blaine gently grooming behind his ears.

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