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Blaine had a plan.

He was pretty sure that Kurt loved him and he was definitely sure that he loved Kurt, but he couldn't just tell him! He had to show him somehow. And Blaine knew just how.

The plan was to run around the house and find every colour ribbon available, gather them all together and give them to Kurt as a gift – he knew how much Kurt loved wearing bow-ties.

Nothing says 'I love you' better than a bow-tie for a present! The puppy thought gleefully, spotting some blue ribbon in the box in Finn and Rachel's room and snatching it up in his mouth, careful not to snag it with his teeth. He yapped happily, the noise muffled slightly by the material.

Everything was going great for a while, but five pieces of material later Blaine was finding it hard to carry them all. His paw got caught in a stray ribbon and he tripped over, whining in panic. Soon enough all four limbs were tangled together into colourful strands. The poor puppy's plan had failed. He tried to wiggle free but it was no use. His ears flapped with the exertion and he panted as he tried to right himself again. Nothing was working.

Kurt, meanwhile, was feeling very suspicious. He hadn't seen Blaine at all that morning; the warmth of the puppy snuggled into his side was missing and the Kurt definitely didn't like being so cold and lonely when he woke up. He had always had someone sleeping next to him, and would have nightmares when he slept alone. He dreamt of being left alone in that big cardboard box forever, and would wake up crying and yowling.

Kurt stretched out with a delicate yawn before deciding to search for Blaine around the house.

'Blainers?' He called as he leapt up the stairs gracefully. Blaine would always stare at him enviously whenever he jumped or ran, showing off the grace cats were naturally born with and puppies, unfortunately, were not. He had tried to teach him how to jump off the stairs without landing in a fluffy heap at the bottom, but it hadn't worked well. Jumping from a mere three steps up had caused Blaine to thump to the floor, paws everywhere. He had whined in slight pain, and Kurt rushed to see if he was okay.

Times like that reminded Kurt of how deeply he cared for the puppy, though he wasn't sure Blaine felt the same way; he was friendly with everyone, and Kurt couldn't tell him how he felt, couldn't tell Blaine that he loved him. He'd said it once already, but it had been an accident.

in the distance he heard a faint yowling sound. Rolling his eyes, he followed the direction of the noise. What he found in Rachel and Finn's bedroom made him giggle. Ribbons of every colour bound Blaine's paws together and the puppy wore a panicked expression. A long piece of orange material was woven around his front paws and it was clear from the bite marks that at one point Blaine had tried to chew his way out.

'Oh, Blainers! What are you doing?' Kurt laughed.

'Kurt? Kuuurt, please help me! I was trying to find you some pretty ribbon but it all went wrong!' Blaine whined.

'Okay, okay, stay still and I'll get you out,' the cat instructed, using his sharp claws to cut the ribbon.

It took a little while but finally Blaine managed to wriggle free.

Blaine looked sad as he got back to his feet. 'I'm sorry, Kurt,' he mumbled, big eyes cast downward.

Kurt frowned. 'Why are you sorry? You can't help being a little clumsy!'

'But I had a plan!' Blaine yipped. 'I had a plan to tell you that I love you!'

Kurt's breath hitched. 'You do?'

Blaine nodded his head, ears flapping. 'Yup. David called it puppy love but I think it's more than that.'

Suddenly realising what he'd just admitted, Blaine looked horrified. 'I, uh, I mean…' he tried to shrug off the confession, but Kurt just giggled and rubbed his head against Blaine's.

'I love you too, Blainers.'

'Really?' Blaine jumped up and down as Kurt nodded. 'Does this mean we can be boyfriends?'

Kurt grinned. 'Yeah, it does.'

Suddenly the puppy looked a little nervous. 'Kurt… can I kiss you?'

Kurt nodded again, edging closer toward the puppy. 'I'd like that,' he whispered.

Blaine moved so that he was inches away from Kurt's face. He closed his eyes and rubbed his nose against Kurt's, sighing happily. Kurt giggled and rubbed his nose against Blaine's in return.
That night they rubbed noses as they fell asleep, curled around each other and completely happy.

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