Note: This is set while Amy is 11 years old, so she has already met the Doctor once before, and is hoping for his return. She lives with her Aunt, and has no parents. She doesn't know Rory or River, or any of those characters. Hogwarts is set as it is in Philosopher's Stone.

Amy straightened out her black Hogwarts tie, her palms sweating as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her red hair was distinctive against the rest of her uniform. She glanced over to Vincent, her Tawny Owl, scratching against it's cage, itching to be set free.
Sighing slightly,she looked at the time. Eight-O-Clock. She would have to leave shortly if she was going to successfully catch the Express at eleven.
"Oh! There you are Amelia!" yelled her Aunt, looking somewhat relieved. "Like I was going to be anywhere else..." Muttered Amy, under her breath.
"Are you all packed then? We need to leave."
The ginger quickly scanned her room, staring at all the plasticine figures of herself with the raggedy Doctor, and his blue box. "Y-yeah. I'm packed."
She turned back to Aunt Sharon, giving her a quick smile. "R-remember what I the Doctor returns, you send me an owl, okay?"
Aunt Sharon just laughed. "Of course, Amelia, of course." She still wasn't sure if Hogwarts was even real, or just a joke. Amy's family had only agreed to send her there so she wouldn't stop banging on about her imaginary friend all the time. Apparently her Parents both had attended the school, meaning there was little surprise when little Amelia got her Hogwarts letter on her eleventh birthday.


Amy raced down the platform, looking around for platform 9 and 3/4. "Quarter to eleven...I'm not going to make it." She said to herself, panicking. All of platform nine was clearly labelled, but not what she was looking for. She combed her hair back with her fingers, exhaling sharply. Maybe it wasn't Kings Cross after all?

She was just about to lose all hope, when a young boy came up from behind her. "E-excuse me? Sorry, are you looking for the Hogwarts Express?" He asked. Amy swung round to see he was also in Hogwarts uniform, but no house tie, which meant he must be a first year also. "Can you not find it either?-Aunt Sharon told me this was a set up I-" He smirked at her shyly. "No, it's just over here, that wall, there." He pointed to a brick wall, but there was no Express, or other students. "You run into the wall and-" Amy instantly backed away. "Oh, very funny, make fun of the ginger kid. Okay, sure, i'll into that wall and get...transported into Narnia." The boy looked at her funny.
"You really don't know where the platform is, do you?" Amy shook her head, before looking at the time again. "Look, its five to eleven, I'd appreciate it if you'd just tell me where to go. I wont bother you again." The boy laughed and took one of her hands. "Follow me."

They lined up parallel with the wall. "I'll go first, then you just, run at the wall after me, okay?" Amy looked at him as if he was bonkers. Mind you, so was she. The boy promptly flung himself at the wall, and to Amy's amazement, he completely disappeared. "W-w-what!" She shouted, looking around, nobody had noticed anything. No-one cared that he had just vanished.

Two minutes to the hour. Come on Amy, it was worth a shot. It did look like magic, and that was what Hogwarts was all about. She breathed in sharply, and lined up towards the wall. She was completely mad for trying this. Bonkers. She would just close her eyes, and run towards it. "Please." she pleaded to herself, and began to run. Her pace picked up as she put one hand over her eyes, reaching the brick wall.

"There you are!" Someone called out to her. "Quickly, one minute before we leave!" She opened her eyes as the same boy grabbed her stuff and handed them to some adults to load onto the train. "I-I didn't die." She stated, in shock. Her eyes stared at the vibrant steam train,'Hogwarts Express' engraved on the front. She laughed slightly, the whole scene was magical. "I made it!" She squealed again. "-Yes, you didn't die, but you will if we don't get on aboard, come on!" He pulled her onto the nearest carriage, and they sat down in an compartment together, just as the train began to leave the station. "I'm R-rory by the way, Rory Williams." He extended his arm out to her, grinning. "Hi, I'm Amy Pond." She smiled back at Rory, and shook his hand.

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