Rory happily munched his toast, occasionally dipping it into the yolk of his sunny side up egg.
He caught sight of Hermione, who rushed past the Hufflepuff table, puffy faced. "Hey!" He called out, waving ridiculously to her.
The girl stopped in her tracks sniffing. Cautiously, she turned around, facing the overjoyed boy. "You're in a good mood." She muttered, gripping onto her black book she was carrying, in an attempt to gain security.
"It's the big day! Me and Amy are-oh she will have told you. What's wrong with you?"

What's wrong? My best friend has run off, now I'm just lonely 'nerd'. I'm stressed about the stone, mad at Ron, and still juggling all of my exam prep with homework. I can't cope!

"Me? I'm fine. Just a little tired I suppose."
Hermione was tempted to warn Rory about Amy, mention that she was ill or something similar to that effect, but eventually decided it would be best to leave him, until he found out naturally.
She attempted to give him a smile, before hiding herself in her curly hair and running off. How was he going to find out? What if there was a search party? Would everyone assume she was dead?


Mels cautiously watched Rory for the entire day, waiting for the right moment to give him the news of 'Amy's transfer'. She soon realised that there was no right time.
And so, as the afternoon began to draw to a close, the nervous women approached Rory.
"Hey Mels! Have you seen Amy?"
His expression could've been compared with an excited puppy. She had never seen him so happy.

But his smile faded slightly, as there was no reply on Mels's part.
"Rory she's...she's..."
"-Y-yeah? She's what?"
He facial turned to concern, he knew what was coming. She was flaking out. She doesn't love him and she just wants to be friends. He knew the score.

"She's gone, Rory."
His mind didn't register the sentence.
"She's gone. She got transferred last night."
"Transferred? But it's the end of the year almost? Where has she gone to?"
"I don't know...I'm sorry..."
Rory quickly turned his concern into serious anger.
He'd rather she had told him she didn't like him. Leaving seemed a bit rash.
"We had a date! Today! Why did she lie? Why would she do this to me?"
"Rory calm down!"
"This is not ok! She left me! She was scared and now she has moved school because she'd rather do that than see me!"
"No- no Rory you've got it wrong-"
"Have I? HAVE I?"
"She wants to be with you Rory, but she had to move. Something to do with Dumbledore..."
"She could've given me the heads up! Her address, what school she's going to, anything!"
"You'll see her again Rory..."

Rory took a step back, evaluating the situation. He allowed his fingers to run through his hair deep in thought. After a brief period of awkward silence, he tried to reach a conclusion.
"You don't know that..." He breathed, woefully.
"She might love it at her new school, she might find somebody else, she might never return..."

Mels dived into her pocket, and pulled out a piece of parchment. She trembled slightly as she reluctantly handed it to him.
"What's this?" Rory cautiously asked, confusion painted on his face.
"It's a note, a note from Amy. Just before she left. Nobody else got a goodbye, nobody else got a note, only you. Don't you think that says something?"

Part of Rory wanted to read the note, the other wasn't so sure. "I can't..." he cried out softy.

"Why not?" Mels thought he would've been slightly more enthusiastic over the note.

"Because what if it confirms what I have been dreading?"
His hand began cave in, crumpling the note.
"No! Rory, she wanted you to read this, not to discard it as rubbish!"
"T-time Mels, give me time."
He was beginning to lose his cool, like he could cry any second. "Thanks, Mels. S-see you around."
He flew off without another second to waste, he needed to be alone.

Mels couldn't help but sympathise Rory, he had been through so much. She had no idea how difficult it would be to get the couple together. Their story could be made into a West End Production.
"One day." she laughed to herself. 'The Ponds & The Blue Box of Timey Wimey Stuff'- she could see it now in shining lights. The brand-new thrilling sci-fi romantic comedy. Wow, that's alot of genres. "One day." She reassured herself.


Rory lay down on the grass, he had been doing so for many hours, contemplating whether or not to read the note.
"I guess, if it's not what I want to hear, i'll know now; I can try to move on."
He was shaking slightly, as he began to unravel the piece of parchment.
He breathed heavily, and read it.

Then he read it again.

Once more.

He chuckled slightly, his eyes watering. "You and your muggle music."
The simplicity of the note baffled him, he wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't that. Her writing was fairy scruffy, she had clearly been in a rush. How did she make such a poetic, beautifully grafted piece of writing up on the spot? That's Amy Pond for you, I suppose.
He laughed again, trying to take the message with a positive outlook. But it was hard. It was really hard.
Rory was mad. He felt alone. He was upset.
It could be so long until he could see her again.
And that's if she still even wanted him.
So much uncertainty.
There were so many negatives to weigh him down.

But no, you're not every other heartbroken boy in the country. You're Rory Williams.
You'll get through this.
You'll keep going, keep fighting.
Carry on with your life.
Keep waiting.
And that day when she shows her face once again, you'll be ready.
And you'll be willing to give her your everything.
In return for her eternal happiness.


The emotion, it was electric
And the stars, they all aligned
I knew I had to make my decision
But I never made the time

In the dark, for a while now-
I can't stay, so far
I can't stay much longer
Riding my decision home

- You can't understand why I'm doing this. Maybe you never will, Rory. But despite whatever I face, I know you'll be waiting for me.
And I'll return to you. Happily so. You'll get that date, you'll get everything. I can't stay, Rory- but I can always return.


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