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I looked out the window and thought about the night before. I had lain out in the sand and stared at the stars, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my gut, and now, I understood why. I stared out the window, watching Bob, my adoptive father, confront a man in a police car, and it suddenly dawned on me. As the man grabbed Dad's gun and pointed it at his head I ran outside and tried to get to him but Percy grabbed me.

"Dad!" I screamed. The man who grabbed his gun looked at me, struggling against one-handed Percy, and pushed the gun back into Dad's hands.

"You're gonna need this." He said and gathered a shit load of guns from the back of the police car.

Percy finally let me go and I ran to Dad. "You okay?" I asked, looking into his eyes.

He smiled sheepishly at me. "Fine, Atenia." I smiled back at him and turned around to face the man who dared to point a gun at Dad.

"Hey, you!" I snapped and walked over to the back of the police car. "Who do yo-!" As I rounded the tailgate I almost ran into him. I took a step back, totally surprised by how much bigger he was than me.

"Bob, Atenia's going to rant to that guy!" I heard Charlie scream.

I looked at him, he was actually really hot, but he pointed a gun at Dad, so I wasn't going to let his cute little (ha!) ass off easy. "Who do you think you are?" I demanded.

He looked at me, and stood up straight. I took another step back. I thought he was tall before, Hell; the dude was a good two heads taller than me! He lifted a hand and grabbed a strand of my silver hair. He pulled his hand away and showed me a spider.

"It was in your hair." Was his simple explanation.

I blushed and avoided his blue eyes. Then I remembered why I came over here. "Who are you?" I demanded back in business.

He suddenly turned around and looked down the road.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" I grabbed his arm, and forced him to turn around and look at me.

I stopped when I looked into his eyes. His eyes…were so different than anyone's I had ever seen. "Who are you?" the words were whispered, but he seemed to hear them just fine.

"Michael." He answered softly.

Suddenly he turned around and faced the road again. "We have to get inside." He grabbed the guns and looked at me. I stared back into his intense eyes. "Go. Inside." He motioned with his head and I finally got it and started walking back.

"Atenia!" Dad screamed, and wrapped me in a hug. He noticed how quiet I was and glared at Michael. "What'd you do to my daughter?" He demanded.

"We have to get inside." Michael was quick and pushed the back of my knees with the bags, moving me inside.

I grabbed Dad's jacket, and pulled him inside with me. I don't know why, but…I trusted Michael. Percy followed us, and yelled for Charlie and Jeep.

"Alright. Explain!" Dad frowned at Michael and I got an odd urge to punch him in the arm.

Michael explained how that crazy grandma was indeed possessed by an angel. That's right, an angel. He explained how God lost faith in humans and this was…the apocalypse. Percy, of course, being a major Christian and all, argued with Michael.

Michael won. He was The Michael. He had cut off his wings and broke his bonds to God. And showed us. Charlie almost retched from the sight, and I stared at the badly stitched wounds.

He put his shirt and jacket back on and I made a mental note to re-stitch his wounds later.

"Do you have a way to the roof?" Michael asked.

"Atenia, show…Michael to the roof." Dad looked at Michael as he spoke to me.

"Hmm…Okay." I hopped up and ran over to the pull down door leading to the roof and climbed up it. The night air hit me and made me realize Michael took two hours explaining how God turned on us humans.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to see Michael studying me.

"Yes?" I asked covering myself with my arms. It was kinda cold.

"You look cold." He answered plainly.

"Hmmm…a little. Nothin' I can't handle!" I smiled at him and tried moving back when he moved towards me. I bumped into the railing as he came closer to me. I admit, I was a little afraid of him. The way his blue eyes watched me with that stone expression on his face, the fact that he was the only Angel on our side made me less scared but he could still hurt, or kill me if he wanted to.

"You need this more than I do." He whispered once he got close enough and threw his jacket on my head.

I blinked and grabbed the jacket before it fell to the floor. "T-thanks…" I put one arm threw the sleeves and looked back to Michael and stopped. He was watching me. "Um…it's a bit embarrassing if you watch me…" I put the jacket fully on, and watched him look away and down the road.

I looked up at the stars and twirled in a slow circle, hoping all this was a dream.

Suddenly there were large strong hands on my hips, stopping me from twirling. I had accidentally run into Michael and he stopped me from falling over.

"S-sorry!" I stuttered and tried moving out of his grasp, but he held fast. "Michael…?" I looked up at him, his eyes meeting my blue gold eyes.

"Atenia!" Jeep opened the hatch door, and I sprang away from Michael, as well as I could give the state I was in. "Uhh…Dad wants you downstairs."

I gave a retarded laugh and ran to the stairs then climbed down them without looking back at Michael.