Forever couldn't happen

Doctor 10 x Rose
Post Doomsday fic

Why did everything have to end?

He'd been so happy. He hadn't felt happy in so long. Not really. He'd been on the top of the world. And the universe. And all of time and space. With her. With Rose.

He'd watched her laugh, watched her smile, watched her love. They'd been best friends.

It had been perfect. She helped him succeed. She made the hurt go away.

Many a night, her arms around him made the difference between him peacefully sleeping or huddled in a corner, arms around his head, trying to shut out the feelings of guilt.

They'd been happy. Truly happy. He wanted nothing more than to stay with her for her whole life.

The words she spoke on the night of the 2012 Olympics stuck in his head.

" know, they keep on trying to split us apart. But we just keep sticking together."

The words had been accompanied by her hands intertwining with his own, as she looked up at the sky with a smile.

"How long are you staying with me again?" He'd asked her, with a smile, and a squeeze of her hand.

"Forever" She grabbed his arm and rested her cheek against his shoulder.

Forever had sounded pretty darn good to him.

Forever, he could feel the happiness that she brought with her smile.

Forever, he could feel her hand in his, as they saved the world- again.

Forever was a long time. A long time, with the girl he loved.

Forever just might not be long enough.

But the storm was coming. As he looked up into the bright Olympic fireworks, he felt it coming.

He held Rose's hand more firmly. Something was coming. Something was going to end.


The storm had come. She was gone.

He'd watched her disappear, as Pete caught her and vanished.

She was gone. Forever.

Was it better this way? Selfishly, he thought, it was not.

At least with the alternative, he would have known there was nothing to be done.

But now he had to live with the reality that in that parallel world, Rose was waiting for him.

He tried to tell himself that she was smarter than that- she would know there was nothing that he could do.

But he knew she was Rose. And even if she pretended, she would unconciously be waiting forever.

And there was nothing he could do about it.

Except say goodbye.