More Nightmares! The King's schedule tonight starts with Kade Jackson!

On another stormy night, Kade was once again sleeping over at Eva's, tossing and turning on her couch in his sleep.

In his nightmare, he watched as his best friend, Eva joyfully swam in the ocean. "Come on in, Kade! The water's great!"

"I'm not really a swimming person, Eva."

"Come on, Lazy Bones! You need to work out more!" As Kade continued to watch her swim, he looked in horror as he saw a large tentacle.


"Huh-AHH!" she screamed as she was dragged underwater.

"EVA!" Kade quickly ran and dove underwater, swimming as fast as he could after the large octopus that was dragging Eva. Eva reached her arms to him as he got closer. Just before Kade could reach her and pull her out of its grasp, the octopus gained speed and swam to the ocean depths.



Kade finally woke up, gasping for air as Eva came out of her room and approached him. "What's all the screaming about, Kade?"

"EVA!" he exclaimed with joy, jumping up and embracing her in a hug.

"Uh…nice to see you, too, Kade."

He let go. "Sorry, it's just…I had a Nightmare."

"What happened?"

"It was nothing, but Eva…do you really think you should be swimming in the ocean?"

"Kade, you know I love the ocean!"

"I know, but…what if something bad happens? I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

She placed a hand on his chest. "Kade, it's sweet that you're concerned for me, but I can handle myself!"


"Kade, nothing bad is gonna happen to me. I promise."

He smiled. "Yeah…you're right."

"'Course I'm right! Now, let's get back to sleep. See you in the morning!"

"See ya!" With that, she went back to her room and Kade went back to sleep.

The Nightmare King came up from under the couch and crossed his name out. "Okay, next up is…" he sighed. "Wally. Note to self: fire the guy who writes your schedule when this is over." With that, he was off.

Kade LOVES Eva! And vice versa! Well, see you later.