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Judy Fabray's hand shook as she reached out and pressed the button on the outside of the apartment complex for apartment 322. She hadn't been snooping, really, her daughter had left a slip of paper with the name and address on it on her nightstand after she'd returned a few days before. The woman knew exactly what her daughter had been up to the moment she saw the note about going to Cleveland. The open safe door in her closet had confirmed it.

With Quinn's intelligence and that girl Santana's delinquent behavior, there was no stopping them. Where Brittany fit in, Judy had no idea. Then again, if Santana was involved, Brittany always had been. And of course there was Rachel who Judy was sure was a sweet girl but she had the potential to break Quinn's heart which made it Judy's duty to dislike her just a little bit. And it wasn't that she didn't like Santana, Brittany, or the fact that her daughter had admitted to being bisexual. It was that she had always been afraid of what her husband would think.

After her parents died, Judy had been left with Russell, Lily, and her eldest daughter as her only family and family was something she was desperately afraid of losing again. However, with Russell out of the picture and the horrifying thought of losing her baby girl, she forced herself to strip her life of all fear of her husband and begin accepting Quinn for everything she was and would become.

"Hello?" a feminine voice came from the speaker.



"'s Judy."

There was a buzz almost immediately and Judy darted into the building and to the elevators, practically shaking as she prayed for them to move faster. When the doors finally opened she moved almost on instinct to find the apartment door. It opened before she could even knock.

"Judy," Lily gasped.


Judy moved first, lunging forward and pulling her little sister into a hug that was almost eighteen years in the making. It was a fresh start. It was family.

That night, Judy would return home and find her daughter in their living room with her laptop open and she would sit down and tell Quinn where she'd been all day and smile when she gave her the news that Lily and Joel would be coming up to Lima the next week to celebrate Quinn's eighteenth birthday. Quinn would shut her laptop and for the first time in her life, she and Judy would talk. They would about how Quinn found everything out, Judy's motives and how they got away with it, the fact that Judy was terrified of losing her daughter and would do anything to keep her from leaving. The conversation would end with a hug and both reaching for the tissues on the coffee table.

"So how do I do this Facebook everyone keeps talking about?"