Author's Notes:

This story will be about the adventures of the next generation. Continuation of the Magic Tree House Series! Charisse is owned by PurpleRose328 while Sabina is owned by ChineseGirl50. Don't own anything at all!


19 years had passed since Merlin gave his last mission to the duo. They're now adults and have their own kids. Now that the tree house is back, it's their kids turn to have their own adventure…

"Oh! How I wish these things were true!" exclaimed Charisse as she walked while reading a book.

"Yeah, sure," said Sabina. "If they'll come true, you're going to be a Greek goddess. Look at me! I am Charisse, the Greek goddess of waves, will and determination!" She tried to mimic Charisse's voice and was failing miserably.

"Hahaha! Very funny." said Charisse sarcastically as she ran the road.

Oh man.

This is what she got for spending time with her tall twelve year-old cousin.

Charisse loved all fiction things. She kept wishing they'll come true. But Sabina was thirteen. She loved all real things. Charisse is the only daughter of Jack, Sabina's uncle. She sometimes wondered why Charisse loved fiction things wherein her dad loves the other way around aka real. Maybe her mom influenced her. Sabina's mom was Annie, Charisse's aunt. Unlike her mom, Sabina was influenced by Jack.

"Watch out, Sabina! A hellhound might come out of nowhere and attack you. Run!"

"No thanks," said Sabina but Charisse already ran towards the woods.

Sabina looked at the sky. The sun was about to set.

"Come on, Charisse! It's time to go home!"

But her cousin had already disappeared.

She waited.

And waited.

But no sign of Charisse.

"Charisse!" she shouted again.

"Sabina! Look! Come here! Come here!" she heard a very excited voice of her cousin.

She groaned. What was it this time? The last time Charisse did this was last year. The thing she was very excited about was just a picture of her 'imaginary' boyfriend which was Hermes, the Greek god of messengers. She couldn't forget what happened at that time. Whenever she dragged her younger cousin to look at the next picture, she kept coming back to the picture of her favorite Greek god. Sabina just sighed and looked at the other pictures alone, leaving Charisse admiring the picture of Hermes. But then, when they got home, Sabina was surprised to see that Charisse bought the picture! She started to asked her what in the world did she think she was doing but Charisse smiled innocently, waved a hand in front of her like the question didn't bother her at all and said, "It's worth it. Let's go Hermes! To our own room!" And she climbed the stairs. Until now, that picture of Hermes was still there, hanging at the center of the room. Sabina remembered whenever she entered Charisse's room, she always felt like the eyes of the painting was following her.

"Sabina! Look over here!" shouted Charisse again that made Sabina snapped out of her thoughts.

"This better be good," she muttered and followed Charisse's voice.

The woods were beautiful when it was before dawn. The trees were lit with a golden late-afternoon light.

"Come here!" called Charisse.

There she was, standing under a tall oak tree.

"Look," she said. She was pointing at a rope ladder.

It was the longest rope ladder Sabina had ever seen. It might be more than five feet! Sabina's height was 5'3 while Charisse's was 5'4 1/2. She hated it when her cousin teased her for being so small wherein there was only just a one and a half foot difference.

Sabina followed the ladder with her eyes. She realized that it goes way up to the top of the tree.

There - at the top - was a tree house. It was tucked between two branches.

"That must be the highest tree in the world," said Charisse. "Frog Creek, Pennsylvania might get a Guinness world book record!"

Sabina rolled her dark brown eyes again. Here we go again! Why did her younger cousin say more weird things in such a time like this?

"Who built it?" asked Sabina. "I've never seen it before."

"I don't know," said Charisse. "But I'm going up!"

"No!" said Sabina," We don't know to whom this tree house belongs to!"

"Oh come on! Please! Just for a minute!" pleaded Charisse. She started up the ladder.

"Charisse! Come back!"

She kept climbing.

Sabina sighed. "Charisse, we have to go home. It's almost dark."

Charisse disappeared inside the tree house.


Sabina waited a moment. She was about to call her again when she saw the ultra black hair of her cousin. She remembered overhearing her mom and uncle say that she inherited it from her mom. She remembered a stray tear flow down on her uncle's cheek and her mom just comforted him. Charisse's mom might have the same ultra black hair. Charisse poked her head out of the window of the tree house. A wide smile plastered across her face. You could even see the sparkle of her dark brown eyes under her purple glasses.

"Books!" She shouted happily.


"It's filled with books! All kinds of books were up here! There are fiction and non-fiction!"

Oh man. Sabina loved non-fiction books!

She took a deep breath and gripped the side of the rope ladder and up she went.

I hope you like it!