Summary: Artemis wants a child but she hates guys. So she tries to seduce Percy Jackson. But there's a problem. He doesn't believe in sex before marriage.

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I stared wistfully at the young kids at camp. I want a child but I despise men. Should I adopt a child? But I want a child of my own. Then again, I do not want to go near those . . . pigs. I grimaced,

"What should I do?"

"Hey sis," A voice called out. I turned around to see Apollo with his stupid grin. I groaned, what does he want?

"I'm not in the mood, Apollo. Leave before I shoot you," I grumbled, glaring at him. Please go away. He frowned and took his sunglasses off. He walked towards me.

"Are you feeling ok?" Apollo asked with concern, feeling my forehead. I slapped his hand away and snapped,

"I'm fine!" He looked hurt for a second and I felt bad. I looked away, hoping he would go away.

"What do you want?" I asked as nicely as I could without hurting his feelings. Apollo looked at me confused and then he gasped as if remembering something. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Idiot," I muttered. I can't believe he actually forgot why he came here.

"I remember now! I heard that you wanted a child. That true, sis?" Apollo winked at me and I punched him.

"Don't call me sis! And where did you hear that? Who told you?" I'm going to kill whoever told him about me wanting a child. How did that person know? I didn't tell anyone! I must've looked murderous because Apollo stepped back with his hands up.

"Whoa! Don't get mad! So it's true?" His eyes went wide as my face turned warm.

"No! That's not true! Where did you even hear that?" I yelled as I got up. He narrowed his eyes at me, pointed a finger at me, and said,


"N-No, I'm not!" I stuttered, my face red. Apollo snorted and crossed his arms.

"I'm the god of truth; I know when someone's lying to me." He smirked smugly, head high.

"Fine! It's true," I sighed. Apollo frowned like he didn't understand.

"But . . . why?" He looked at me confused. I hesitated, why did I want a child?

"I don't know. We've been alive for years and I've never had a child before. I want to know what it's like having a child of my own." I said. Then he smiled mischievously and I glared at him. Whatever is going on in his head, I do not want to know.

"So that means you're going to have to do it with —," I cut him off by punching him on the shoulder.

"Don't. Even. Finish. That. Sentence," I growled at Apollo and walked away. Stupid Apollo and his perverted mind! Can't he act more mature? I mean, seriously.

"Wait! Sis, wait!" It was Apollo. I groaned, what does want now?

"Don't Call Me Sis!" I hissed. How many millennia do I have to tell him we're twins! He smirked at me and said,

"You know, Aphrodite can help you with your problem." I frowned. Like she can do anything, she's the freaking goddess of love! She can't do anything except make people fall in love. Cue thunder.

"And how will she be able to help me? I don't even want her help!" I exclaimed. What can a goddess of love do? She's going to magically make me pregnant or what? Cue thunder here.

There was a bright light and Aphrodite appeared. She came up to me with her arms crossed.

"I can't magically make you pregnant and for your information I can do other things too! I don't just make people fall in love!" She said indignantly. Yeah right. Aphrodite glared at me but then she smiled. Uh oh, that can't be good.

Aphrodite and Apollo shared a look and nodded. I looked at the both of them suspiciously. They were definitely planning something.

I backed away from them when they started walking towards me.

"Need help with your baby problems, Artemis?" Aphrodite asked with a smile. I glared at her, baby problems? I don't need your help!

"Yeah, Artemis, you need help?" Now Apollo? I snorted,

"Yeah right! I don't need your help!" Aphrodite pouted and stared at me with big eyes. I twitched.

"You sure about that? I mean, if you don't want my help I'll just, you know, leave," She said with tears in her eyes. I twitched again. Shit, I made her cry. What do I do? I guess I could . . . use her help. Before I could make up my mind Aphrodite started to walk away. Without thinking I ran after her.

"Wait! Aphrodite, wait!" I caught her arm and she looked at me surprised. My face turned warm with embarrassment.

"I-I, uh, I, um, I need your . . . help," I mumbled, my face all red. Aphrodite cocked her head and said,

"What was that? I couldn't hear you." I glared at her but she just smiled. I repeated it again a little louder but apparently it wasn't loud enough still.

"Huh? I'm sorry, I didn't understand you. What was that?" She asked, smiling innocently at me. I hate you. I absolutely hate you.

"Fine! I need your help! Happy?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Yes!" Aphrodite screamed all of a sudden. What's wrong with her?

"Hey Apollo, did you get that on tape," Apollo gave her a thumbs up," Great! This is perfect blackmail!" I stared at her incredulously with my mouth agape. Did she just . . . blackmail . . . set me up?

"You . . . you just . . . what the hell? Wait! You helping me, that was a lie?" I growled. How dare they lie to me!

"I'm going to kill you both!" I screeched and got my bow out. Aphrodite's eyes widened and held her hands out.

"Wait! Artemis! I know what I did was bad but I wasn't lying about helping you! Really! Please don't shoot me! You're going to ruin my hair!" She whined and my eye twitched.

"Yeah, Artemis! She's going to help you! Calm down! Put the bow down and let's talk, shall we?" Apollo said laughing nervously. I pointed the bow at him. He paled and gulped.

"Give. Me. The. Tape," I said slowly, glaring at the both of them. They didn't move.

"Give Me the Damn Tape!" I yelled. Apollo ran towards me with the tape. I snatched it from his hands. I threw it in the air and shot it with my bow.

"NO!" They shouted in unison.

"No one and I mean no one is to speak of this. Got it?" I glared at them daring them to say something. They didn't say anything. Thought so. It was silent for a while so I broke the silence,

"Well? Are you going to help me or what?"

So . . . that was the first chapter! An idea I had for a while now. You like? Anyway about my two other stories, um, The Past Life is discontinued and Love Again is on hiatus. Sorry! This one is Pertamis too so if you don't like Pertamis don't read.

Artemis: Uh. . .

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Percy:*Stares at her confused* our couple name? But I'm dating Annabeth!

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