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Chapter 9

"You wouldn't," he began, his voice wavering at the determination in her eyes.

"There you go again, thinking that you know what I'm going to do," Grace returned, her grip on the gun becoming more steady. "You killed a man that I loved. What is after that? Eternity spent with his murderer?"

"You're not thinking clearly."

"I'm thinking more clearly that I ever have before in your presence."

Sensing the instinctive curl that Grace's finger had over the trigger, unnerved Jerry more than he wanted to admit.

Hell, it was a lot deeper than what he wanted to believe it was, but his mind was in too much of a frenzy that unease was the only thing he could register.

He hated to admit it, but it would be most unsettling to have her gone. Especially since he'd pursued her with such fervor and had established to a certain degree, some plans of the afterlife with her. Were he to even delve further inside, so far down that he'd think that part of him was ripped away during his transformation into a vampire, Jerry would understand that he had involved more of his self into her than he ever had done to anyone.

In some strange way, he understood the urgency of her actions. To kill oneself when their other half leaves wasn't anything new to him. He'd seen it countless of times through his eyes as the world changed.

But damn it, he didn't understand why him. Why she was so dedicated to a man who wasn't really a man at all. Just a cheap, disgusting, pathetic speck of dust. Microscopic in comparison to what Grace was capable of.

Then again, Grace was an enigma that countered his efforts at every turn. All because she didn't understand that being alive was a hindrance. A mere stepping stone to everything she could become.

"Don't pull that trigger," he commanded slowly, holding out a hand.

"You would really care if I died?" she sarcastically asked.

Holding back her shock, Grace watched indecision strike Jerry's features, his lips frowning at some thought running through his mind.

Finally, he said so softly that Grace didn't think he'd spoken, "Yes."

The gun in her hand shook briefly as she attempted to pull herself together.

"You're lying."

It nearly came out a question rather than a statement.

"I assure you that I didn't go to all of this trouble just to watch you kill yourself," he replied with harsh sarcasm.

Opening her mouth, Grace stood eerily still, pondering on the new developments. Initially, she had planned on pulling the trigger. It was a strange instinct and one she was unused to having. Grace loved life more than she could accurately explain, but the alternative was worse than death. So much worse. Immortality, while it sounded romantic in the novels, was so far above her. The human experience ended with death, just as it began with life. If she were to fall out of the laws which held her to what it meant to be a human, what would she end up being? An animal? A soulless demon?

For that reason, a vampire afterlife held little appeal to her.

A new instinct set in as soon as she'd caught the nervousness circulating Jerry's features however. While she didn't quite understand his interest in her, it didn't mean that her brain should shut down just because all seemed lost. Maybe, just maybe, she could still get out of this alive.

Holding the trigger a fraction tighter only elicited a sharper glare from Jerry.

"Leave this town," Grace stated firmly.

Scratching at his arm, Jerry studied Grace carefully.

"I very much prefer it."

"Then watch me die," she responded, closing her eyes.

"Alright," he quickly agreed, his brown eyes trailing over her with vivid preciseness.

Peeking through one lid, Grace observed the vampire.

"Don't ever hurt anyone I love. Not Charley, not Jane, and no one in this town," Grace demanded, the gun lowering slightly but still within range of her head.

Understanding the negotiation at hand, Jerry stayed silent until Grace moved the gun back up to her head.


Physically withholding her sigh of relief, Grace met Jerry's unreadable eyes with no fear. If she were to show any, her charade would be done and he would turn her without hesitation.

"I'm going to walk out of this house," Grace began, finally taking her first steps toward the nearest door in the basement, "and you're going to watch me go."

This time, Jerry didn't reply. His body language indicated that he understood her command, but his eyes spoke a completely different story.

"I'm going," Grace spoke again, her voice much steadier as she lowered the gun again.

Jerry simply stood in place, scanning her body up and down. He never said anything, just observed with eyes that had been getting darker the further away she got.

As the cool door knob met Grace's shaking hand, she took the gun away from her head for a second to open the door.

Despite her agreement not to hesitate, she couldn't help but feel like this whole process was too easy. At any moment, she expected Jerry to spring into action, throwing her across the room or sinking his venomous fangs into her neck.

When her hesitation was left without action, Grace walked through the doorway and into the hall.

As she attempted to keep her walking confident, her heart was beating frantically inside her. Grace tried calming it down a few times, but Jerry's inaudible silence made her so anxious that she was surprised she hadn't hyperventilated or peed her pants. Or both at the same time.

Keep it calm. One step at a time. I've got this.


When Jerry's front door appeared before Grace's eyes, she finally found the need to lower the gun to her hip. Having held it up for so long, made her arm feel like it weighed a ton.

"Thank the spirits of Swaziland," Grace let out, a nervous laugh bubbling through her.

The house was deathly silent and only moments ago, Grace had passed the remaining pile of Beverly's ashes. She should have asked why Jerry had killed her.

I just got away from the creep. All questions can be withheld for now.

Stepping forward, Grace grabbed the door knob and swung it open.

A cool breeze slapped her in the face, causing her auburn locks to fling like razors, over her skin. Every light on the street was out, unaware parents and children slumbering. Not fully aware, and never going to be that there was once a murderous vampire that lived on their peaceful street.

Sighing, she stepped forward, ready to put it all behind her.

"Did you really think I'd just watch you leave?"

The voice greeted the air so fast that by the time Grace had acknowledged it, it was too late to run out of the house. A hand sprung around her waist, gripping on to it in a firm-like vice before pulling back.

Slamming rudely into the wall behind her, the gun slipped out of Grace's hand. Blowing out a gasping breath as oxygen left her lungs, she felt something equivalent to the brutal chill of metal, cover her body as her arms were flung above her.

Jerry kept Grace pinned to the wall with his hips, while his hands slid through her fingers up on the wall, pressing down with no mercy. His eyes were nearly coal black, his breath coming out in pants as his breath flew with harsh intensity, into her face.

"Let go," Grace instinctively uttered, attempting to throw his hips off her.

All it did however was force Jerry to expel a low growl.

"Keep doing that and I can't guarantee that you'll have clothes on your body by the end of the night," was his dark reply, flinging his eyes open which were trying to regress back to a coffee brown.

"You promised-."

"I agreed to leave this town and not hurt your friends, correct. You never said anything about yourself, however."

Disgusted at the mix of arousal and despair that pounded through her veins, Grace only shrank back as his head got nearer to hers.

She held her breath as his face disappeared beside her.

"Your scent could drive a fulfilled man to thirst," he ground out, running the tip of his tongue over Grace's pulse.


It came out authoritative and in control, two things that Grace felt slip away from her as soon as his tongue made contact with her skin. There literally was a near electric current that passed between them, only pushed deeper into her veins as his tongue explored her neck.

"How did I restrain myself for so long?" he questioned, pushing his hips even further into her, causing Grace to fall fully back into the wall behind her.

Gasping, she closed her eyes as one of Jerry's hands left from above.

"I am going to bite into you as if you were a fresh, ripe peach."

Renewing her efforts at struggle, Grace threw her hips into Jerry's again, this time earning a rumble from deep inside his chest.

"Mine," he proclaimed with finality, a hand hovering just over Grace's heart.

This is not happening, damn it! Not with the guy who killed Andrew. C'mon, think. I am not going to be turned into a vampire after all of this. With all the movies I watched on this stuff, I should be an expert. Think Grace, think.

However, the only thing to enter her mind was gym class at her old high school.

Holy mother of magenta, out of all the meaningless things to think of right before I'm going to die.

Jerry's legs spread, his form alone now keeping her against the wall. He studied the beauty in front of him deeply, knowing that if he had a conscious heart, it'd be beating uncontrollably.

"You will never leave me for as long as you live," Jerry stated, his haunting brown eyes penetrating Grace's innocent green ones.

Then, he leaned in and met her lips with his.

Grace wanted to push his tongue out, but with centuries of seduction under his belt, Jerry maneuvered precisely, licking at anything he could touch as his lips enveloped her; a clear sign of overwhelming possession.

And when she thought she had him figured out, he suddenly turned gentle on her, easing up on the aggression as he wrapped his tongue around hers in sensual persuasion.

The only reflex manageable and something that Grace knew was Jerry's intention, was to either fight his tongue off or give in and let him take control. Neither were an option for her.

Okay, why did I think of gym class? There's got to be a reason. I don't just-good god did he just nip there? No, I don't think of random things in life threatening situations. Why the hell did I think of gym class?

Snapping her eyes open, Grace mentally rejoiced.

Of course!

Ripping her hands out of Jerry's grip above her, she surprised him by throwing them around his frame, pushing herself invitingly into his body. The only noise which elevated up his throat was a grumble so deep that it shook Grace's body.

Pulling back, Jerry thew both hands on to each side of Grace's face as he stared at her intensely.

"Jerry," Grace breathlessly sighed, straining her legs back. "Oh, Jerry. I'm so sorry that I didn't see before. See what was in front of me all along."

Completely entranced, Jerry only smiled, his fangs showing seductively in the semi lit room.

"Tell me," he commanded.

Tracing her fingers lightly over Jerry's cheek, Grace felt him pull her in with all his might, if not with his body then with his mentality.

Vampires were seductive, charismatic, and mysterious. They were what every girl with romantic misgivings, strove to meet on a cool evening at a local park. Their immortality was the prize of so many who didn't wish to live longer, but to have the power to cheat death. To never face it.

Jerry was a vampire and he lusted and wanted and demanded and believed he could have it because immortality was above a human's life. And maybe in some ways it was, but Grace knew that she'd lived more in 20 years than she ever would in 200.

Licking her lips, Grace met Jerry's dark irises with her own and seductively mumbled, "Don't mark what you'll never own."

With that, her knee swung forward and connected as brutally as it could, with Jerry's crotch.

The impact had the man on his knees in seconds, her knee slamming directly into a part of his groin where not even an undead being could protect.

Kicking Jerry's form backward, Grace scattered away, her eyes refusing to leave the vampire on the floor.

"10th grade, gym class. Kyle De-Jong taught us all how to fend of an attacker. Be swift, be nimble, kick ass. This," Grace gestured, her feet padding back with each word, "is me kicking ass."

Flinging his head up, Jerry's eyes were a demonic black, seething as his fangs were pointed out in unabashed fury.

Crouching, Grace swiftly clawed at the gun and let out a relieved breath as she pointed it out in front of her.

"This," Grace indicated, her finger lingering over the trigger, "is for Andrew."

Pulling once, she watched the bullet enter Jerry's shoulder, causing him to swing back. Pulling again, the second bullet slipped right into his ribs, a cracking sound violating the atmosphere as the bullet crumbled any ribs in its way.

Without further hesitation, Grace sprinted out of the door.

If he catches me, I'm dead.

And she knew there was nothing but truth in that. No more sexual touches and lasting stares. Jerry would bite into her like a medium rare steak.

Rushing out into the night, Grace glanced behind her once and sped up as she caught Jerry's form rise up off the ground.

Turning back, she lost all the air in her lungs as she crashed full force into a figure, causing the figure to fling back with her on top.

Both landed with an unceremonious oof.

"Holy Christmas," Grace moaned, blinking once as her eyes opened.

"And a Merry bleedin' Christmas to you to, Grace."

Feeling a smile encase her lips, Grace nearly cried with relief.

"Peter, what are you doing here?"

Peter's brown eyes met hers, then glanced behind her quickly.

"Oh shit."

Furrowing her brows, Grace felt Peter rapidly push her off and jump to his feet, all in two seconds flat.

"Stay away, vampire," Peter demanded, petting inside his trench coat.

Jerry stood only twenty feet away, watching him in the same horrifying detachment that he'd watch his victims with.

His eyes then switched over to Grace's who watched him wearily, unsure if Peter could do anything to protect them.

"I said, back the fuck away!"

Narrowing his eyes, Jerry took in Peter's skinny form and nearly recoiled.

In his hand, Peter held a large silver cross. There was nothing ordinary about it by far. Having been handed down from generation to generation, it was thought to have been made by a blacksmith during the Middle Ages, inside a very sacred church. Holy water mixed in with silver, made the cross deadlier than any piece of vampire equipment.

"Grace," Peter called out of the corner of his mouth, "are you okay?"

"Yeah," she answered, pushing herself up.

"Do you really think-."

"What part of close your fucking lips, don't you vampires understand?" Peter calmly relayed, the grip on the cross becoming firmer as he stepped forward.

Noticeably retreating a few steps, Jerry glared at the cross in hate.

"You're here," Grace noted thankfully once she'd gotten close to him.

"Yeah. Charley called, said you were in trouble. Came as soon as I heard."

Arching a brow, she took him in with mild surprise.

"Where's Andrew?" he asked.

When Grace didn't reply, Peter nodded his head as a silent confirmation.


"Nothing we could have done about it."

"Right, well this bastard is about to be laid to-."

"Do you really think you can keep me away from her?" Jerry growled out, his stare locked on to Grace.

"Absolutely, fang boy. I've got a whole bunch more of these crosses," Peter retorted.

"Grace, I want you to hear this, personally."

Twisting her lips into a frown, Grace took a few steps forward but was prevented from going any further by Peter's arm.

"Peter, it's alright," she promised.

Nodding his head, Peter moved, his body right behind Grace but an arm extended in front with the cross wrapped tightly in his fist.

"I have no business left with you."

At this, Jerry laughed sardonically, his hands running through his hair in unhinged aggravation.

"If you think," he began, his eyes resting on hers, "that I wanted you before, it's nothing in comparison to how badly I want you now. I'll leave this town, leave your friends alone, but know this, Grace. We will meet again, and next time, you'll be chained cozily to my bed, never leaving my sight. I may have underestimated you greatly, but you've done the same to me. You may know vampires, Grace, but you still lack knowledge of men. This interest I've developed for you, is so much greater than I could have ever guessed it'd be. So much darker than even your brightest light could attempt to discover. So run along, little Grace. Enjoy your freedom and your body. One day, both will be mine, and no pathetic little coward can stand in the way of that."

All the blood in Grace's veins descended into frigid ice, causing her body to freeze. Although he hadn't physically marked her, this verbal stake of claim already seemed to have done what he couldn't.

"You'll never lay a hand on her for as long as I live," Peter spoke from behind her.

Grace was somewhat amazed that his voice was able to stay as strong as it did, considering what had just been said.

"You know I'll get to her, Peter, just like I got to your parents. And Grace knows that I'll get to her. This isn't something she'll be able to prevent. My mate, my rules."

Inhaling sharply, Grace shook somewhat as she felt one arm wrap comfortingly around her.

"Haven't ya heard, Jerry, no one plays by the fuckin' rules anymore. I'll protect her or die trying."

Smirking, Jerry studied the two, tilting his head.

"See you around, Grace."

And with that final chilling statement, he retreated back into the house.

"We showed him, didn't we?" Peter laughed.

Nodding her head numbly, Grace felt her feet lead her away from Jerry's house. It didn't matter how far, it didn't matter how long, just away from the house.


She kept on walking, crossing her arms as her eyes trailed the road beneath her.


In seconds, Peter had ran up to her fleeing form, placing a heavy hand on her shoulder.

"Oi, you alright?"

Turning around, Grace ran a hand along her neck, tears threatening to break from her glassy eyes.

"I'm scared," she all but whispered out.

This time there was no falsity behind the statement. All Grace felt was deep, unrelenting fear.

"That's why I'm here. I'm not going to let him get to you. We can stay in this town. Didn't he say he was going to leave?"

"Do you really think he'll stay away after saying something like that?" Grace asked.

Peter shook his head no before the thought had time to register. Even he had witnessed the dark promise in his words.

"Alright," he agreed, facing her, "he's got us there. We will probably see him again. But let me ask you this. Did he think that he was going to turn you?"

For fear of choking, Grace simply nodded her head.

"Right. And did he?"


"Okay. That was you that did that, Grace. You found the power within yourself to battle what's probably one of the most vicious kind of vampires in existence. And I'm going to be here along with you, no more running, I swear. The bastard may have gotten my parents and played upon my fear, but he's not doing it again. Believe me when I say, I will protect you."

"Why?" Grace questioned suddenly, backing up and throwing an indignant hand in the air. "After everything you heard, why are you still going to help me? What the hell is in it for you? Why?"

And at this, Grace couldn't hold back the tears and longer. A loose stream flowed down her cheeks, her throat tightening as the events of the day fully made their selves known.

"I want to help you, Grace. Why wouldn't I want to bloody help the woman I-. Just believe me, alright? I'll be here."

"Andrew," she choked out, salt burning in her eyes, "it was all my fault. He stayed with me and now he's gone. Peter, you've got to go while you have the chance."

Peter waited a few seconds before closing the distance between them. Enwrapping her in his arms, he lightly placed one hand on each side of her face. Right now, he knew she wasn't ready to know the real reason that he'd protect her until he died. She'd just lost someone dear to her heart and that would take a long time to heal.

So, instead, he opted for the second truth.

"Because I ruddin' care about you."

With that, he placed a kiss on her forehead and hugged her sobbing form as tears began to stain his white shirt.

The comfort only made more tears fly out of her eyes. Grace didn't know she'd been holding back so much until now. How much loneliness and pain she'd felt, and not just in the aftermath of Andrew's death. For the first time in a year, Grace fully felt the realistic slap in the face that her relationship with Andrew wasn't going to last. Something had taken him away from her even before Jerry had. Something that he'd gripped on to everynight, seeking more comfort in it then in his relationship.

"Promise you won't leave?" she quietly mumbled into Peter's shoulder.

And it was with that question that Peter remembered that she was only 20 years old.

Doesn't kiss like a bleedin' 20 year old.

More to the point, she was still partially a kid. Most of the time, he'd forgotten that. Grace had acted so mature for her age, so ready to conquer life. There was nothing that prepares a person for having their loved one murdered and the murderer promising to come back.

"If I ever leave, it'll be by force. Vampires will never harm you," he promised, relishing in the soft warm in his arms.

"Thank you."


"So since you've got the house cleaned out, I'm guessing you're leaving Nevada for good?" Jane questioned on an early Monday morning, indulging in a homemade cup of coffee.

Smiling, Grace studied the front yard of the Brewster household.

"I need a change of scenery."

"Don't we all. First it was Jerry leaving, now it's you...sorry Grace. I know how much Andrew meant to you."

By now, word had reached of Andrew's body being discovered inside of Jerry's house. The man in question, was nowhere to be seen as the neighborhood exploded in rumors. None of them were true however, and most likely never would be. Still, a murder was more of a Las Vegas feature, not a small town like Clark County.

"Can't believe I wanted you to date him," Jane sputtered in distaste, sipping at her coffee.

Shaking her head, Grace felt the smile disappear from her lips.

"You would probably be dead," she stated.

"You have no idea," Grace answered.

Minutes ticked by and by the time twelve in the afternoon had struck, Grace was hugging Jane goodbye.

"Thank you so much for everything you've done for me," Grace stated, hearing a thunderous car approaching behind her.

"Hey, I know this last year was rough on you, but don't ever forget that you're always welcome here. You're a wonderful person, Grace, and you deserve somebody who sees that in you. I love you, alright?"

Nodding, Grace hugged on to Jane's form tighter, knowing that as soon as she left Clark County, nothing could be guaranteed. She might not ever see Jane again and this thought only made her clutch on to her tighter.

"From that hug, I'm guessing it's going to be an official goodbye."

"Yes," Grace agreed, hearing a loud honk blast the quiet street.


Turning around, Grace grinned at the figure running toward her.

"Charley," Jane reprimanded, "you're supposed to be in school."

"I've got to say goodbye to Grace," Charley replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Alright," she answered.

"Alone," he input.

Grace met Jane's roll of the eyes as she retreated into the house.

"Peter told me about what happened inside the house."

Sighing, Grace gave a mock angered look toward the car resting on the road.

"Remind me to kick him square in his British ass."

"Thank you," Charley responded, throwing himself into her arms.

"For what?" she questioned, hugging him.

"For keeping my mom and I safe."

"Well...thank you for calling Peter. I probably would have been changed right on Jerry's lawn if Peter wouldn't have been there to fend him off with his cross."

"He'd do anything for you," Charley added knowingly, waving at the man inside the waiting car.

Ignoring the mischievous light that had entered Charley's eyes, Grace simply brushed at his hair.

"Goodbye, and stay safe."

"Can I contact you guys in any way?" Charley asked as Grace began walking toward the car.

"Peter doesn't want me telling you this, but you've been with us all along so I think you should know. There's a special number," Grace stated, pulling out the already numbered slip of paper, "that you call if there's any emergencies. Supernatural, vampire emergencies. Otherwise, we can't ever come in contact with you. It's far too dangerous with Jerry out there and I don't want our location to be tracked in any way."

"Absolutely. I'll only call for emergencies," Charley repeated.

"You're a fantastic guy, Charley. I love you."

Charley grinned, relaying, "Keep that romantic stuff for the guy behind you."

Just as he'd said that, another beep greeted the muggy air.

"Impatient, that one is. See you some day, I hope," Grace commented.

"You too. Be safe."



"Goodbye, Charley."


"So where are we off to, Peter Vincent?"

"Beyond the beyond. Further than any man has gone before. Around the world, and then some. Some place that no one ever goes to!"

Setting her seat back, Grace propped her feet up on the dashboard, enjoying the cool breeze blowing lightly into her face from the half cracked open window.

"What, like one of your acts?"

"As side splitting as that was, I don't believe that is the answer."

"Is it somewhere I've been before?"


Studying the man beside her with a grin behind her hand, Grace's eyes shown as Peter kept glancing sideways at her.

"'re looking really excited. Is it Disneyworld?"

"Hah, no fucking thanks. They kicked me out of the bloody park, having to do with some idiotic law about public intoxication while on children rides. How was I suppose to know that you ride inside the Minnie Mouse seat, and not on Minnie Mouse herself?"

Choking back a laugh, Grace's grin developed into a full blown smile.

"Alright, I'll ask about that one later. I give up. Where are we going?"

"Well...I'll give you a hint. You were born there."

Widening her eyes, Grace stared at Peter in awe.

"What? How?"

"Right before I left, I had Alan make a few calls. As fat as the bastard is, he really is a good manager. Anyway, he'd originally wanted to expand my act to different cities, gain more profit and all that jazz. One of the cities would have been New York and before I knew it, he was handing me all the cash he'd saved up for me when he knew I'd be too drunk or stupid to accurately handle it myself. Might have to stay in a crummy hotel, but whatever keeps us out of the public eye, right?"

"Yeah," Grace answered, her eyes straying toward the road.

"What's on your mind?"

Shaking it off, she waved her hand in dismissal.

"Oi, c'mon now Grace. Did you know that I've got a particular talent of tickling a person while driving?"

"What are we going to do there?"

"Whatever you want. Can't stay there too long, but maybe you can show me where you played at when you were young or what schools you got ready for 18 years of your life. I've even got a mate there who's good at hacking. We can look up pictures of the blokes you went to school with, see if they're in prison or married to a morbidly obese Wal Mart greeter, not that I have anything against them of course."


"What?" he questioned, sneaking a glance at her.

"This is kind of...domestic for you, isn't it?"

"Yeah...I suppose it is. But I think I need it."

"That's a first," Grace noted with a smirk.

"Might be the last if you keep it up."

A few minutes passed by before Grace finally was able to reveal what was really on her mind.

"Can I visit my parents?"

"Grace, you can do whatever you want. Just remember that you left Nevada to protect the people you loved. If you drag that same heartache to the inside of your home, this next time, you might not be so lucky."

Despite the sulleness of Peter's answer, Grace instinctively knew he was right. By adding her family into the mix, would only make things complicated. And no matter how strong the urge was to see them, to barge back into her childhood home and lay rest in the room she'd spent hours decorating, it wasn't worth it if her parents lives were at stake.

"Guess I'll skip the family pow wow."


"No, you're right. I've got to think clearly about this. We should spend maybe a day or two in New York, no more than that. I've got enough money to last up to a year of traveling."

At this, Peter chuckled.


"Just that...I've got enough money for us to travel a hundred years and then some. Which only goes to show that my act isn't nearly as bad as you say it is."

"Tips at the local Chip N Dale don't count."

"Oi, I'm going to have a helluva time with you, Buckley," Peter embraced, his eyes focusing on Grace's shining green ones.

"Yeah...well keep your eyes on the road. Wouldn't want to hit any more mooses."

A barking laugh was Grace's reply as the two left Clark County behind them and journeyed into the unknown.


Jerry sat patiently inside of Grace's old home, grinning as the dark descended upon the town. He had promised that he wouldn't hurt the locals here and he would stay true to his word until there was no other choice in order to get Grace back. However, in the mean time, he was more than willing to chase down his prey.

His hand reached out behind him and quickly felt the soft object he'd been looking for. Smiling, Jerry pulled the pillow to his nose and inhaled the faint scent of peaches. A low growl made its way through his body as he recalled the experience of the night before. He'd been so close that he could still remember the taste of her on his tongue. So innocent yet ancient. A combination too rare for him to turn away from.

Oh I cannot wait to find you, Grace. First, I'll break that scrawny coward's neck, then drain him dry. After that, I'll corner you and when you realize you have nowhere to go, I'll-.

Ring! Ring!

Grumbling in annoyance, Jerry's eyes met the telephone in the dark room.

Ring! Ring!

Ignoring it, he clutched the pillow closer to him.

Ring! Ring!

Soon, the phone ceased ringing and the answering machine picked up.

As the message began, Jerry's ears perked up.

Hey Grace, it's your mother. I heard this morning the terrible news about Andrew. I am so sorry. I don't know where you are and since you haven't answered any of your father's or my calls, I'm going to assume that you are within friends' company. But when you hear this message, I want you to call back. Your brother has just come back home from his abroad program in Scotland and I know he'll be happy to hear from his little sister. And if you do decide to come back here to Timberfield, just know that we'll welcome you with open arms. Maybe we can even have a proper New York Christmas this year. Ah well, I'm just rambling on. Hope you're holding up and call me back when you get this message. I lov-.

The machine cut off Mrs. Buckley's last words but Jerry jumped up in his spot any way.

If anyone were to walk by Grace and Andrew's old house, they would have heard a dark laugh emitting from the vacant home. One that would have shaken them down to their core and made them question the sanity of whom the laugh came from.

However, everyone was laying comfortably in bed, sleeping away another night, unaware of the vampire inside the home that he could enter whenever he pleased. So blissfully unaware of the determination which entered the man, seemingly sharpening his teeth in its intensity. And entirely unaware of his graceful form that had just as easily slipped out into the night with a brand new destination in mind.

"Oh Grace," Jerry called into the night as a mist settled upon the sleepy town, "you have no idea what darkness lies ahead of you."


This is the last chapter of this story which might be a sudden shock to some of you, but I originally wanted to end it here. Writing a sequel isn't out of the question and is something I was considering do it, but maybe I shouldn't. Who knows. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed the story. Drop me off a review and if you think that maybe a sequel is in order, let me know, especially since I feel like I left a lot of unresolved tension between Jerry and Grace. I do love hearing your opinions.

Right now, I'm attempting to work on a fanfic having to do with a movie that really sickened a lot of my friends who watched it. I looked at the fanfics for the movie and it only has 5 stories written which inspires me to write one, even if not many people review at all. I'm referring to the movie, The Human Centipede. The girls' in the film acting was really, really bad at the beginning, the detectives were idiots, and even when the surgeon created the centipede, the movie wasn't really going anywhere. Very low quality, scary concept, but just made me go 'meh'. HOWEVER, I was utterly fascinated with the surgeon, Josef Heiter, played brilliantly by a German actor. There's one part in the movie where he tells the girls that he doesn't like human beings...I lol'd so hard because they still STAYED inside the house and when he offered them water, they TOOK it. If someone told me that they didn't like human beings, I WOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE! But, when he said that quote in the movie, it made me think that there's probably a more psychological/analytical side to him which makes him the madman that he is. And that made me think more that he probably represses a lot of things. So of course I'm going to create an OC and have her talk him up and I like my OC's smart so you never know what'll happen. Normally I dismiss movies and I don't write many fanfictions for a good reason, but I can't get over my fascination with the character and that's when I know that I have to write something about it. Anywho, I've rambled on about that...if you haven't seen the movie and you have a very weak stomach, don't watch it. It's not overly graphic, but there is one part about poop and...yeah, I'm not going to get into it. Right, well, that's what I'm working on so thanks for reading and have a good school year! Gah...I sound like a grandmother.