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Jay watched as Shay moved across the room. She had gotten off her crutches almost a month ago, and she had gone back to her normal klutzy routine. The woman tripped, her arms reaching out for something to grab. He had risen out of his seat by habit. Shay grappled blindly, her hands finally finding something stable to hold on to. Jay winced and quickly moved through the crowd to her. The man she had grabbed on to stumbled back, his hands immediately went to her shoulders and stabilized her.

Once Shay was back on her feet, she put her hands over her mouth. A blush tinted her cheeks. "I-I am so sorry."

"Shay!"Jay put his hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She assured him before turning her attention back to the other man. "Are you?"

He nodded. "I'll be fine." He smoothed out his shirt. "Bu' are yeh sure you're alrigh'?"

"Yeah, I-I've taken harder hits, rougher falls." Shay chuckled, embarrassment still evident in her voice. Jay tensed and Shay turned to him. "R-relax, Jay. Just be glad he caught me. I-I could've been back on crutches come morning." She gave him a small smile as she ran a hand through her hair. The situation was making her uncomfortable, altercations always made her want to crawl under a rock. Nobody was really paying attention. They had given her a glance when she fell, but went right back to what they were doing.

Crowds made her uneasy. It had always been that way, and she knew it would always be that way. Strangers and people she wasn't used to put her on edge and she distanced herself from them when possible. Jay's hand fell from her shoulder. "Shay, don't joke about that."

"Come off it, Jay. I-it happened, it's behind me now."

"It was serious, we almost lost you again."

"I understand t-that, Jay." Her voice dropped low as she followed Jay to a table. She sat down across from him. "Jay, I'm trying to move on."

"I thought things would be different, Shay." He said suddenly, drawing Shay's attention.

"P-pardon me?"

"I heard about what happened earlier."

Shay sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She fought the urge to roll her eyes and she drummed her fingers on the tabletop. "Jay, that was nothing."

"It wasn't nothing. She shouldn't talk to you like that. Things should've been different."

"Jay, I-I was in a car accident. Nothing changed after Dave or Nick. W-what made you think something would after this?"

"They shouldn't be treating you like this."

"T-they hated me before, and they'll hate me after."

Jay crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. He had grown tired of this. The same thing happened time and time again. "You know you mean a lot to me. I'm just tired of people walking over you."

"I'm tired of you guys thinking you have to protect me."

"What do you want us to do? You said it yourself." His voice rose slightly, causing people to turn and look at them. Shay sent him a pointed look. "You said it yourself." Jay repeated. "Nothing changed after Dave and Nick. We thought John was different. We were also wrong. Hell, after that we decided we finally had enough."

"We?" Shay asked. "If you haven't noticed, Jay, you're the only one of our group left. Adam can't help me, Chris can't help me. A-and Jay, you have to trust me. It doesn't bother me and I'm fine."

"That is a load of bullshit. You can't hide behind that line forever."

"I'm not hiding." Shay asserted, massaging a temple.

"It's just... it's not fair."

"Adam was called far worse after Amy and you know that."

"Adam was..."

"What, stronger than I am? A guy?"

"I'm not saying that." His voice rose again. "Don't turn this around on me."

Shay ignored him. "Then what are you saying, Jay?"

"It's difficult."

"I'm sure it is, Jay." She said softly. The woman was always more reserved than others. She was shy and kept to those she could trust. Her body and mind had been damaged by the actions of others and both knew the other was growing tired of it. "I'm sick of it too, Jay." Shay was about to add something else when another person stopped at the table. She looked up at him and grinned, leaping to her feet and throwing her arms around the man. "Chris!"

"Shay!" He laughed, swinging her around before setting her down. "How are you holding up?

"I-I'm good. What are you doing here?"

"Gee, such an amicable welcome turns into such a..." She cut him off with a light smack. "Sorry. Fozzy's passing through, and we decided to stop for a drink."

"We just want you to stay safe." Jay stated.

"What's going on?" Chris asked, his eyebrow raised.

"J-Jay thinks I should become a recluse, because that's the only way I'll ever be safe enough for him."

Chris shrugged. "I'm fine with where you are. You're a big girl, you can handle yourself."

"Stay out of this." Jay snapped.

"Don't g-go off on him, Jay. None of this is his fault."

"He broke you and John up, didn't he?"

Silence fell between the three and Shay cleared her throat. "What is your problem, Jay?" She slid on her coat and tugged her hair from the collar. "Everything I'm doing isn't good enough."

"You're not doing anything, Shay! That's why! You're being reckless."

"I'm guessing you told him what you told me?" Chris interjected, too late to catch the pleading look in Shay's eyes. Jay looked alarmed.

"No, no she didn't. Tell me, Shay, what did you tell Chris?"

"Vince is giving me a push, I return to Smackdown next week."

"Backstage, right? There's no way in hell you're ready to wrestle."


"Shay." Jay frowned. "You just got your cast off. It's too dangerous."

"Y-You've always been so demanding, Jay. So protective of me. Adam, Adam could break his neck and you wouldn't question him when he returned to the ring as soon as he said he was ready."

"Stop comparing yourself to Adam, alright? Adam was different. He got injured in the ring. You repeatedly got put in the hospital because of your horrible judgmental skills."

Shay's eye's narrowed towards her friend. "It was good to s-see you again, Chris." Shay stated as she stood up. "I'll catch up with you later." Giving the other blond a quick hug, she turned and walked away.

Shay stopped at a far end of the bar. Closing her eyes, she leaned against the counter and took in a breath. The foggy air choked her and she shook her head to clear it. Moments later, she felt a presence next to her. "I-I don't want to talk to you, Jay."

"Try again." The man chuckled. Off in the distance a glass shattered and Shay jumped. "Are you okay?"

"F-fine. I don't like shattering glass." She stumbled over her words, a constricted feeling bubbling within her. Her arms folded over her chest and she turned her head away from the man beside her. The dull roar of passersby made her head ache and her eyebrows knit together. She didn't want to be here, and she still wondered how any of her friends could persuade her to tag along. As the man put a hand on her shoulder, she winced, suddenly wishing she hadn't left Jay and Chris.

"That's understandable." He said, his eerily calm voice sent tremors down Shay's spine. Her skin prickled and a familiar unease set in. His voice was so familiar to her, yet vague and faded like a burnt memory. She remembered when he last spoke to her, and the times before that. Involuntarily, she shuddered. "You seem, bent out of shape. Do you want my jacket?" The concern in his voice shocked her, he was usually spitting obscenities at her.

She felt him shrug. "Not a big talker. You never were. It's alright, I don't mind it. You're looking good."

Shay opened her eyes, keeping them downcast and away from him. "T-thank you." She murmured, unsure if he heard her.

"I've changed." He said suddenly and Shay shook her head.

"P-People don't change." She said. "Dave didn't change, and you didn't change."

"Dave was Dave."

"And you were you." She replied softly and he gently rubbed her shoulder. Flinching, Shay hissed a breath.

"I was wrong. Things between us didn't end the way they should've." He sighed. "I'm not going to apologize—"

"I'm not going to forgive you." Shay interjected, earning a questioning look from the man beside her. She couldn't stand him near her, not this close. Her throat closed up and her skin felt clammy. She fumbled with the hem of her shirt, twisting the fabric between her hands by habit. Thoughts flickered in her head, possible outcomes of the current situation stabbing her mind. He was asking for a second chance, a philosophy she been losing faith in.

"Can you at least look at me?" He asked, the softness in his voice threw her off. Pivoting her body, Shay raised her head to look at him.

The pain came back. There was no warmth in his eyes. Slowly, he moved his hand to caress her cheek. Shay flinched and tried to turn away. "G-get away from me, Nick."

"You don't want the old days?" Nick taunted, his voice low enough so only she could hear him. With a small whimper, Shay bit her lip and shook her head. Hot tears were welling in her eyes and she quickly shut them.


"You don't want me?" A tear slipped out and rolled down her cheek.

"N-no." Her voice was quiet and quavering, and, for a second, she questioned whether she had spoken or not. "Please leave me alone."

"You know I can't do that."

"Why not? You made my life miserable. You don't want me, and I doubt you ever did. Y-you had your turn, you moved on. F-find a new verbal punching bag." Her grip tightened on the hem of her shirt as Nick dropped his hand to her waist.

"What did John do to you? You've become someone else."

Shay frowned and shook her head. She had noticed the changes, but didn't consider it a total overhaul of her former self. "No, I-I've learned to stop tolerating bullshit."

"And you got a mouth." Nick snorted. "You can't run."

"B-because you've got a hold on me. Literally." She nodded towards his hand on her waist. "Any other occasion and I'd have high-tailed it by now." His eyes found hers and she quickly averted his gaze. Her eyes fell across the room and onto John.

Nick chuckled. "He won't save you this time."

"I don't want him to." She murmured, watching him as he laughed with his friends. A couple months ago, she'd have been right beside him. It was shocking to her, how the tides had changed so quickly. The smallest actions made the biggest impacts, and the slightest misunderstandings tore down everything. Standing beside Nick was the last place she imagined herself being right now. Shay's breath caught in her throat and she turned away from Nick. As she was walking away, he grabbed her wrist and jerked her to face him.

He stared into her eyes, the coldness sending pain shooting through her. Memories clashed in her mind and she felt each verbal slap to her face. The past haunted her at the back of her mind and for a moment, she was brought back to that place. The place where being around Nick was everyday and common, where she would stand and take each and every little thing he'd say to her.

"We weren't done talking, Shay."

"Please." Her voice shook as the tears fell down her face. "Nick, please leave me alone." She pleaded, her voice barely above a whisper. Shay's shoulders shook slightly, sharp shudders that accompanied her sobs. Breaths came in short and heavy gasps and she braced herself against the nearby table.

"Is there a problem here?"

She knew that voice too. Quickly, she wiped her eyes. The last thing she wanted was for him to see her like this. Weak. Fragile. In need of saving. Inside, she was beating herself up over it, having grown tired of being a distressed damsel.

"No." Nick stated quickly and the redhead in front of them gave an unconvinced nod. Shay, eyes downcast, slipped her wrist from Nick's grasp.

"I don' believe that, Nick. She seems a bit distressed. A lil' bit o' unwanted attention."

"Mind your own business. The last time someone swooped in and saved her, she ended up in a car accident." Nick scoffed. "Don't think that saving her will get you on her good side, nobody is anymore." He shook his head. "Shay, this isn't over. You know that everyone will end up hurting you in one way or another. All it takes is time, and mistakes." Nick shoved his hands in his pockets and turned way. "It's a curse." He walked away without another word. Shay shook her head. It made sense to her.

She was cursed.