NOTE: School (life) starts in about a week for me...I'm going to use the rest of the time I have to work on this story and "A Broken Paradise" like crazy...hopefully if I have time... DX

So, this is the next big project I have decided to work on. It was inspired by a song that a student wrote a couple of years ago and I liked it so much that I decided to write a story based off of it.

This story isn't dark or as angsty as my other least, once you get pass the prologue. ^_^ Hmm...I'm a bit out of loss of words. :D I hope that you will all enjoy this new story that I have decided to work on.

WARNING: This story will have it's sad moments, but it also has quite a bit of happy fluff moments too. :) This is a Taito so that means BoyXBoy.

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Prologue. And They Lived Happily Never After

A cool summer breeze blew gently across the abandoned Heighton View Terrace Park. The sun was slowly creeping towards the west and the sky was starting to give off a peachy orange glow. A blonde teenage boy sat alone on a swing and slowly rocked himself back and forth. He absent mindedly stroked the small item that he held in his hand with his thumb, remembering the one who gave it to him so long ago.

"Hey Matt!" Matt snapped out of his trance and looked up. A tan skinned brunette was running over to him. The blonde quickly shoved the item in his pocket and started to pump his legs faster. The other boy finally reached the swings and tried to catch his breath. "Phew, took me a while to find you."

"Sorry Tai," Matt sighed. "I just needed some time to think." Tai plopped himself down on the swing next to Matt's.

"Not too happy about hearing that Mimi and Joe are getting married?" the brunette asked, also starting to pump his legs.

"No, no," Matt shook his head. "I mean…I think they're probably still too young…but they're good for each other."

"Yeah, they're one of those couples that just work, you know what I mean?" They swung in silence for a moment. "Do you think Sora and I could work?" Matt flinched at the suggestion, but the other boy didn't catch it.

"I don't know Tai," Matt muttered. "I haven't really thought about it…Do you think you'd work?"

"I don't know," Tai sighed. "I mean, a lot of people think we look good together, and I have thought about us being together like that…I mean, we have known each other since we were little…but I'm still not sure." Matt desperately wanted to ask the question that was on the tip of his tongue.

"Do you think we could work?" Matt asked quietly.


"Nothing." Matt ignored Tai's curious stare and focused on trying to get his feet to go above the jungle gym. He felt such a bliss swinging on the swings. It reminded him of being a little kid again…and he desperately hoped that that feeling would stay.

"Look Matt! We're married!" Matt snapped his head over to Tai and saw that they were both swinging in unison, at the same speed and the same height. "Remember when we were little and whenever two people were swinging at the same time, like us, they'd say that they were married?" The blonde blushed and quickly tried to stop his swing. "Aw, now we got a divorce." Matt gripped the chain tighter; hoping the hole in his heart would leave soon. Tai stopped himself from swinging like his friend did. They sat in silence.

"Isn't if funny how we all used to live here?" Tai brought up. "You know, all eight of us, and we didn't even know it?" Matt nodded and Tai continued on. "I remember always coming to this park in particular. I'd come down here and play soccer, or play on the jungle gym…" Tai paused and soon a smile crept on his face. "I even got married here once."

"Really?" Matt asked, completely interested and hopeful. Maybe he did remember then. Maybe he would soon figure everything out.

"Yeah," Tai chuckled. "It's a shame that I can't remember the girl though." Matt's hopes came crashing down immediately. "People tend to remember that sort of information so well, and I can't remember at all."

"I guess some people have a better memory than others," Matt shrugged and moved his attention to the wood chips beneath their feet.

"I guess so," Tai laughed. "It makes me feel like an idiot sometimes."

'You ARE an idiot!' Matt screamed in his head. 'A big air-head who can't even remember—'

"There was a little boy here too," Tai muttered. Matt looked up at him again. Tai was staring at a one particular spot of the play area. "We used to play quite a bit here…I think he was like…my best friend…that is, until we moved away."

"…He must have missed you like crazy when you left," Matt said.

"Yeah…" Tai sighed sadly. He looked over at his friend and smiled. "You know, it's kind of funny…Whenever I look at you…you kind of remind me of him."

"…Why is that?" Matt asked, trying not to get hopeful again.

"I remember that he had these big blue eyes…kind of like yours." They stared at each other.

'Come on Tai,' Matt begged in his mind. 'I know it's there. Please…just remember—'

"Then again, it could just be me having a false memory or something," Tai grinned at his friend. "My mom says I tend to do that a lot."

"False…memory?" Matt murmured. The brunette nodded. Matt shut his eyes tightly and buried his face in his hands.

"Do you have a head ache Matt?" Tai asked.

"Don't talk to me right now," Matt growled.

"Hey, I'm only trying to see if you're ok." Matt looked up at Tai and glared viciously at him.

"Well, how would you feel if you had to deal with an idiot day in and day out!" Tai blinked at him in surprise and then narrowed his eyes.

"That's a little uncalled for, don't you think?" Tai growled. Matt opened his mouth, and then closed it again. Tai's face softened as he looked at his friend. "Something has been bothering you since Mimi and Joe announced their engagement…" Matt drew circles on the ground with his foot. "Whatever is on your mind, just tell me. I won't judge you or anything." Matt looked up at Tai.

"Really?" Matt asked quietly. "You…want me to say what's on my mind?"

"Of course," Tai grinned. "That's what best friends are for." The blonde sighed and dropped his gaze to his feet. Tai was never going to get it…so why try anymore?

"I decided that I'm leaving," Matt said. "Tonight." He could tell that Tai was shocked.

"W-What?" the brunette gasped. "You mean…you're actually going to England to study?" Matt nodded. "But…what about the college here? They offered you a good scholarship! Why would you risk going all the way to some foreign country just to have the possibility of them not even accepting you to their school?"

"Because it's the risk that's the exciting part," Matt said. "Taking the risk…finding new options." Matt half smiled at the thought of leaving all of his problems here. For good.

"Wh…What about your Dad or T.K.?" Tai tried to argue.

"Dad is almost always gone now since he's been promoted and T.K. is growing up and doesn't need me as much. We can still keep in contact with email and stuff, but—"

"Did I do something?" the brunette spat out. Matt looked up and saw desperation and hurt on his friend's face. "I'm sorry if I did anything to upset you, Matt. Honest, I didn't. It's like you said, you have to deal with an idiot sometimes." Tai moved his swing closer to his friend. "Just tell me what I did so I can change!" The blonde shook his head. "What do you mean no? I can change Matt! I promise I can! I—"

"Why are you getting so worked up over me leaving?" Matt shot at him. Tai opened his mouth, then closed it. He thought about the question carefully.

"You're…my best friend," he repeated, though this time, he didn't sound so sure. 'Maybe he does remember…No…don't be stupid.' Matt swallowed the lump in his throat and turned away from his friend. The sun had started to lower towards the west and the two friends sat in silence, listening to the crickets starting to chirp.

"…Before the divorce happened," Matt said quietly. "My mom would read me fairy tales stories every night before we went to sleep. You know, like Cinderella or Rapunzel, or The Twelve Dancing Princesses. They were really weird stories, but they all had one thing in common. 'And they all lived happily ever after…'

"When I was little, I honestly thought that…I too could have a 'happily ever after.' I always thought that I could be like, Aladdin, who found a magic lamp and got his three wishes granted, or like Robin Hood, who was a great big hero to the poor people." Matt chuckled at himself. "We tend to think about stupid things when we're little."

"Believing in fairy tales when you're little isn't stupid," Tai said. "I always believed that someday I'd find a princess, share our true love's kiss, then sweep her off her feet and carry her off to our happily ever after." Tai smiled. "I still believe that my princess is out there somewhere." Matt released the swing's chain, realizing that his grip was so tight around them that his hands were screaming in pain. The blonde stared at the wood chips on the ground.

"There's not…" Matt muttered.

"There's not what?" Matt suddenly stood up and then kicked the wood chips in frustration. Tai jumped in surprise to his friend's sudden hostility.

"There's no princess out there waiting for you Tai!" Matt shouted at his friend. "There's no princess! No magical fairies to grant your wishes! No true love's kiss! And no such thing as happily ever after!" Matt glared at the playground in front of him, kicked the ground once again, then started pacing back and forth slightly. Tai simply stared. Finally, the blonde stopped and looked back at his friend. He looked so confused and hurt…it killed Matt to see him like that.

"I'm sorry Tai," he whispered. "It's just that…my whole life…I'd been hoping, and wishing for something amazing to happen in my life. I kept waiting for my own happily ever after…" Matt dropped his gaze when he heard his voice becoming shaky. "But I guess what they say is true…the key to happiness is to not wish for impossible things…like…" Matt bit his bottom lip.

"Matt," Tai whispered. "You're…crying…" Matt's eyes widened and he immediately brushed the tear away. Tai stood and wrapped his arms around the blonde. Matt held Tai tightly and wished one last time for Tai to remember, so that Matt could once again believe in having his own happy ending…but he knew it was in vain. Matt pulled away and looked up at Tai. He still looked very confused, but also very concerned. Matt smiled slightly and dug into his pocket for the small item he had.

"Someone special gave this to me," he explained. "They promised me that as long as I held on to it, they'd always remember me and…love me…" Matt gently placed the item in the tan boy's opened hand and then made him close it. The two boys looked at each other. Suddenly, Matt felt a burning hope and confidence in his chest.

Matt lifted his face towards Tai's and softly pressed his lips against the other boy's. He felt Tai slightly tense up, but Matt was too lost in his own bliss to really care. It felt like just how he had imagined…how he remembered…The blonde pulled away and looked at Tai. Now he looked really confused. Matt frowned and held Tai's closed hand with both of his own. Tai continued staring, very stunned at what had happened as Matt then kissed Tai on the forehead.

"I love you…Tai," Matt whispered. Then, the blonde turned and ran away from the very confused brunette. Tai watched as his friend disappeared from view and he slowly sat back down on the swing.

He couldn't believe what just happened. Matt just kissed him! His own best friend kissed him! On the lips! Matt…was gay? Matt was gay all this time and he never bothered to tell him? Why didn't he? They were best friends!

'That's not true,' a little child's voice popped into his mind. 'You obviously feel more than that.' Suddenly, the little boy with blue eyes popped into Tai's memory. He still couldn't remember his face…but he did remember those big blue eyes…those eyes that quickly reminded him of Matt…and how he kissed him.

Thinking about the kiss made Tai's heart flip with excitement. Did he enjoy the kiss? Maybe he did…a little more than he should have…But Matt was a boy! He couldn't feel this way for him, not all the sudden either. Unless…there has always been something between them…more than friendship. And if there was…why didn't anyone tell him? Why didn't Matt tell him? What could have caused his friend to keep this major detail from him all of these years?

'Matt was right,' the child's voice sighed again. 'You are an idiot.'

'Excuse me, but who are you?'

'I'm you!'


'Come on Tai…you couldn't have forgotten me too.'

'I did not forget—wait. Did I forget something…someone else?' Blue eyes popped in his mind again.

'You forgot him,' the child said sadly. 'And I promised him I wouldn't ever forget him…You broke that promise! You're an idiot!'

"WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?" Tai shouted in the air. A few birds that were perched on a nearby tree chirped with fear and then flew off. The child's voice no longer echoed out and Tai rubbed his face in confusion and frustration. Then, he looked down at his closed hand and opened it. He stared at the small item.

"Tai?" The brunette didn't look up at Sora as she quickly rushed over and joined Tai's side. "Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you. Did you find Matt?" Tai nodded. "Where is he then?"

"He's…gone…" Tai murmured.

"He died?" Sora's eyes widened.

"No! He did not die!" Tai scoffed. "He…just decided to go to England after all…"

"Oh..." Was all Sora could say about that. They were quiet for a moment, then Sora sat in the swing next to Tai. "What's that you've got there?"

"I…don't know," Tai muttered. He held up the item higher. "I feel like I've seen this before though…like in some dream or something…"

"That's kind of spooky," Sora chuckled.

"Matt gave me before he…um…"

"Before he what?"

"…ran away."

"You were going to say something else." Tai didn't pay attention to the comment. "Did he kiss you?"


"He did, didn't he?"

"No, of course not! What would even give you that idea? What a ridiculous thing to say!" Sora eyed him suspiciously and Tai could feel his face heat up.

"Tai, I'm your friend. I won't judge you." Tai looked away from his red-headed friend.

"Is that all we are Sora?" Tai asked. "Are we just friends?"

"…I think so Tai," she replied. "I mean…I do kind of like you…but I know that you don't feel the same." The brunette looked at her, suddenly realizing how true her words were.

"I guess you're right," Tai said quietly. They swung for a little while.

"Did you like the kiss?" Sora asked. Tai stared at her for a moment, then looked down at the wood chips.

"…Yeah," he said quietly. "I think I did…" Sora smiled and nodded. "I don't understand," Tai finally admitted. "One minute, he's all quiet. The next, he's ranting and raving about not believing in fairy tale endings. And then the next, he's kissing me and giving me this thing. It's like…I'm missing something that he has and I'm just not getting it. It's really frustrating and confusing." Tai kicked the wood chips from underneath his feet and glared down at them. Sora watched him for a moment.

"I…I know why he's acting weird Tai," she said quietly. Tai looked up at her. "He told me…everything."

"You know?" Tai gasped. Sora nodded. "Well, please tell me then! Because I honestly have no clue what's going on right now."

"Well…" Sora started. "First off, I want you to know that Matt made me swear that I wouldn't tell anyone about what I'm about to tell you. So don't get mad, ok?"

"Ok," Tai promised.

"Good," Sora smiled. "Now I'm going to tell you a fairy tale story."

"What? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Just shut up and listen you fool." Tai obeyed and shut his mouth. Sora sighed and continued. "Once upon a time, in a nearby kingdom, there lived two boys. The first boy was a handsome young prince. He had golden yellow hair that could easily put the sun's rays to shame and eyes that were as deep and as blue as the great ocean itself—"

"Matt?" Tai asked. Sora nodded, slightly annoyed that she was interrupted.

"The prince was a quiet boy, and he was very lonely. What he longed most of all was to have a friend of his very own. Not too far from the castle, there lived another boy who was training to someday become a great knight. He was brave and bold. He had wild brown hair and daring brown eyes that always sparked with mischief—"

"That's me," Tai grinned. "But I still don't get it—"

"Stop interrupting me!"


"As I was saying: These two boys lived in the same kingdom and both wanted nothing more than to have a friend. One day, they finally got their wish by meeting one another. They became fast friends and were basically inseparable." Sora paused for a moment, letting the information sink in. "In any ordinary fairy tale Tai, the knight would find a beautiful princess, fall in love and live happily ever after. But this story isn't like that. In fact, this story is almost the complete opposite. This is the untold story…of Sir Tai and Prince Matt…"

Don't you love it when your inner child starts talking to you...and calls you an idiot? X3 I know that this probably didn't make that much sense...but it will all come together in the end. I'm actually pretty excited to work on this now...I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this. :)

So what do you think? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you want some more? I appreciate any sort of comments or constructive criticism. Flames however will be used for marshmallow roasting.