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Chapter 14. A Second Chance

Tai's chest heaved heavily up and down as he finally burst through the doors of the train station. He looked around wildly, trying to find the blonde. The train station was filled with a mixture of people coming out of their arriving trains and hurrying off to board the last trains. Tai raced over to the ticket booth and slammed both of his hands on the table, making the worker jump.

"Please…Last train…Airport!" Tai panted. The worker gave him a bewildered stare and said nothing.

"Final call for the last train to the Tokyo Airport; platform six,"a voice over the intercom rang out.

"Thank you!" Tai waved to the worker, though they were actually no help at all. Tai ran down the train station, looking for platform six.

…Platform one…

'Don't board the train, Matt!' Tai begged in his mind as he zoomed past the first platform and successfully dodged the train passengers running about. 'I'm coming!'

…Platform two…

Tai glanced down at the star keychain he held in his hands and held it even tighter.

'I remember everything! Just don't get on! Please, please, please!'

Platform three…

…Platform four…

Around that platform, a large amount of people were disembarking the train. Tai pushed through various people and tried to keep up with his momentum. Suddenly, someone roughly bumped into him, causing the brunette to stumble…and let go of the keychain.

"No!" he gasped loudly as went flying out of his hands and hit the floor. He tried desperately to dive down and pick it up again, but there were stronger forces working against his wishes. People pushed Tai along through the crowd while various feet kicked the silver star farther and farther away from him. By the time Tai forced himself out of the crowd, the star was gone.

'I…I lost the star!' Tai cried in his head, as his fingers grip his wild brown hair in panic. 'I lost it…my promise to Matt…I have to find it!' His eyes frantically scanned the floor to find the small item, but it was already swallowed up by the crowd. A train whistle blew from a distance and caused Tai to remember why he was here in the first place. Torn between finding the small item of promise, and continuing his quest, Tai scanned the floor one last time and then continued running.

…Platform five…

'I lost it Matt…and I broke your promise…I'm so sorry…but please don't leave!'

Platform six.

"MATT!" Tai cried out. He stopped and looked around, frantically searching for the blonde. "MATT! WHERE ARE YOU?"

"ALL ABOARD!" a conductor hollered. With a sharp turn to his left, he saw the conductor helping a young blonde male quickly board the train. It was Matt! It had to be Matt! His heart dropped to his stomach as he then watched the train conductor pull up the boarding stairs and close the door. "NO! MATT! WAIT!" A train whistle blew over the brunette's pleas and cries.

Tai raced over to the train and started searching for the blonde. He ran up and down the train a couple of times, trying to find a hint of blonde in the train cars. Without success, Tai stopped to catch his breath. All of this running was starting to tire him, but he knew he couldn't stop until he found and stopped Matt.

Tai looked up and caught a glimpse of a small boy with his face pressed against the window. He looked about six or seven, had jet black hair and bright green eyes. The train whistle blew a few times more, and slowly the train started to move. Tai's heart sank in defeat as it slowly starting moving away from him. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of blonde. His head snapped up and he saw the blonde sitting in front of the child he had seen. The young boy smiled up at the blonde person, then went back to staring at Tai.

"…H-hey!" Tai called out to the boy. The train started picking up speed and Tai followed it. "Hey! Stop the train!" Tai waved at the boy, trying to motion him to stop. The boy tilted his head to one side, smiled and started to wave back. "No! Not hello! Stop the train!" Tai was now at a light run and he was nearly losing sight of the boy. "Stop the train!" He waved both arms above his head and continued running. The little boy turned and pointed out the window. An older man and woman's face showed up at the window and watched Tai. After a moment, they too started waving. The brunette was losing patience and ground…fast. "STOP THE—"

Tai's foot hit a crack on the marble floor and he slammed hard against the ground. He gritted his teeth in pain and lifted his head to see the train. It was now at full speed and leaving the station. The last thing Tai saw of the family in the train, was the blonde finally looking out the window…but it was too late for him to see anything.

"…no…" Tai whispered. He slowly lifted himself up to a kneeling position and watched the train roll off. Finally, the little red caboose finally left the station and was now disappearing into the distance.

He was gone. He had come too late to stop Matt from leaving. Now, Matt was on his way to England, and probably to never see Tai again. Had he run a little faster…or not taken so long in trying to look for the keychain—

"The keychain!" Tai looked down at his empty hands and then slammed them on the station ground. The small reminder of his promise to the blonde was gone.

Any trace or anything to hold memory of Matt Ishida was now taken away from Tai.

The brunette slowly stood and walked away from the station and out of the train yard. He had no clue where he was headed; he just let his feet do the walking. Finally, he found himself back at the very playground where everything had taken place. Tai sighed as he flopped his tired, beaten body down on the seat of a swing and rested his chin on his hands. It seemed like only yesterday that he, Matt and Mimi were running around the area, looking for pirates to battle and treasure to dig up. And now…

"…He's gone…" Tai whispered. The memory of Tai standing alone in the playground, after finally realizing Matt was truly gone, hit him hard at that moment. The brunette covered his face with his hands and tried hard not to start crying.

"…I think you lost this." Tai quickly lifted his head and stared at the person who had spoken. A tall blonde with bright sapphire eyes stood next to Tai and was holding out a silver star keychain. Tai stared at the boy and slowly stood up.

"…Matt?" he barely whispered. Matt smiled at the brunette and nodded. Tai stared at him a moment longer, then suddenly balled up his fist and hit the blonde with a rather powerful right hook. Matt fell to the ground and clutched his jaw.

"Ow!" Matt glared up at the brunette now standing over him. "What was that for you—" Tai quickly got down on the ground and hugged Matt. He held the other boy tightly against his body, never wanting to let go of him again.

"I can't believe it…" Tai murmured. Matt slowly returned the affection and hugged Tai just as tightly as he was being held. Finally, the two pulled back from their long embrace. The brunette helped the other boy up from the ground, but held on to his hand once he was up. It was childish, but he feared that if he let him go, that he would disappear once again. "I thought you were leaving."

"I thought I was too," Matt chuckled softly. Tai led Matt to sit down on a swing, and then sat himself down on the swing beside it. Matt looked down at their entwined hands and blushed. "Tai…you can let go now…I'm fine."

"What happened? What made you stop?" Tai asked, ignoring what the blonde said.

"What made you remember?" Matt countered with his own question. They sat in silence for a while, neither answering the questions being asked.

"Sora told me everything," Tai finally said. Matt's eyes went wide and then his face turned into a mixture of frustration and sadness. "Please don't get mad at her though."

"But she promised me she wouldn't say anything," Matt grumbled.

"So you would much rather have me sitting here wondering why the heck my best friend had kissed me and ran off without so much as an explanation?" The blonde opened his mouth and then closed it again. "…why didn't you tell me?"

"…because of the same reason why I didn't leave," Matt stared. "I was hoping for some epic…fairy tale like ending…I kind of fibbed when I said I was leaving tonight. I mean, I was thinking of leaving, but not right away…When I was waiting at the station, I met this little boy. He was lost and I helped him find his parents. They were so grateful that I helped their son that they offered me a free ticket to the last train headed to the airport.

"Right when I was about to take it and leave…a little voice popped into my head. It asked me why I would…um…leave my brave knight behind without giving him a chance to fight the bad guys." Matt nervously glanced up at Tai, who was simply smiling. "I know, it probably sounds stupid…"

"Nah," Tai chuckled, remembering his own little voice talking to him. "I think I can safely say that I've had a similar experience." Matt smiled. "So what then?"

"Well, I told the family that I was grateful for the offer, but that I would wait around. They understood and went to get a refund for the ticket or see if someone else needed it at the ticket office. After they left, I sort of hung around and waited…for you I guess.

"Right as the passengers were starting to board the final train, nature called." Matt's face suddenly got a little angry. "The stupid train station only has one bathroom at every ten platforms…I had to go down all the way down by platform four. So once I do my thing and exit the bathroom, a little shiny object caught my eye." Matt bent down to pick up the keychain that had been dropped when Tai punched him. He held up the small item in front of Tai. The brunette grinned happily at the sight of the small object and then frowned slightly.

"How do you know it's the right one?" he asked. Matt toyed with the star for a moment.

"Tai, I've been carrying around this little keychain for the past thirteen years…I think I would know the difference." Tai felt a twinge of guilt when he heard how long Matt had held on to the small item. "I was really confused to how it got here though, because I remembered that I gave it to you. That's when I saw you walking away. I tried calling out to you but you didn't really respond. So I just sort of followed you here." Tai nodded slowly and Matt's smile soon faded away.

"What's wrong?" Tai asked.

"…I just…" Matt murmured, then shook his head.

"What? Tell me," the brunette asked again. Matt looked down at the ground.

"…I just feel kind of stupid for not telling you everything," Matt finally said. "I mean…I should have been the one to tell you all of this, not Sora."

"It certainly would have saved the muscle soreness I'll be feeling in the morning," Tai joked. Matt's face looked even more upset now. "Hey, come on Matt. I remember now."

"Yeah…but I was just kind of hoping you'd remember some other way and then you'd come storming through the train station, sweep me off my feet and carry me off to our happily ever after." The corner of Tai's lip turned upwards into a smile. "Don't laugh ok? I seriously thought that would happen!"

"Sorry Matt," Tai did his best to keep a straight face. "It's just…I never really was the type to wait around for something to happen. I'm usually the one who makes it happen. I mean, if I had waited around this playground and never gone after you, you'd probably be on your way to the airport right now."

"I guess you're right," Matt hung his head slightly. "And I guess I was right after all…happily ever afters and fairy tale endings don't really happen."

"Hey, cut the mellow-drama," Tai gave the blonde's hand a tight squeeze. "Ok, so maybe I needed a huge reminder to what was going on between us, and maybe I didn't do all of that other stuff…besides the 'barging-through-the-train-station' thing…But look around!" Tai used his free hand and gestured to the whole space in front of them. "We're sitting here right back where we first met; the sun has gone down and is making the sky some weird purplely-pink color…And we're here together."

"I guess," Matt looked around the scenery, though obviously not completely convinced. The brunette let out a soft sigh and looked up at the sky. The chirping of crickets sounded throughout the summer air as the two boys sat on the swings and held hands.

"…You remember that time in the Digital world where you went kind of crazy and wanted to like destroy me or something?" Tai asked quietly.

"Don't remind me," Matt groaned and tried to pull his hand away. Tai held on to it however.

"You left afterwards," Tai stated.

"I know."

"And you didn't come back until the very end."

"I know, Tai."

"I thought I was done for."

"Ok Tai! I get it!"

"No, you don't." Before Matt could say anything else, Tai used his free hand and covered his mouth. "Matt, if you don't think this moment is 'fairy-tale' enough for you, then let me speak, ok?" The blonde gave him a suspicious look, but then nodded. Tai dropped his hand and took a moment to find his train of thought again. "I…I think I already remembered you."

"Huh?" Matt blinked.

"Yeah…I think so…" Tai nodded. "When you wanted to fight me, I got really angry and tried to teach you a lesson. But once we figured out why we were called to be the digidestined and I tried to patch things up…you decided to leave."

"I can't tell you how horrible it felt to watch you walk off. It was almost like a part of me was walking off too. While you were gone, I couldn't think straight. I knew we had to defeat evil Digimon, but you were always on my mind. Things only seemed to get worse after that. Kari got sick, we got separated even more, and Piedmon almost destroyed both Wargreymon and I. I almost gave up completely. But then I saw you coming back, and I immediately got the strength to keep going." Tai smiled at the blonde. "Maybe I did forget the detailed memories we shared when we were younger…but I guess the feelings never really slipped through to the bottom drawer after all."

"What?" Matt blinked in confusion.

"…Um…long story," Tai chuckled nervously once he realized Matt never heard the "bottom-drawer" theory. "The point is Matt…I don't think I completely forgot you after all. I mean, when Joe and Mimi decided to stay behind, it didn't affect me as much as it did when you left…It really upset me to see you go and I was so happy when you came back…I guess you left a scar too deep in my soul to completely forget you." The blonde looked into the brunette's dark caramel eyes. "Is that…fairy-tale enough for you?" Matt thought for a moment, then smiled and nodded slowly. Tai also smiled and gave the blonde's hand a gentle squeeze.

"…I feel like I should be apologizing now," Matt murmured and his face suddenly turned solemn. It was Tai's turn to feel confused.

"What for?" he questioned.

"I don't know," Matt shrugged. "For leaving a scar…"

"…I just came up with probably one of the sappiest confessions known to mankind and you're apologizing for it?" Tai jokingly scoffed. Matt opened his mouth slightly to let out a laugh, then cringed in pain and clutched his left cheek.

"Man, you sure know how to punch," the blonde grumbled. "I don't remember you ever hitting that hard…"

"Sorry," Tai laugh quietly. He gently removed the blonde's hand so that he could inspect it. Matt tried removing his hand from Tai's, but the brunette refused to let it go.

"This would be easier if you didn't keep on holding my hand you know," Matt said to him.

"I don't want to risk it," Tai replied.

"Risk what?" Matt asked. The other boy stayed quiet for a moment. "Risk what, Tai?"

"…risk losing you again," he finally muttered. "It sounds stupid and kind of childish but I feel like…if I let go, something will come and take you away again." Tai could feel his face heat up a little, so he tried to change the subject as quickly as possible. "Oh wow…it's starting to turn purple…You bruise like a peach, did you know that?"

"Ha ha…very funny," Matt rolled his eyes. Tai carefully stroked the bruising area. Then he leaned forward and as gently as he could, kissed Matt on the cheek. Had he not felt the sudden warmth on the pale boy's face, Tai might not have believed that he had kissed him at all. Slowly Tai looked up at Matt to see if he was alright. Besides looking a little flustered, he looked content. The brunette smiled slightly and then he looked out into the sky, which was now turning to a light navy blue color. They slowly started to swing a little, though not enough to remove their hands from one another.

"Tai?" Matt said, almost in a whisper.

"Hm?" Tai answered.

"What do we do now?" the blue eyed boy asked. Tai looked at him and saw that his eyes rested on their hands. "I mean…are we a couple now? Or…"

"Um…I wouldn't really say a couple," Tai replied nervously. "I mean…for a long time, I thought I was straight."

"Oh, right," Matt mumbled, once again starting to take his hand away from Tai's. The brunette held on tightly to the pale hand.

"That doesn't mean things can change though," Tai continued. "I think I'd be ok with starting to date you though."

"Isn't that the same thing though?"

"No, not by my book. To me, going out on dates is when you're willing to try and get to know someone better and becoming a couple is when you think there is a good chance that it will work out."

"Oh…wow, that's pretty deep coming from Mr. Soccer-Star."

"Hey!" The two teens laughed together. Matt lifted their entwined hands.

"Do you think it will work between us, Tai?" he asked. Tai smiled, remembering how Matt had asked that same question earlier in the evening.

"You know what, Matt?" Tai kissed Matt's pale hand. "I hope so…I really do hope so." Tai looked into Matt's soft blue eyes for a moment before he slowly leaned forward again. This time, his lips touched the other boy's lips.

The brunette, as childish as it sounded to him, felt his heart suddenly get really, really happy from their kiss. The kiss wasn't a quick peck, nor did it become deeply passionate. It was a sweet and gentle kiss that would create envy to any fairy tale princess. Not too long, not too short. It was just right. They broke the kiss and then shyly smiled at each other.

"It, um…it looks like it's getting late," Tai said, still feeling overly happy from the kiss.

"Yeah, I guess so," Matt sighed. They both stood and took a look around the playground once more.

"You know," Tai frowned. "It's going to be pretty hard to date you when you move to England." Matt glanced over at Tai, and then looked back at the tunnel where they used to play. Then, he turned his face up towards the sky.

"…Send my apologies to the Queen," Matt said to the air. "Because I think I'll be accepting that scholarship after all."

"Really?" Tai perked up like a happy little prairie dog. "You're going to stay?"

"I think Japan would miss me too much," Matt shrugged.

"WOO-HOO!" Tai cheered. He hugged Matt, picked him up and spun around in a circle a couple of times. Matt laughed and held on to him tightly. Tai set him down once again and held on to his waist while Matt had his arms around Tai's neck.

"Some ending huh?" Matt joked. Tai opened his mouth to reply, but then closed it.

'Pick him up!' the little childish Tai commanded in his mind.

'You don't have to tell me twice,' Tai replied in his mind. He grinned from ear to ear as he then swept Matt off his feet and held him bridal style.

"WHOA! TAI!" Matt yipped and held on to the tan boy's neck. "PUT ME DOWN!"

"I don't think so," Tai grinned and started to walk off.

"Put me down!" Matt whimpered.

"You wanted a fairy tale ending," Tai smirked.

"I wasn't expecting this though!"

"Stop struggling and just enjoy the fact that I'm being a sap for you."

"Put me down!" Tai stopped walking and looked down at the panicked blonde.

"If you don't stop struggling," Tai said warningly. "I'll purposely drop you on your butt."

"…you wouldn't," Matt challenged. Tai dropped his hands slightly, causing Matt to let out a small yip and to cling on to his neck even tighter. The brunette quickly got a hold of the blonde's body.

"Believe me now?" he smirked. Matt stared at the brunette, then nodded. Tai chuckled and kissed the blonde on the cheek. "Good. Now, be a good prince and let your brave knight carry you off into the sun…erm…twilight." Matt looked up at Tai and then smiled.

"Whatever you say," he chuckled before nuzzling closer to the brunette. Without another word, the brave knight carried his beloved prince off into the twilight; completing their untold story.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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